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Kinesio Tex Gold Tape


Kinesio Tex Gold Tape by Kinesio
Kinesio Tex Gold Tape is a very thin, porous cotton fabric with a medical grade acrylic adhesive. A special method of adhesive application and porous nature of the fabric allows the skin to breathe and showering cleans part of the skin under the tape. The tape is designed for a 30%-40% longitudinal only stretch and when applied lifts the skin and provides support for surrounding soft tissue. Kinesio Tex Gold features Fingerprint Nano-touch technology for increased micro-simulation to the epidermis and layers beneath that mimics the gentle human touch and provides a more effective hold and improved breathability.
This product has 138 reviews.
Blue 2" x 5m (16.4 feet) (1 roll)
Red/Pink 2" x 5m (16.4 feet) (1 roll)
Beige 3" x 5m (16.4 feet) (1 roll)
Blue 2" x 5m (16.4 feet) - box (6 rolls)
Red/Pink 2" x 5m (16.4 feet) - box (6 rolls)
Beige 3" x 5m (16.4 feet) - box (4 rolls)
Bulk Rolls
Blue 2" x 31.5m (103.3 feet) (1 bulk roll)
Red/Pink 2" x 31.5m (103.3 feet) (1 bulk roll)
 I have back problems and use this on my back. It seems to work very well. Back problems have reduced. 
- Mr Harley V Uhlmansiek
 I have been a tennis player for many years & this tape helps keep me in the game. Great product. 
- Mr Robert T Kelly
 It is breathable, working even when it is wet, makes skin comfortable. Excellent tape for all purposes. 
- Haesook Kim
 My physical therapist used it on my swollen, bruised bicep after the bicep tendon ruptured. I asked her why she put it on. She said it helps with the bruises, but couldn't explain why. She just said it could help and also helps with painful areas. I asked her if it would help with leg pains and RLS I have at night. We decided to try. That was two months ago. I haven't had RLS since! Who knew something so simple and low-tech could change my life? What a happy, serendipitous thing! 
- Mrs Paula Baker Smith
 I can definitely recommend this product. I have used it for a couple of years now. It is easy to apply and does not damage the skin. 
- Mrs. Judith A. Miller
 I had 3 months of therapy in another office and wasn't improving until I meet my current Physical therapist.My current physical therapist introduced it to me it I had never seen or heard of this product until she put it on my knee . After only 11/2 months I have improved tremendously from a total knee replacement because of this product. I have introduced to many friend whom like myself had knee replacements. Thankyou. shirle armstead 
- Shirley A Armstead
 it sticks the best out of all the tapes out there 
- Michael B Lectora
 Good company to deal with. Their tape is excellent quality. Would do again. 
- Allen Wichman
 I have used this Kinesio tape for several years--it works great and is easy to apply. Definitely recommend it. 
- Ms Ann C Weston
 I use this tape for plantar fasciatis and introduced it to both massage and physical therapists. I have been using it on and off for a few years and highly recommend it. You can go online and watch a video of how to properly use it for various aches and pain, mine due to fibromyalgia. 
- Ms Ann C Weston
 works very well doesn't hurt the skin. great product 
- Anita C Pateneaude
 great tape 
- Elizabeth Varkala
 We use it for my son who has swallowing problems due to hypotonic muscles and it works well. 
- Mrs Marcella M Averkamp
 This site was the best to deal with. Great service, great price, great product. I will be back! 
- Elaine Bakewicz
 Very good. No rash, stay on skin several days and it comes off painless. 
- Brian Casaly
- Ms Susan J Wilson Wilson
 is easy to use. Lymphedema therapist showed me how to apply it. 
- Ms. Barbara J. Garrity
 It was recommended by a physical therapist and it works great 
- Robert D Daniels
 I love it, saved me from tennis elbow, supported my wrist after I fell at work. I share with my co-workers! 
