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Juzo Soft Seamless Print Series Gauntlet w/Thumb Stub


Juzo Soft Seamless Print Series Gauntlet w/Thumb Stub by Juzo
The Juzo Soft Seamless Print Series Gauntlet is a premium compression gauntlet with thumb stub. It features an extremely soft and elastic knit that offers unsurpassed style and comfort. Juzo Soft Seamless Print Series Gauntlet come in a wide assortment of patterns and sizes and are a perfect match to the Juzo Soft Print Series Arm Sleeve. Finally, all that compresses is not just beige!

Please Note: Print Series patterns are made to order and will ship within 3-10 business days.
Available Patterns and Colors
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This product has 84 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Gauntlet
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2000PS-AC
20-30 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Gauntlet
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2001PS-AC
30-40 mmHg Compression
Printed Pattern Gauntlet
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2002PS-AC
 Is so cute the design and quality is awesome, the compression is great. I'm very happy with this items. Just the delivery was little More longer that I expected but under the circumstances that we have I understand and customer service is great. Thanks 
- Ana G Ewart Ewart
 I have been using the wrist braces you can purchase at craft stores for years. They have certainly helped me with my wrist and tendon issues. However, when I was instructed by my health care provider to try this type of gauntlet with thumb stub, I had no idea how wonderful it would work. It's amazing how much work I can get done without the usual ache I experience at the end of the day. Since I wear this gauntlet on a regular basis, I have cut down on anti-inflammatory medications. I highly recommend this product. 
- Ann T Kaprielian
 Great product 
- Debbie Van Tassel L
 Fabric is very soft and comfortable 
- Amanda Patterson
 This is my favorite of the ones I have. 
- Marybeth Walden
 Love it 
- Kimberly Arnhold
 I love Juzo products - especially the matching sleeves and gauntlets They control my lymphedema well and are fun to wear Some people think I've gotten tattoos, which at my age (71) is hilarious 
- Angela L Vail
 I like this product. I will be wearing it when swelling occurs. I do not always have swelling in my hand. I feel that it will also be useful when doing crafting. I like the way the pattern matches the sleeve. 
- Barbara B Patterson
 Love the upper sleeve elastic. Also love your new designs. 
- Carla Roberts
 Got it fast‚Ķ 
- Ray A Burrill
 Works as it should, like the fit. 
- Catherine M Heidelberg
 This was exactly what I wanted. Fits perfectly. 
- Catherine M Heidelberg
 I love all of the color and print options for the gauntlets. 
- Cynthia Miller
 Love this product. Quality way better the lymphdiva I was buying. Glad I tried out. Excited to order again 
- Coneise Clark
 Fits well. Easy to keep clean. 
- Mr Kenneth F Carobus Carobus
 The Juzo gauntlet fits my hand really well and holds its shape as well. 
- Deb S Buehner Mrs.
 I have arthritis in my thumb. This really helps with compression. 
- Deborah Hale
 Having a good compression garment that also matches whatever clothes I'm wearing is good for my health and good for my spirits :-) 
- Jane R Dickie
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 Excellent. Very comfortable 
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 Very beautiful and comfortable. 
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 My only wish is that it came a little longer up my wrist so it wouldn't roll down and that the thumb was a tad bit larger so my thumb wouldn't tingle. 
- Mrs Diana Lege
 Like the gauntlet better than the glove because it stays cleaner longer and full use of hand. I always buy the arm and matching gantlet nice designs to choose from. 
- Donna M Palmer-wilson
 Love this new sleeve and gauntlet, very compression to wear all day long the fabric is smooth and easy to put on and remove. 
- Donna M Palmer-wilson
 Works great 
- Mr Douglas V Herath
 Works well to help support my wrist for golf. 
- Earleen Chandler
 The gauntlet is much more comfortable than others I have purchased. Love it! 
- Mrs Gayle B Priest
 Nice pattern, comfortable and good quality. 
- Irina Geier
 I prefer Juzo products to any other products. 
- Susan Abbath Abbath
 compared to the compression sleeve and glove that I had to wear that I got from my doctors office these are the most comfortable that I have ever wore. does not feel like compression at all. I get lots of compliments. they really do make me feel more confident about myself when people look thinking I have tattoos. love this product. I have referred this product and this company to a couple of other people suffering from lymphedema I will definitely be buying more of these in the future 
- Jannette Canaday
 The Juzo products are the most comfortable that I've tried. I was very excited to see the new designs and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it as well. 
- Jean M Mosley
 Excellent fit, fun print and color 
- Kay A Miller
 Love these sleeves, always receive compliments. 
- Janice N Hill
 The sleeve and gauntlet are perfect! Looks good and fits good. 
