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Juzo Soft 2000


Juzo Soft 2000 by Juzo
The Juzo Soft 2000 Series is a premium compression arm sleeve. It features an extremely soft and elastic knit that offers unsurpassed wearing comfort. Juzo 2000 Series arm sleeves are inconspicuous and available in a large assortment of sizes.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
Available Colors
This product has 631 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2000-CG
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2001-CG
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Border
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2002-CG
 Very comfortable with the silicon band at the top. 
- Ann Gebbia
 Have been using this product for over 15 years and just recently found this site to order from. It is cheaper than getting them locally from other medical stores and they arrive within just a few days. Have been very pleased with this process. 
- Anita Quibell
 Recvd thank you 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 These support hose are quite comfortable, especially if you are wearing the correct size. Also I recommend 5cm silicone band, not 3cm. Wider band helps keep hose in place. 
- Ms Marsha Greiner
 Great for Edema patients. Patients report very comfortable. Always great fit. 
- Doreen Comiskey
 Love how easy they are to put on. And very comfortable. 
- Bernadette Fedorovich
 Love new color I tried.... Thanks love your site.. Juzo is a great sleeve no matter how get one , plain or printed. Any one think of a necklace , not bracelet... for awareness on Lymphedema? 
- Nancy C Karlson
 Easy fit. Usually lasts me about 5 months of daily wear 
- Mrs Pam Fuchs
 Excellent product Great service too 
- Ms Carol A Tufo
 These sleeves are so soft and the perfect size and length. Several " professionals" have tried to fit me with bad results. One I had to show her how to measure. I had no problem choosing the correct size and texture. I just order and pay for them on my own rather than going through my insurance mandated provider....therefore I cannot purchase many as I am bilateral. 
- Donna Gannon
 I am really impressed with the softness of this sleeve. There is no pinching in the inner elbow and no scratchiness at all. I will need to remember this model 
- Edward Spangler
 This compression sleeve is very comfortable. I would buy it again. 
- Pam Cohen
 I really like the Juzo Soft stockings with the silicone tops. They stay up better and seem to be heavier than the ones without the silicone top. If I have to wear them, might as well be comfortable as possible. 
- Nancy J Geib
 All wearers should be fitted By a qualified lymphedema therapist. A compression sleeve is only right for you if it has been properly selected and fitted specifically for you. Order fulfillment has been accurate and swift with this company. 
- Mrs Merle L Burbridge
 Ordered as prescribed By my Occupational Therapist. She is happy with the fit. I have not had occasion to use yet. Sleeve and gauntlet came at the expected time. 
- Gayla J Hylland
 The wear very well and are soft and lightweight. Reasonably priced compared to other companies. Package came in the first few days. Thank You 
- James R Fouchey
 Your products are excellent quality. My best friend is very and comfortable with yours arms tight. Thank you!! 
- Maria Valderrama
 The arm compression sleeve fits snugly but is not restrictive. It is lightweight enough for a Floridian to wear, yet gives serious compression. 
- Ms Nancy A Weekley
 Very comfortable; actually not too hot so far this summer. Harder to get off than to get on - the gloves really do help. The open toe style is great, and I can wear socks without being too hot. The color works okay with my skin tone, though not sure folks of color might prefer the "cinnamon" shade better. 
- Carol D Kapell
 They work very well to keep my legs from getting puffy. They last a long time. 
- Edith P Hanney
 when washed as directed this compression garment does the job. longevity is a plus when compression is a lifetime daily requirement. This garment is also kind to my skin and stays in place. 
- Karyne S Dunbar
 Don't have to worry about the sleeve rolling down,love the new band. 
- Annie D Coward Coward
 That is what I have worn for years. So I knew what I was ordering. Ordered online. No problems and I received it in about 8 days. All good. 
- Ms Angela T Fortunato
 Fits well. Fairly easy to put on. Comfortable. 
- Janet G Fulco
 Sleeve offers the compression and support needed. It is high quality and washes well and retains support. I have this sleeve in beige and black. 
- Judy Glades
 very comfortable 
- Arlene Mcavoy
 Been a Juzo customer for many years. Very satisfied. 
- Alice M Thomas
 Been using this product for a while. The quality is excellent and the soft material makes it possible to put the stockings on and off in spite of painfully arthritic hands. 
- Alice M Thomas
 Good quality sleeve. I love the prints. 