- Ronda Bond
 Great product! I love the Gold even better than the regular - it stays put longer - more than a week through multiple showers! 
- Nancy A Booterbaugh
 AT least, I think it would have been, had I ordered the correct size 
- Ms Barbara Miller
 My physical therapist recommended it and has been great to help reduce the pain from my injury 
- Clara Arbogast
 it works good on my wife's foot. it helps reduce the pain. 
- Charles Barzycki
 Awesome product! Love the easy tape dispenser built into the box 
- Barbara A Cosenza
 This product has been used extensively by my therapist to manage my lymphedema swelling and is recommended for personal use. 
- Dorothy A. Croxton
 Tape does what is supposed to do.. Stays on for several days without curling.. Great product! 
- Deb Pound
 I use it for my neck lymphdemia after radiation for head and neck cancer. My physical therapist used it. It really helps. I wear it in the pool as well as the shower. It stickes. 
- Dorothy Rea
 Long time user. Great product 
- Mr David J Evans
 I am a long time user but the first order through you. Love the product. 
- Mr David J Evans
 Great value and preformed the way I expected it too! Very pleased with the this product! 
- Mr Dennis Kitchen
 I purchased the tape on the recommendation of my daughter the DPT. I have used it on a scar from a post surgical deep tissue wound on my foot. It really has helped with pain relief and the scar. I need to practice putting it on, but so far it has been helping. 
- Ellen Langler
 Works great 
- Mrs. Judith A. Miller
 Works great 
- Mrs. Judith A. Miller
 Great product. Continual massage for as long as it stays on - which is quite a while. Last through getting wet - dries very quickly and doesn't loose any of its value. 
- Mrs. Eileen Conway
 Love, love this tape. Wouldn't be without!!! 
- Fayette D Morton
 The best item I have bought in a long time for my soreness. It works great on my shoulder and knees. 
- Miss Fayette D Morton
 I am a long time user of Kinesio Tex Gold tape. I use this for taping of arthritic knee. 
- Ms. Felice A Mceuen
 Love this product. Worked very well with my injuries. 
- Faimafili T. Monaghan
 Great deal on Kinesio tape, Fantastic product for our patients. Thank you! 
- James Dudley
- Cathy Noack
 And I want to order more!!! 
- Mrs. Virginia J. Gillmore
 I cannot see me being able to endure leg pain without the help of kinesio tape! I have used Kinesio for 10 yrs and I panic when I run out! It helps tremendously and I will not go without it! 
- Virginia E. Granado
 Good product for my purpose. 
- Mr. Fredric L. Schultz Sr.
 Good product. I have to use it every day. 
- Mr. Fredric L. Schultz Sr.
 Best product for my situation. Easy to use and easy to take off. 
- Mr. Fredric L. Schultz Sr.
 Great product with many uses, one of which is helping to reduce and keep swelling down caused by a condition called Lymphedema! 
- Mr Rod J Herr
 Great product, easy to work with! 
- Mr Rod J Herr
 Great product for what it is intended for. 
- Mr Rod J Herr
 Excellent product. I was able to stabilise my broken great toe for greater comfort and to prevent it from healing crooked. 
- Marsha S Vandervort
 Great product. It really works. 
- Jack Beal
 Really helps with aches & pains of joints 
- Mrs Jeanette Strunk
 It holds in place for days if necessary where the kinesio classic comes off easily. It does a nice job of helping to move fluid in the right direction. 
- Jean Finley
 The kinesiotape was exactly what I was looking for. 
- Judy L Gillies
 The material breathes well. The adhesive is non-toxic and its elastic. Its perfect as a temporary support for a partially torn tendon. It allows flexibility of the injured toe but sufficient support to avoid additional injury. 
- Dr James D Harris
 The tape adheres to skin nicely, but it is easy to remove. It is resistant to water. Best of all, it provides the gentle support and pressure on bones that need it. 
