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Komprex Sheet

Lohmann & Rauscher

Komprex Sheet by Lohmann & Rauscher
Komprex sheets are breathable and permeable to water vapor and exhibit lasting vertical elasticity. As compared to other foam paddings, the closed cell construction makes this product an aggressive tool for amplifying compression. Komprex is an incomparable choice for addressing lymphostatic fibrosis and/or when a bandage strategy requires a high degree of structure (e.g., severe lymphedema involving tissue creases requiring protection from outermost compression bandage layers). It is very durable, re-useable, and easy to craft. The fine-pored material with its velvety surface can be easily cut to any required shape.

Note to Patients: We suggest that Komprex be used under the direction of a trained lymphedema specialist since an anatomically correct and safe fit is demanded to protect fragile tissues.
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Individual Pieces
100cm x 50cm 
100cm x 50cm - case (10 sheets)
 My clients who had liposuction enjoy the Komprex foam over any other foam to use under their Faja. 
- Dorothea Atkins Atkins
 I actually use this foam for temporary inserts in shoes. It works very well, allowing the patient to feel the difference in gait without a hard object. 
- Joy Jost
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