- Alice A Rydel Rydel
 Soft...lightweight...reasonably priced....Great service...sleeves came in less than a week.......I have bought several sleeves and liked them all. Thank-you 
- Linda K Stassen
 Excellent and confortable 
- Zoila Gonzalez
 Very good sleeve, I use it all the time 
- Zoila Gonzalez
 My client loved the easy way she was able to put them on and how nice the fabric felt. the compression was perfect. She wants me to order her another pair soon. 
- Amelyn Degidio
 Excellent quality 
- Mrs. Joanne A. Anderson
- Mrs. Ellen Erickson
 It helped me tremendously. 
- Anna M Burke
- Anne Hunt
- Anne Hunt
 From the compression pantyhose I have tried since 2002, Juzo Soft 2000 are, by far, is my favorite. I'll be wearing this brand as long as I can. 
- Ms Antoinette M Miland
 From the compression pantyhose I have tried since 2002, Juzo Soft 2000 are, by far, is my favorite. I'll be wearing this brand as long as I can. 
- Ms Antoinette M Miland
 Fit very well. 
- Anne Simon
 Initially, it was difficult to get on my arm but the swelling has gone down and is easier to get on now. It is comfortable and does not restrict movement. 
- Ann Skidmore
 This is very comfortable...and works well for me...I like it a lot.... 
- Myrtle Pfister
 I like this brand. I have used 3 brands and this is comfortable.Ordering was easy and I used a tape measure to confirm my size had not changed. 
- Myrtle Pfister
 I've been wearing this Juzo product for years and have had no problems with it 
- Ms Anne V Baker
 This product has always been made to fit me. It wears well and is easy to hand wash and drip dry 
- Ms Anne V Baker
 As I said before this products is great as it helps me 
- Ms Anne V Baker
 It fits me perfectly. I just wish I didn't need it but since I do... 
- Ms Anne V Baker
 great product for mild to moderate lymphedema. Don't make my misstake initially and put in washer. Hand wash with mild soap and cold water. The sleeve with last longer. 
- Mrs Jennie D March
 My first purchase with this company. This is a excellent sleeve for lymphedema for someone with mild to moderate edema. I used this sleeve initially but my edema has increased over the years. However, I use this sleeve when doing routine house work. Very comfortable. I will be looking at other products from this company more suitable for me. 
- Mrs Jennie D March
 A good product. Does a good job. 
- Ms. Barbara A. Harrington
 Really like this sleeve. It is comfortable and relatively easy to put on. I need another one for laundering. 
- Barbara Stanfield
 I am very satisfy with the product and how it help with the swelling. I received my order very quickly and would recommend this product 
- Ms Carol Bracey
 Great Support and helps to reduce swelling. I have a herniated disc in my neck so they are somewhat difficult to get on, but I take my time and slowly work them on and it's fine. They wash up great...just follow the directions. Will buy again. 
- Ms Karen A Link
 Very comfortable in hot humid weather. Easy to apply. Swift delivery of my order. Thank you for a very good product. 
- Carol Kleinke
 Fits great love the sleeve, will buy more as needed! 
- Ms Barbara Daugherty
 much better than the more expensive other brands. a better fir for me and more comfortable 
- Anthony Mancini
 The sleeve is easy to wear and provides uniform compression. The neutral color works well but I will be ordering a black sleeve as well. 
- Elizabeth M Blankenstein
 The fit feels snug but perfectly evened out . 
- Elizabeth M Blankenstein
 These are first compression knee highs that I have had. Was very surprised at how nicely they stay up, thanks to the special silicone tops. A little tight getting on, but quite comfortable when in place. 
- Beverly A Hillriegel
 Great product, fits well and is very comfortable. Excellent price as well 
- Bryan F Hymel
 I wear this every day and it is very comfortable. 
- Ms Barbara W Genge
 The product is great and the service from is fantastic! 
- Bonnie T Guari
 Good fit and soft on sensitive skin. 
- Brenda V Hulstein
 This compression sleeve is great. Easy yo put on and stays in place 
- Betty H Whitlock Whitlock
 This was my third purchase. I have been completely satisfied with them. 
- Betty H Whitlock Whitlock
 Very helpful in keeping sleve in place 
- Betty H Whitlock Whitlock
 The product does what it says it will do.Very soft. 
- William Harrison Harrison
 I am very pleased with the sleeves purchased. I especially like the black one, it is less obvious as I wear a great deal of black with white. 
