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Lower Leg Comfort CoverUp


Lower Leg Comfort CoverUp by CircAid
The Comfort CoverUp™ for lower leg compression leggings can be worn over most compression garments for the lower leg. Its sleek design prevents compression garments from irritating other parts of the body or snagging. Available in black and beige, it gives compression garments a refined look. The Comfort CoverUp™ is machine washable. Please note: this product does not provide therapeutic compression.
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This product has 8 reviews.
Knee-High Legging
 It's great! 
- Alice Newton
 works great 
- Edward E Johnson
 Makes sleeping better and wearing cloths easier, definitely a must if your legs are wrapped...... 
- Bonnie Griffin
 Performs it's task very well. Easy to put on. 
- Lloyd Nibley
 I use them over top of my wraps to make it easier to dress...avoids the Velcro catching on pants 
- John E Wolf Wolf
 My husbands legs are often swollen with lymphedema and wrapped in compression garments or wrapped in bandages if the lymphedema is weeping. The bandages and compression garments cause difficulty with my husband's trousers. The trouser legs tend to stick on whatever is on his legs. The comfort coverup is great. IT makes everything smooth and the pant legs slide right up. 
- Nicki I Daly
 Great item Covers compression garment so that velcro tabs don't catch on pant legs. 
- Joseph Sadley
 Great item. It covers compression garment so velcro tabs don't pull on pant leg. 
- Joseph Sadley
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