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Juzo Soft Seamless Gauntlet w/Thumb Stub


Juzo Soft Seamless Gauntlet w/Thumb Stub by Juzo
The Juzo Soft Seamless Gauntlet is a premium compression gauntlet with thumb stub. It features an extremely soft and elastic knit that offers unsurpassed wearing comfort.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
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This product has 70 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2000-AC
20-30 mmHg Compression
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2001-AC
30-40 mmHg Compression
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2002-AC
 Great fit, comfortable. 
- Andrea Drosen
 Quality is excellent and customer services is great 
- Ana G Ewart Ewart
 I've used both the Juzo and Mediven gauntlets and find the Juzo to be a little longer so it actually covers my knuckles,.... as it should! 
- Franklin A Spinney
 Yes I would. Nice fit comfortable material. I will order more when needed . 
- Mrs. Janet D Anderson
 I don't have any problems with this. It fits like it should. 
- Charles Darnell Darnell
 Definitely comfortable. Always as described. Great product and company. 
- Mrs. Lola A Kent
 What I was looking for. 
- Marybeth Walden
 This a nice, soft gauntlet. It fits well, is very comfortable and does what I need. It is slippery, that is slides right down a stair railing when going up or down stairs. My only suggestion for this Juzo Gauntlet would be if they could have silicone or something on the palm, so I could grip things better, such as a stair railing, a steering wheel, etc. I sometimes have to take it off so I can grip the railing better, or hold on to a steering wheel better. But I haven't found any other brand that does that either. 
- Barbara A Smith
 The gauntlet is comfortable and fits well. 
- Beth Shaffer-ludwig
 Very comfortable and washes up nicely. 
- Becky Von Ohlen
 Good qualify great price. 
- Conrad A Garlo
 same as written description. Can't ask for more 
- Conrad A Garlo
 Great, Fast 
- Charles Cox
 It served me very well. Thank you! 
- Martha Robinson
 Love it! Very soft and comfortable 
- Mrs Shelley S Ackley
 Helps with the swelling in my hand and this is what I need 
- Susan Weinman
 Very happy with product! 
- Carol Rice
 Great fit, good quality. Does the job. 
- Dawn Palicka
 Very pleased 
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 Needed it do do swelling 
- Dorthy Nolan
 Glove helps control swelling, but will it last? 
- Mr Edward Matricardi
 It is comfortable & keeps my swelling down. What more could ask for. 
- Fern A Wampler
 Very good & comfortable. 
- Fern A Wampler
 The gauntlet is comfortable to wear. 
- Fern A Wampler
 Very comfortable! 
- Fern A Wampler
 I love the gauntlet very comfortable & still keeps the swelled down. 
- Fern A Wampler
 I love the gauntlets that I received, they are comfortable & keep the swelling down. 
- Fern A Wampler
 Gots fine, washes easily 
- Gloria A Halifax
 I use the gauntlet every day and have had no problems with it. I do remove it to wash dishes. The material is strong, but easy to put on. J.M. 
- Janice S Mixell
 Good product, comfortable. Wish color was a little lighter. 
- Marcia Collins
 The gauntlet is a good fit and arrived in timely fashion. 
- Kathryn A Hayes
 Very comfortable to wear, pleased with it and company! 
- Mrs Melannie J Folts
 comfortable and attractive 
- Janet Crawford
 Very comfortable 
- Kay A Miller
 Love the comfort but I needed compression on my fingers also. 
- Jillene M. Simms
 Very comfortable to wear 
- Mrs Julie F Derrick
 Feels comfortable and thumb doesn't bother me, either. 
- Kathy M Dudley
 Very comfortable to wear. Helps keep the swelling under control. 
- Mrs Karen M Ziskie
 Very comfortable to wear. Helps keep the swelling under control. 
- Mrs Karen M Ziskie
 great product 
- Mrs Linda L Challenger
 Fit is great and I have not problem getting this product 
- Mrs Linda L Challenger
 fits comfortable and is what I needed 
- Mrs Linda L Challenger
 I now own 2 plain beige and 2 print gauntlets. All are comfortable and allow flexibility when I am keyboarding, which is a huge plus for me. 
- Sandra W Russell
 Great just what the doctor ordered 
- Linda Rubin
 I am very pleased with this product...have used for a long time 
- Melody Anthony
 I'm a very satisfied customer 
- Margaret L Etter
 Very good product; well made. Very helpful in easing discomfort. 
- Murielle Elfman
 The soft gauntlet is perfect for my relatively-mild lymphedema. Washable easily, dry quickly. Very comfortable. The thumb stem is very tight on me, but doc and I think that is because of base-of-thumb arthritis. I split the seam. 
- Ms Nan Borton
 Works great 
- Nancy Breshears
 Fits great! Thinking about buying a second one to have on hand! 
- Mrs Nancy L Evans L
 Excellent gauntlet and easy care. 
- Mrs Paula I Kummer
 The Gauntlet is very comfortable also, love the Juzo Dynamic soft-in Sleeve, ordered them together! They really help my lymphedema, helps my swelling a lot!! Thank you Juzo! 
- Mrs Phyllis R Dahlkoetter
 Soft and comfortable 
- Patricia T Martin
 High quality. Easy to clean - retains shape. 
- Deborah L Cunningham
 I have really liked Juzo gauntlets more since they lengthened them in the wrist. Fit perfectly. 
- Ms Rebecca S Sharp
 good fit, comfortable, nice change from a glove 
- Mr Stephen J Jones
 Easy to use. Easy to wash. Will re-order when necessary. 
- Linda Nelson
 Fits well, easy to care for, arrived in a timely fashion 
- Mrs Sarah V Moore
 Quick delivery. It fits very well & is comfortable. Very good product. Thanks. 
- Sheri Johnson
 Very comfortable. Does not cut into the area between the thumb and forefinger. 
- Diane L Morency
 Loved this gauntlet. Softer and fit better than the ones I was ordering 
- Tambra J Bayles
 Very comfortable, and is easy to remove quickly when you need to wash your hands! 
- Teresa Marquez
 It is very comfortable, and easy to remove fairly quickly when you need to wash your hands. 
- Teresa Marquez
 I have bought a few if these. Can't be without. 
- Ramadasa Jivatma
- Alicia Simic
 Works well. 
- Mrs Wanda N Daniels
 Very good 
- Weva L Johnston
 Very pleased with this purchase 
- Linda White
 Good quality. Easy to care for. 
- Yolanda Mccormick
 I’ve always liked this product. There’s one thing about the gauntlets, they don’t match the arm compression sleeves. Maybe I’m ordering the wrong gauntlets. 
- Paula Esser
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