- Ms Barbara A Mclaughlin
 Does a great job! 
- Bonnie G Hofford
 Has help my husband legs. Glad we found out about them. Thank you 
- Brooke V. Rotole
 Very effective in reducing swelling and I really like the support as well. 
- Cdr Bruce E Greenland
 a necessary inconvenience. 
- Beth Wildey
 Great service and great product 
- Beth Wildey
 I was happy to find a source for these sleeves at a bit of a discounted price. When I turned 65 in I learned the hard way that Medicare does not give any benefits for lymphedema products. 
- Beth Wildey
 Great fit and comfortable. 
- Becky Von Ohlen
 I had an excellent experience with an online chat with a customer service representative who helped me pick the correct compression garment I was looking for. 
- Becky Von Ohlen
 Out of all of my sleeves, this is the most comfortable and easy to wear! 
- Julie Demetroulas
 Great. Cool! 
- Mrs Caryl A Rohol
 This product is very good. It is comfortable - forget I am wearing it. Goes on and stays on very well. 
- Carol R Moritz
 Great product 
- Carlos A Valdivia
 These are about as comfortable as you can get in a compression sleeve. 
- Candace Rosene
 Good support provided by this sleeve. 
- Candace Rosene
 These are a great product, and Lymphedema Products customer service is amazing. 
- Christina Kohlburn
 I have had to use them for several years. They have made a huge difference in the swelling, and comfort in my legs. 
- Christina Kohlburn
 I have had very good service from Lymphedema Products and am happy with my purchase. 
- Carolyn K Koons
 Good support but a little tight until it's washed a few times. 
- Carol R Kallos
 Comfortable,soft, great colors 
- Ms Carol A Edney
 It is more comfortable than a previous compression sleeve I had. Seems as if it will be better for the summer weather. 
- Ms Carole A O'connor
 Very comfortable compression socks. Like the silicone tops - keeps the stockings in place. 
- Ms Roger & Carolyn Smith
 good fit, a little thicker than sheer but very soft and comfortable. 
- Ruth Ralls
 Juzo is my go to brand for compression sleeves. The most important feature is they stay up! No constant sliding down my upper area. They are also soft and comfortable to wear. 
- Cathy L Warren
 Excellent product... Excellent service.... Fast delivery ... This is the only place I buy my compression skeeves 
- Ms Carol A Tufo
 Always happy with my purchase. 
- Cindy D Jennings
 Love this sleeve. It is ss soft and more comfortable than the previous sleeves I wore. 
- Cynthia Thornton
 Stays in place,doesn't move,very comfortable 
- Ms Colleen Denardo
 Very nice material, easy on and off. Doesn't even feel like I am wearing a compression garment, very comfortable. I am going to order another one. 
- Ms Corinne E Hillman
 These are by far the best compression stockings I have ever bought and worn! The silicone beads keep the up and don't roll down or dig into your skin! Defoworth every penny! 
- Dennis L Martin
 It fits exactly as the doctor ordered. I like the top non-slip top. No tight elastic on it. I would recommend it 
- Mrs Carole Fariss
 I've tried multiple brands and types trying to find reduced digging I the knees and comfort. So far, these are the best. We will see after been wearing for a while 
- Anne Sutton
 Comfortable fit and love how long they last. 
- Cheri L. Phillips
 Found the right length by getting the petite length and they are awesome!! 
- Cheri L. Phillips
 The quality & comfort is excellent. I will definitely order again. 
- Cheryl Anderson
 I have been wearing these sleeves for several years now and find them to work well. I also like the thin material which still has plenty of compression. 
- Cheryl G Bryson
 This has really worked well for my lymphedema. In just one week the swelling went down quite a lot. It's comfortable and is easy to put on and take off. 
- Ms Cheryl Thornberry
 It was for my mom and it works great!! 
- Cindy D Krider
 It it soft, fits very well, I just wish they had more colors 
- Cynthia J Burrows
 Lightweight and soft but effective. 
- Claire M Gosselin
 I didn't think I would like the toe open my PT suggested, but I like them very much. They seem easier to put on. They are very comfortable. 
- Mrs Jody S Mcmahan
 So soft and easy to get on. Definitely a great product. 