- Joseph Earley
 I use this tape for Lymphedema in my foot and it is so easy to use. I can cut pieces as needed instead of pre /cut shapes. The price is much better than in stores. 
- Joan F Oberbeck
 Helps my arthritis. Keeps the knees where they are suppose to be. 
- Joann F Bellew
 Hands down still top of it's category! 
- Joey Teixeira
 Love the product but just learned that I can buy it for less from my physical therapist. 
- John R Harman
 Tape works really well 
- John D Mitchell
 It worked well and was easy to remove when necessary. 
- Joy Delmage
 Tape worked great! 
- Sandra L Kastanek
 The tape did all that I hoped it would! 
- Mrs. Carol Wells
 Great product. My OT uses it on me and it is great. 
- Karen Gottesfeld
 Great Product, Fast Shipping, Fair Price and they have always been a reliable company to deal with! They are my "go-to company" for the product. 
- Kathleen A Melloon
 Love, love, love the product and quality. I have purchased other brands, they are notably different. Fair price for great product! 
- Kathleen A Melloon
 This was my first experience with kinesio tape, which my physical therapist taught me how to use for a pulled tendon in my wrist. It's done wonders for both range of motion and less pain. Highly recommend. 
- Ms Kathleen M Masser
 None better. This is not the first time I've purchased this product and I've used many other tapes, many of them excellent. This is the gold tape. I lie to combine 2" with 1" strips for my knees. I can depend on Lymphedema Supply to have the 1" in stock. Shipping is quick and price is good for the best tape there is. It lasts longer under tights. I don't suffer from Lymphedema, just aging knees, but I like ordering from someone who specializes in products that help people less lucky than me. 
- Mr Keith R Noren
 It's absolutely the best. 
- Mrs. Peggy S King
 I have tried KT brands from Walgreen's and other stores and this is the only one I have not had sever allergic reactions to.I can wear this for days at a time (in water,heat etc)and it stays put.I have very bad tendentious and arthritis in my knees and elbows and carpal tunnel in my hands and Kinesio is the only thing that really works for me. 
- Lynn M Laakso
 I need this product to facilitate mobility in my knee that had a knee replacement and a revision. If not for this product, I would not be able to walk!! 
- Lorraine M Rudolph
 I have been using this product for several years. It is easy and dependable. Good product. 
- Malinda Schlatter
 Thank you for your fast delivery. The product work as expected, and I only need it one application of the tape and all is back to normal again. Please keep up the good work. 
- Luis Campos Campos
 can be used for many things. 
- Lloyd Morse Morse
 Therapist has been using on my husband's arm for post stroke recovery. Excellent product! 
- Mariana Wilke
 It was easy to use!!! I use it for lymphedema!! 
- Mrs Madeline L. Parker-russo
 Durable .Good price. 
- Karen Kennedy
 Great product, no trouble at all to apply and it stayed on as long as I was directed to wear it. :) 
- Mary Pawlowski
 The tape offers good support and pain relief for my daughter's wrists, which are inflamed from rheumatoid arthritis. I use the tape for my shoulder, and it enables me to carry on with normal activities. I would highly recommend it. 
- Mrs. Iris Curtis
 Great Product. Got it fast. 
- Jimmy Mcmullen
 Fast Delivery. I like the product feels and how well it wears. My skin does not react to the adhesive. 
- Mary Melnick
 Fast Delivery. I like the product feels and how well it wears. My skin does not react to the adhesive. 
- Mary Melnick
 I first was given this product in physical therapy. It immediately helped mask the pain I was having in my knee and hip. After completing therapy, I continue to use it and receive the benefits of reduced and/or eliminated pain where the Kinesio Tex Tape is applied. 
- Ms Maryanne M Lasko
 It's the same product as the Physical Therapists use. It stays on for 5-8 days. Good stuff. 
- Meredith C. Lavene
 I had no idea that it was what I lneeded until I got it. This tape works like a charm. 
