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Lateral Bra Swell Spot


Lateral Bra Swell Spot by Solaris
The Lateral Bra Swell Spot is designed to tuck inside compression bra pockets or to tuck into a patient's bra. It reduces scarring and protects the delicate area from bra chest strap pressures.
This product has 21 reviews.
Single Pad 10cm x 16cm
 This was recommended by my physical therapist after my breast reconstruction. It makes a huge difference and much more comfortable when sleeping. 
- Mrs Amanda M Chasteen
 Works as indicated. 
- Mrs Beverly S Duvall
 Just the right size and not too thick. 
- Linda L. Korte
 It does what it's designed to do 
- Catherine Cammallere Cammallere
 it does the job it was designed to do 
- Catherine Cammallere Cammallere
 Works well and arrived quickly. 
- Catherine Shaughnessy
 I love this product. The price is cheaper than I have seen in other websites. It fits in the pocket of my bras that I bought after my double mastectomy. It's helping with my orange peel from radiation. My physical therapist made me one to use to see if it helped before I bought one. So I bought one. It's comfortable. I am home during the day so I can wear it then, I have not wore it at night. 
- Ada R Baird
 I'm so glad my therapist told me about this. It works very well on my underarm swelling. 
- Beth Johnson
 It helps with the swelling under my arm, is very easy to wash and quick-drying. 
- Bonnie Hill
 One size fits all. 
- Janel Frank
 It help take all most all the swelling out. 
- Kathy Ohlemacher
 Works well for a partial mastectomy, slips right into the pocket of a compression garment 
- Loraine A Flower Flower
 When my therapist told me about this I was really unsure about it. Wasn't sure how this could help me with my lymphedema. But it has helped a great deal!!!! I'm so glad I listened to her and bought this. 
- Karen D Mangum
 Very effective, very comfortable. 
- Mary E Russell
 It has really helped with the congestion and scarred tissue in my breast. 
- Laurie D Webster
 Work wonderfully! 
- Ms. Mary J Williams
 It works great 
- Rosa T Castro
 The lateral bra swell spot has helped me quite a bit with maintaining pain and the feeling of inflammation. It was recommended to me by my physical therapist. 
- Rosa T Castro
 I love it. This is my second one-first one lasted 6 months until it wore out. Well worth the money for my lymphedema. 
- Sara Mcbride
 This product was suggested by my lymphedema physical therapist. I am very happy with the results. It is very comfortable to wear. 
- Sara Mcbride
 It helped my swelling after my surgery . I also use it for numbness along my upper arm 
- Ms Thu T Tran
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