- Ms. Catherine M Reilly
 Have had several of these compression sleeve and they are very good 
- Mrs Judy L. Dessoffy
 Excellent product and quick delivery 
- Ms Ruby D Cross
 Excellent product. Very happy with compression ability 
- Ms Ruby D Cross
 Excellent product 
- Ms Diane D Cross Cross
 Great product and very comfortable. Really love the new upper arm band design 
- Ms Ruby D Cross Cross
 Comfortable and not too hot. Holds up well to repeated washing 
- Ms Diane D Cross Cross
 Excellent product and ordering and delivery was easy and quick 
- Ms Ruby D Cross Cross
 Have used this stocking before and really like it 
- Caroline R Wilkinson
 Juzo soft 2000 is the most comfortable compression sleeve I've tried. My favorite for day-to-day use. 
- Mrs. Cheryl T Griggs
 My sleeves last a little longer than usual as I order two at a time so I can alternate them 
- Susan Weinman
 This is an excellent sleeve. Comfortable yet tight enough to do a good job keeping the swelling down. 
- Mrs. Janet W. Snyder
 Excellent fit 
- Dorothy Arrigo
 Very soft and comfortable to wear. 
- Dennis C Gerst
 Highly recommend. The sleeve is soft, nonbinding works great for my lymphedema 
- Dale L Claridy
 Good product and fits well. 
- Darnell A Dingle
 Great quality 
- Mrs Maryann W Dashiell
 Excellent revised silicone band at top -- more comfortable. My favorite sleeve 
- Nancy Foohey
 I've been using this sleeve (and a Juzo glove) for years. I like the fact that it comes in many different sizes. That way I can have a more perfect fit, but I don't have to incur the expense of a customized sleeve. Also it is soft, not scratchy, and this helps me wear it all day. 
- Nancy Foohey
 Very happy with product 
- Carol Rice
 Great fit, good quality. Does the job. 
- Dawn Palicka
 Great sleeves!! 
- Loren D Bangs
- Diana Bowe
 The Juzo Soft 2000 is the best! They are easily put on, stay up and don't roll at the top, and have a nice feel. I have tried other brands but like Juzo best. 
- Mrs Mable E Daugherty
 I often forget I have it on. Great quality. i used to wear a different brand but the Juzo Soft has it beat. Compression stays strong through many washes. I continue to purchase the Juzo brand. 
- Diane M M Eades
 Very comfortable, durable, light weight and will always purchase this brand. 
- Mrs. Deanna Capovani
 I've only worn this product (compression sleeve) a couple of times, but the fit was good and it seemed to do what it was intended for. This was recommended for me by my physical therapist during a lymphedema screening for use when I felt I needed it. 
- Mrs Denise K Schrader
 Good product 
- Denise H Francella
 Soft and fast delivery. 
- Diane G Nagorny
 This is the most comfortable sleeve I've ever had! I've always required a custom sleeve but with the MAX option on these, I can now save money and be more comfortable. 
- Diane Lillard Gwirtz
 The fabric is super comfortable and lasts for many months. 
- Richard Warren Boggs
 This sleeve is great ! I'm glad I called Lymphedema products because the sleeves I was wearing were too tight at the top band. I gave the rep my measurements, with her guidance, now they are perfect ! 
- Diane Mayo
 Is perfecto for me . 
- Evarista E Diaz Diaz
 For me is a great product , I'm use for the last 4 years , I was tray another brand , some are to hard for my skin others to long or to short , this is perfect . 
- Evarista E Diaz
 The Juzo Soft Compression stocking are comfortable. I like the color cinnamon. Watching the video was helpful. 
- Dilcy A Ivy
 Very pleased 
- Ms Marsha Bennett
 The fit and comfort is exceptional. Have tried other brands once and Lymphedema Products are by far the best. 
- Mrs Donna J Zabielski
 Easy for me to put on even with neuropathy in both hands. The sleeve being soft is a bonus! 
- Ms. Diane M Bland
 I was able to get the leggings on without too much trouble. It is soft and comfortable on my legs! 
- Ms. Diane M Bland
 I buy these all the time, but I might have to review the size I get, because they slide down during the day and leave deep lines where they do that. Usually right under the calf mussel. 
- Mary Anderson
 Perfect fit. Comfortable. 
- Dolores M Gugino
 This sleeve fits better than my previous one. 
- Mrs. Jennifer V Muddiman
 Very helpful 
- Dorthy Nolan
 The sleeve I purchased is so helpful with swelling in my arm. Very well made and comfortable fabric. 
