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Lymphedema Alert Bracelet by Lymphedema Products
Made of non-allergenic stainless steel with a link chain and secure clasp, these medical alert bracelets are sturdy, practical, and affordable. The face of the bracelet sports an engraved medical symbol and the phrases "Lymphedema - No BP or Needles in Left/Right Arm" or "Lymphedema - No BP or Needles in Either Arm." Should a patient become confused or unable to communicate, the medical alert bracelet provides the initial awareness to first responders about the existing medical condition. Emergency medical personnel are trained to look for this bracelet. Upon identifying the condition, the responder can more quickly and accurately diagnose and treat the patient.
This product has 37 reviews.
"Left or Right Arm" Version 
"Both Arms" Version 
 This is nice but was too long so I had to have some links removed so it don,t slip off. 
- Dorothy C Swanson
 love it! 
- Mary A Smith
 Great company to order from 
- Mrs Rosemary Carter
 I like it alot 
- Nicole Young
 I had to have it sized, but it is nice 
- Mrs Mary S Heath Heath
 Very nice looking 
- Cathy L Warren
 I think if you HAVE any thing that needs alerts to you should have a bracelet so if you can not speak or you are unconscious it lets EMS know!!! 
- Doris Kari
- Mrs Debbie Hansard Hansard
 Love it as does my friend. 
- Ms Evelyn J Koegler Koegler
 It is comfortable to wear you don't even feel it on your wrist. It doesn't catch on things when wearing it. I made it smaller but clapping it in the bracelet chain and it works really well 
- Ruth J Moore
 It is comfortable to wear you don't even feel it on your wrist. It doesn't catch on things when wearing it. 
- Ruth J Moore
 I love my bracelet and bought another as a gift for a family member. I highly recommmend this bracelet. It well made and you can adjust it to fit a small wrist or larger. I am very happy I discover this find need one for awhile its better than the plastic bracelet. 
- Ms Pamela Hatton Hatton
 very nice braclet. 
- Flora Hensman
 Small enough that it can be worn every day. 
- Linda Himsl
 It is great in that it can get wet. I had links taken out of it and a larger clasp put on. I would recommend a larger and easier clasp. 
- Ms Jane Shanard
 It's very nice just a little small but very comfortable! 
- Mrs Geraldine Jindrich
 perfect affordable light thank you 
- Ms Eileen T Jolly
 Very nice! Love my bracelet 
- Jacqueline Pratcher
 Very nice bracelet. I like the light weight of it. 
- Karen A Toso
 Well, here we go, #1 the price was affordable for the ones that need them but can't afford the high priced ones like myself. #2 I put mine on right away and wear it all the time now. I did take a ring and looped it up so it wasn't so big on me as I have a small wrist. Thank you for making them affordable. 
- Marlene Kay Hauf
 I love my bracelet and it helps in an emergency 
- Miss Elena Torres
 Love my bracelet 
- Luz E Molina Ms.
 This product is very light weight and comfortable to wear. I don't notice when I wear it! 
- Mrs. Mary A Lowe Lowe
 I really like this product. It is very light weight and I am able to wear it on the same arm as my watch. I rarely even realize I have it on. 
- Mrs. Maria E. Burgen
 I love the bracelet and wear it daily. I was in the hospital lately and they were going to take my blood pressure on my arm with lymphedema. Good thing I was well enough to tel them ‚ÄúNO‚Äù; that's when I ordered the bracelet. Thank You 
- Mrs. Carol J. Speer
 This bracelet is so delicate, yet it reflects all necessary information. 
- Mrs Virginia Masti
 Great bracelet,but it needs a better strap as the metal one gets caught and I have lost mine and now have 2 so as to always have a spare 
- Ms Karen A Fowler
 My bracelet arrived ahead of the scheduled time. Love my bracelet selection that I based on other comments. Not disappointed with this product at all. 
- Penny P Martin Martin
 Informative yet pretty. Very pleased. 
- Karen Thistle
 I purchased this bracelet since I was unable to wear my sleeve for awhile and needed a medical bracelet. Now that I can wear my sleeve again, I still wear the bracelet... love it! 
- Rosemary Myers
 The only challenge is the bracelet is much too long, so have to take it to a jeweler. 
- Sharon L Scott
 Bought this bracelet for my mom who had Breast Cancer last year. I also have one that I have had for 4 years and I love it. I never take it off and it has remained intact. 
- Sheila H Walton
 Bracelet very comfortable I love it 
- Ms Judy Ortiz
 Love it 
- Sidney Frances Plummer
- Roberta A Porter Carey
 Nice Alert Bracelet 
- Mr Benjamin Abraham
 Yes, I recommend this product. 
- Teena Timmons
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