- Jeanette Deluca Deluca
 Extremely comfortable and breathable. I love the design! 
- Julia Dolford
 Does the job. Wish it had fingers. Extremely soft, smooth and comfortable. 
- Katherine L Bartley
 They are very comfortable and size runs true 
- Ann C Decelles
 I have purchased several and all of been comfortable and fit well 
- Ann C Decelles
 Love it 
- Ms Kathy M Dudley
 Light weight, great design and color, very comfortable. Due to coloring, stays cleaner than beige gauntlet. 
- Ms Kelley Williams
- Dorothy E Summerill
 Perfect fit. Easy to order and quick delivery. Material is soft. 
- Laura Krause
 Love it! 
- Lauren Smith
 Great product! 
- Lauren Smith
 Love it! 
- Lauren Smith
 Very comfortable. Don't even know I'm wearing it. My hand doesn't get hot or sweaty either. Love it!!! 
- Laurie Hicks
 I love it 
- Linette M Kane
 Beautiful colors. Soft, breathable. 
- Linette M Kane
 Gorgeous, very soft. I get compliments on this and on all my other sleeves. I've noticed that shipping has been sped up so 5 stars!! 
- Ms Lynn M Lovett Lovett
 I have 2 print gauntlets with matching sleeves. I happily wear them and get compliments on the patterns. 
- Sandra W Russell
 This works great, It's comfortable and effective getting the swelling down. 
- Lisa Paesani
 Keeps congested lymph from collecting in my hand. 
- Leesa J Wingo
 Love the fabric. Smooth fit! The print choices are awesome! 
- Michele Frigoletto
 Love the color and support! 
- Michele Frigoletto
 It fits wish sleeve and gauntlet matched a litter closer. 
- Maryjane Ward
 Excellent fit. Juno soft seamless print series is most comfortable for me and less rash reactions related to some other health issue I have.. My skin is highly sensitive Fewer sweaty skin reactions and I'm not a Pais sponsor. 
- Melinda K Ware
 So many different designs. Love these gloves 
- Constance Bell
 Looks and fits great. If you have to wear a gauntlet, this product gives a little flair. I love all the choices. 
- Constance Bell
 I love the added print designs on gauntlets.. I have worn for 20 + years 
- Mrs Nancy C Karlson
 ;Easy to orderl 
- Nina J Langley
 The compression helps and my Juzo sleeves and gauntlets are attractive! 
- Nina J Langley
 Love it 
- Patricia Kruckenberg
 This gives the right compression and is comfortable. I highly recommend it. 
- Mary Anne Pena
 Very soft and support is great. Love the product! 
- Mary Anne Pena
 is great 
- Peggy-sue Hart
 Very comfortable. I love it! 
- Penny Stokesberry
 High quality. Easy to clean - retains shape. Judo is always a guaranteed winner! 
- Deborah L Cunningham
 I really like your products and the different designs to choose from. 
- Mrs Terri S Conatser
 Extremely light weight and it fits better between thumb and hand then my old one, 
- Mrs Irene Matarazzo
 Soft and comfortable but does what it is supposed to do. 
- Jane C Singleton
 Nice to have a variety 
- Susan Valzovano
 Decided to try a print tired of nothingness. Still haven't tried print sleeve. Taking small step at time. Will be trying more prints for work during winter. Very comfortable and doesn't hold the heat like earlier types. 
- Stella B Vivod
 Best of all the brands! 
- Tanty R Avant
 Whimsical prints help to make fun of having to wear compression. 
- Carol A Slavens
 very comfortable ,excellent at keeping the swelling down when used with the Juzo arm sleeve, 
- Mrs Tina M Stover
 Comfortable and provides effective compression - seems to be less inclined to snagging than similar products 
- Timothy G. Buchanan
 Gauntlet fits well and compression is good. Also does not seem to be as susceptible to snagging as the soft print Juzo compression sleeve. 
- Timothy G. Buchanan
 nice smooth glove, fits a little on the large size. great length and no binding at the wrist or across fingers. 
- Mrs Tracie E Nadiger
 Loved it but wont work for me I have to have a glove 
- Misty Bergeron
 Fits well and is comfortable for long hours of wear. Not sure about comfort in hot weather. Love the print - looks like I went wild and got a tattoo. 
- Vera Hogan
 I bought this Gauntlet to match my sleeve. It was not only a perfect match, but came in a timely manner as well. I would highly recommend your products to anyone who needs it. Great company to deal with. 
- Patricia Procassini Procassini
 Love the Juzo and all the designs. 
- Marian Webber
 Love the design. 
- Yolanda Mccormick
 Love this gauntlet, does not roll at wrist Comfortable fit and great colors. Thumb stub a little long have to fold back on its self. 
- Cindy Ewing
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