- Larry Brannan
 My Juzo arm compression garment fit and is very comfortable. 
- Doris Marion
 This sleeve is true to size and very comfortable if measured correctly. 
- Donna Wilson
 Exactly what I needed and expected; great! 
- Deborah Philp
- Dolores Rita Browne
 Met all my expectations. 
- Ms Sandi Beedle
 I have been using these hose for almost two years. They are doing a great job on my legs. I would recommend, and I have, to anyone with leg swelling. Thank you. 
- Donald L Bingham
 Love this sleeve. It is comfortable 
- Diana Snow
 Love this sleeve! 
- Ms Diane M Stoddart
 This compared to one cheaper I had gotten is a world of difference easier to get on more comfortable to wear. Also not as hot! 
- Julie Mills
 Bought these for my Mother and she loves them. 
- Donna Wise
 I like the silicone edge at the top, no slipping or rolling 
- Erica B Sternin
 Just an exact fit 
- Sr. Eileen Buckley
 I truly appreciate this product and would highly recommend it. 
- Sr. Eileen Buckley
 Am happy with my sleeve. Fast shipping and excellent service. 
- Elsie Doty
 Loved my sleeves. They go on so easy, perfect soft fit. Thank you!! 
- Maria Limones
 Very comfortable. 
- Edna Marie M Bowers
 Prompt shipping and excellent product. 
- Emy L. Belich
 Very comfortable. An excellent product. 
- Emy L. Belich
 I have worn these compression stockings for years. They are quite comfortable. Nice range of colors too. 
- Esther P Higginbotham
 Had got a pair years ago with toes. These are without toes and colored. Nice to have variety. Are a little easier to put on. 
- Peggy Irons
 helps keep the swelling down in my foot 
- Mrs Donna F Lumpkins Lumpkins
 The socks are easy to get on. 
- Mrs Donna F Lumpkins Lumpkins
 Nice. a big need. 
- Mrs. Mona Webb Vacca
 I like being able to get a Juzo Soft sleeve product in another color. I am a survivor not only with Lymphedema, but also have nerve damage in both arms. The service people worked with me to help me with my first order. The product is comfortable. by; M.V. 
- Mrs. Mona M Vacca
 I find this product comfortable and supportive! It is exactly what I need. 
- Erin M Robleto
 We'll made and fits well. 
- Eric Von Ammon
 Seems well made. It works particularly well for me because I have long arms. The Cigvaris was too short. Thanks to the woman I spoke with at who suggested this as a solution. 
- Eric Von Ammon
 The Juzo knee high open-toe appears to be a quality product. Since I've never worn compression stockings before, I cannot compare with other products. However, my occupational therapist recommended Juzo over other brands, so I felt comfortable ordering these without seeing them. They're relatively sheer (as compression stockings go), comfortable and do the job! I cannot comment on longevity, as I've only been wearing them for a couple of weeks, however, I would recommend them. 
- Susan E Brown
 Like it better than Med√≠ brand 
- Lizette Sanchez
 Very comfortable‚Ķ like the max size 
- Beverly J Fischer Fischer
 It serves its purpose well, and I wear it almost all the time. I highly recommend it. 
- Francine Klagsbrun
 Very comfortable, and does it's job 
- Linda Tumminello Tumminello
 Good product. Very expensive 
- Mr Frank Yones
 Good fit. Good quality. Good service. 
- Ms Patricia Goddard A
 These socks are very comfortable. I am very pleased with this product. 
- Mrs Gerry A Calame
 These stockings are comfortable. 
- Mrs Gerry A Calame
 These stockings are much more comfortable than others I have tried. 
- Gerry A Calame
 Good quality sleeve, love the new cinnamon color, great service. 
- Gayle Mishler
 Very pleased with this sleeve. Excellent quality. I think Cinnamon color looks less like a bandage than Beige. FYI, jewelry on the opposite arm can cause a "pick" in sleeves if not careful. I expected delivery sooner, but was told later that sleeves are only dyed on certain days, hence the delay. Excellent service. 
- Mrs Robbie Sue Gardiner
 works great 
- Judith D Gardner
 Great product. Great price 
- Gayle Noyes
 Great fit 
- Mrs Gayle B Priest
 Love the sleeve! Very comfortable. Will order again. Great customer service. 
- Mrs Gayle B Priest
 Love the fit and feel. Very comfortable. 
