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Komprex Kidney

Lohmann & Rauscher

Komprex Kidney by Lohmann & Rauscher
Komprex pads are breathable and permeable to water vapor and exhibit lasting vertical elasticity. These preformed kidney-shaped pads are of particular value as a means to amplify local pressure where desired, such as retro-malleolar, palm/dorsum, and beside the patella. Two sizes are available. This particular foam material is medical grade and has hypo-allergenic properties as compared to other latex products.
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Individual Pieces
Size S 
Size L 
Size S - case (75 pieces)
Size L - case (30 pieces)
 I wear these underneath my compression hose and they have been the only thing that has been successful at moving fluid for me. They are inexpensive and worth the try if you are looking for some relief from swelling! 
- Ashleigh Braun
 Good project 
- Ms Leah M Barger
 These little foam pads are fantastic and work really well. They are easily slipped under compression garments around the bone and you will see results shortly. They also work well under night time wraps. They really move the fluid. 
- Clara R. R. Harnett
 Great product 
- Crissy Price
 Very easy to apply-does a great job 
- Mrs Frances J Berg
 Recommended by our therapist 
- Anne Herzog Herzog
 I purchased both sizes because I could not find measurements to indicate which I needed. The smaller size is the one that woks perfectly under my glove. Maybe you could make the measurement available. 
- Ruth Ann Gray
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