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Lightplast Pro by BSN Medical
Lightplast Pro is a versatile elastic adhesive bandage for all-purpose taping and strapping of ankles, knees, wrists, and hands. Its unique fabric backing is made of a cotton/spandex blend which helps it to conform to body movement. Lightplast Pro's benefits include: (1) consistent unwind and hand tear assures smoother, faster wrapping; (2) the moisture resistant rubber adhesive securely holds the bandage against sweat and rain; (3) it is air permeable to help prevent skin maceration; (4) the no waste core allows use of the entire roll; (5) the conforming nature of the bandage provides comfortable, light, and cool protection
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Lightplast Pro 1" x 5y (1 roll)
Lightplast Pro 1.5" x 5y (1 roll)
Lightplast Pro 2" x 5y (1 roll)
Lightplast Pro 3" x 5y (1 roll)
Lightplast Pro 2" x 7.5y (1 roll)
Lightplast Pro 1" x 5y - case (48 rolls)
Lightplast Pro 1.5" x 5y - case (32 rolls)
Lightplast Pro 2" x 5y - case (24 rolls)
Lightplast Pro 3" x 5y - case (16 rolls)
Lightplast Pro 2" x 7.5y - case (24 rolls)
 Works well to keep your bandages in place, Can be cut or ripped . Nice size to carry with you 
- Mrs Margaret Lenkawski
 it has made my plantar fasciitis much better. 
- James J Faylor
 These bandages are very handy. Great adhesion and strength 
- David S Sulk
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