- Ray S Spearmon Spearmon
 I experienced this product's use when i suffered an extreme injury 2 years ago, when i fell headfirst out of my attic and severed the shoulder bone from the ball,also crushing my wrist. Amazingly, this tape was used by my therapist in recovery to reduce swelling and bruising. It WORKS! It supports and gently massages the tissue as well. i have bought for others as well and continue to recommend the use of the Kinesio Gold Tex tape. 
- Mrs Faye M Sherron Sherron
 Having first experienced the miraculous benefits of this product, due to a major traumatic incident, i acquired the Kinesio Gold Tex tape for my own reparation on wounded muscle tissue. YES, i would more than recommend this tape; i consider it a mission to tape equally needy family and friends! 
- Mrs Faye M Sherron Sherron
 I have been using this product for 18 + months. It allows me to be on my feet full time 8 + hours at work. I have avoided knee surgery which I prefer. 
- Malinda P Schlatter
 I have used this sport tape regularly for about three years to help with control of lymphedema of my right leg. Sometimes alone, and sometimes under the compression stocking. I have used it to wrap each of my toes individually to help control the swelling and the pain. 
- Karen K Snyder
 Kinesio Tape has been a blessing in helping to control lymphedema of my toes and lower leg. It was originally suggested for use by my therapist and with proper application it works well enough that I can go without compression hose during the day for a few hours on special occasions without negative results. 
- Karen K Snyder
 Kinesio tape works well with my lymphodema 
- Muriel Holden
 I use this tape regularly on the back of one of my hands to prevent swelling, and it works well. I've been using it since 2015 when my OT recommended it. A compression glove wasn't enough to prevent the swelling so I use both at the same time with great results. 
- Nancy H Murphree Murphree
 Great product for support of healing muscles. 
- Nancy Johnson
 This is a wonderful product. I already bought some for my friends. 
- Dr. Nariaki Sugiura
 This is the only thing that takes away my fibromyalgia back pain!! I recommend it wholeheartedly. Drug free and inexpensive. 
- Donna Geinosky
 The only thing that finally helps with my Fibromyalgia back pain! Great product! 
- Donna Geinosky
 This tape is great for helping to relieve the pain in my arthritic finger. My occupational therapist instructed me in how to apply it. 
- B Delaney
 Works great! 
- Lori Opiotennione
 Helping with the swelling in my leg after knee replacement. I use the tap after every lymphatic massage! 
- Ms Julia O'reilly
 I started with the 1" tape and then ordered the 2" tape. I really like this tape. Was recommended to be by my physical therapist and I have passed this product on to others. 
- Mrs. Pamela L Kingsbury
- Ms Pavlina Minkova
 The tape is wonderful and really helps control the swelling in my foot and ankle. 
- Melissa Young
 Have used this product for may years. As an avid tennis player I appreciate the support it gives. 
- Mr Robert T Kelly
 I am a tennis player I love your tape.Great products. 
- Mr Robert T Kelly
 i am not one to usually write reviews though I utilize them often to decide on products. It was suggested to me to try Kinesio tape for chronic neck and shoulder tightness by my Chiropractor so I bought this product reluctantly not thinking a piece of tape could help my situation. At first I struggled to put it on by myself because it was on my back, my Chiropractor assisted me with the tape for a couple weeks and I was truly amazed by the effectiveness for keeping the muscles of my shoulders and neck from contracting which loosened the overall tightness of my back. I wore the tape regularly for approximately 3 weeks with great results. I have begun using it only as needed at this time and have had less overall pain and stiffness. I still can't believe the results but I am pleasantly surprised and have found a new way to help my body to heal itself. In addition, I had hit the top of my foot and it swelled and was painful and troublesome for weeks. I was using hydrotherapy and ace bandages when I was at home but it was not convenient for going out so I used the Kinesio tape on my foot over the past 4 days and it has completely healed. I am honestly shocked by the effectiveness of the tape and I wish I had learned about this many years ago. I am a true believer in its effectiveness and highly recommend the use of the tape for muscle pain and to give the body the assistance it needs to heal thy self. 
