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Kimbe Swell Spot


Kimbe Swell Spot by Solaris
Kimberly Brungardt, OTR, CLT-LANA, developed this pad to reduce the swelling over the scapula area. She tucks the pad into the shoulder and chest straps of her patient's bra. The kidney-shaped design can be rotated around the shoulder area to address swelling, scarring, and fibrosis in this hard-to-wrap area. Therapists report that the Kimbe Spot also works well for the inside area of the groin and around the neck.
This product has 15 reviews.
Single Pad 25cm x 15cm
 The swell spot has helped to break up the fibrosis after surgery and radiation. My therapist is pleased with my improvement and I find it is easy enough to wear in a camisole each night. I remain amazed as to how it does that! Wish I had had it sooner! 
- Mrs. Rose Bush
 This was recommended by my Physical Therapist. When I overcame my reluctance to wear it daily, in two weeks my edema had improved dramatically. Thank you. 
- Elizabeth G. Niewiarowski
 Will be ordering more! Works perfect! 
- Becky Shock
 The best piece I have purchased. 
- Ms Darlene D Smith Jones
 completely satisfied ! 
- Hazel J Hodorff
 comfortable to wear in my arm pit and groin area. 
- Jacque Debell
 I use this product for lymphedema in my neck area.It is very comfortable and has been effective in keeping the swelling down 
- Mrs Jamie Ramirez Ramirez
 Very beneficial 
- June Zglinski
 My PT at the lymphedema clinic recommended this product for lymphatic swelling under my arm and in my upper back post-axilla dissection. For me, the key to wearing it and receiving the benefit from this product was in wearing it with a compression vest to hold it in place. I highly recommend this effective product, but only if you have a compression garment to wear over it to apply pressure via the swell spot. 
- Kim Smith
 I may purchase another one. Excellent quality and price. 
- Trina M Parham
 Very well made and shipped quickly 
- Patricia B Nealis
 It has helped my swelling under arm so much! 
- Ms Janice L Price
 The swell spot works wonderous on fluid pocket areas. I wrap myself up almost every nite and put the swell spot underneath the wrap. By morning the fluid has dissipated and scar tissue is much softer. 
- Betty R Hall
 I love my swell spots. I wear it under a compression crop top, underarm towards back for lympedema. It's is working, I am smaller. And I have an armpit again. 
- Mary Schattman
 I have been using one for the past three years and they help control the swelling in my lymph nodes. I don't have to use it daily, just when I can feel the little nodes or I start hurting. I lost my last one and was glad I could get it replaced from lymphedema products. It saved me a trip to the only store near me (90 miles away). 
- Teresa Plante
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