- Pauline M Sullivan
 This product has reduced the swelling in my hand. It is good quality and easy to use. 
- Rae A Brooke
 Love this tape. Helps with aches throughout the body. 
- Richard Board
 Just as describe , super strong but also gentel to remove 
- Robert Farias
 works well with my skin, but I had difficulty removing it after 3-4 days of use .I take it off when I have to go for physical exam 
- Elizabeth Dacpano
 Stuff works well, shoulder feels much better each day 
- Roy J Granado
 great tape holds well 
- Robert Fowler
 i use it on my back and hip and it helps 
- Kathy L Tyler
 I use it on my back and am able to walk a little better with out as much pain as I was having. and yes I have recommended this to a friend and family. 
- Kathy L Tyler
 it has help my husband's knee pain and my pain on my back. 
- Kathrine L L Tyler
 I started using Kinesio Tape about 2 decades ago. I have not had any problems with my Planter Faciitis since. This works great! 
- Richard Codling
 Tried others and this is by far the best! 
- Sherita Reno
 The product was great love the black color. 
- Sharon Blackwood
 I'm using it to stretch my toe to ease my bunion. 
- Sally P Coomes
 I LOVE Kinesio Tape! I use it for arthritis in my foot, If I didn't use it I wouldn't be able to Walk! 
- Sue Ladd
 I LOVE Kinesio Tex Gold Tape!!! I use it daily! if I don't, then I have pain in my foot and can't walk normal. It is Excellent! Yes I have recommended it to many of my friends! Thanks for the great product! 
- Sue Ladd
 Excellent cant live without it. Extremely helpful. 
- Irma Salinas
 received as promised in several days. the price was cheaper than what I had found to purchase locally. Great product, easy to apply and helps considerably for nerve pain. 
- Mrs Sharon M Choma M
 My PT recommended this as she had tried various ones and found this to be the best. I have tried it with success. Others gave me a skin rash...this did not. Easy, stretchy, neutral color; paper on back marked for consistent cutting. 
- Shelly Simpson
 Giving it a 5 star rating. 
- Susan T. Johnson
 Must have 
- Susan Tharp
 just as expected, great 
- Teresa Graham
 Kinesio Tex Gold Tape is terrific! There is no competition! 
- Dr Jeff Cohen Cohen
 I just had knee surgey. This product helps me tremendously to walk. Waterproof and very easy to apply... The best item I have bought. 
- Anastasia Thorp
 I like this produce my Physical Therapy told me this would help to use this. 
- Theresa Teeter
 Item was very helpful with my recovery. 
- Mrs Debra A Louis-gadoua
 It helps with soreness and pain. 
- Vernia Brown
 Great tape but for some reason the tan is not as good as the black adhesive wise 
- Mike G Mauck
 Excellent product recommended by my lymphedema therapist as an adjunct to compression for lymphedema related to cancer surgery 
- Susan L Richards Richards
 Excellent product and very useful as an adjunct for lymph edema treatment as recommend by my Lymphedema therapist at a major cancer center. 
- Susan L Richards
 help with pain and keep flexibility, the arms and leg i keep it for 2-3 day but on my fingers hand only over night. 
- Ziona Brophy
 Great product for a fair price 
- Judith A Schreck
 grrrreat stuff recommend to any body who has knee or hip problems. I use it all the time.. 
- Elizabeth Varkala
 my phyical therapist recommended this tape. I had surgery on my neck and left a scar from ear to ear. This tape has helped reduce the pain in my neck and helping the healing. Criss crossing the tape ( making x's) across the scar causes the tape to move the scar. Helping to break up the scar under the skin. Put it on before bed and wear it all the next day. It always felt like someone was tying to choke me. Now the felling decreases a little each day. Great product. 
- Michael J Davis
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