- Mrs Gayle B Priest
 Love the fit. Have purchased for 3 years and would not purchase any other kind. 
- Gayle Priest
 Good service. Good product. 
- Mrs Carmen E Kamphausen
 Good product. Stay in place long compression sleeve perfect for a tall person with long arms. I have been buying this product for over three years. I will recommend this product. 
- Gloria E Howard
 As always my Juzo are my go to compression socks. They are comfortable with the silicone band at the top. 
- Ann Gebbia
 Always love my Juzo compression socks with the silicon bands which make them extra comfortable. 
- Ann Gebbia
 Very comfortable and supportive 
- Ann Gebbia
 My Juzo socks are the most comfortable compression socks 
- Ann Gebbia
 Love the feel of my juzo. The silicone band makes them so comfortable. 
- Ann Gebbia
 Most comfortable 
- Ann Gebbia
 Extremely comfortable 
- Ann Gebbia
 I am very pleased with the comfort of these compression socks. The silicone band makes them so much easier to wear without cutting in. 
- Ann Gebbia
 Very comfortable once on. The silicone top is great with no cutting in. 
- Ann Gebbia
 Excellent product! Will be ordering again as needed! 
- Ms Theresa M Panas
 very nice and good co operation 
- Mr George C George George
 Its rate is okay but little more discount or coupon will be great. because small amount income people can not order it. 
- George George George
 I've been wearing these since 2010. They are durable and comfortable. 
- Ann M Fleury
 I've been using this sleeve since 2010 and it is great. I would recommend this sleeve to anyone who battles lymphedema. 
- Ann M Fleury
 I have been wearing these for five years and they are wonderful. I have a mild case of Lumphedema and they help control it along with doing exercises. 
- Ann M Fleury
 These are great and have been wearing them for years. 
- Ann M Fleury
 These sleeves are wonderful and have been purchasing them for years. They wear well. 
- Ann M Fleury
 These stockings work great after a therapist gets the water off. Putting them on is a learning experience whick becomes routine in time . 
- Gerald W Weldin
 I'm very happy with my new garment 
- Gloria Grenier
 Perfect sleeve 
- Connie J Gibson Gibson
 Very comfortable 
- Mrs Glenda Mccreary
 comfortable, supple 
- Gail D Tewhey
 These were recommended to me by my therapist and I have been really pleased with your products. Nice fit and very comfortable to wear. 
- Glenda W Noles
 These are the best compression hose I have tried. They were recommended by my therapist and she was right about them. They make my legs feel good and keep the swelling in check. 
- Glenda Noles
 It is great. And a good price. 
- Cathy Goelitz
 Great product 
- Cathy Goelitz
 When insurance quit paying for my compression sleeves I started to wonder if I could get them cheaper than where I got them locally. I was happy to find that you were $20 cheaper than what I've been paying for the exact thing. 
- Anita Quibell
 These are very nice for the price. I love open toe and that is all I buy. 
- Mrs Kristine Worrell
 I have been using Juzo soft 2000 in thigh high and knee high for a long time now, about 7 years or so. They have never fail to do the job of compression just right. Keep up the good work! 
- Mrs. Carolyn R Freshwater
 I always get my compression products from y'all and I have never been disappointed ! 
- Mrs. Carolyn R Freshwater
 I have used these compression hose for a long time and have always gotten the quality I expected. 
- Mrs. Carolyn R Freshwater
 These are the only compression stockings I buy and from these same folks. 
- Mrs. Carolyn R Freshwater
 I've gotten these compression hose for several years now and really like them. 
- Mrs. Carolyn R Freshwater
 The staff at Lymphedema Products is very helpful, especially when I recently returned an order thinking it was the wrong size. I was wrong! I should've kept it. But they didn't say anything...just very quickly sent another one, same size. I finally called and they verified that I did indeed have the right size sleeve for my arm! I will continue to order from them because the Juno Soft 2000 is a good quality sleeve that lasts many months. I now have several that I alternate. 
- Ms Loanne C Meyer
 Good product. Helps me a lot. 
- Thomas A Hannan
 I purchased this for my sister and she loves this sleeve. 
- Marilyn Roe
 I have been wearing Juzo Soft for several years. I purchased this pair of thigh highs with the garter band and I am wearing them with garters. 
- Harriet R. Goldstein
 Good product, comfortable. Wish color was a little lighter. 
- Marcia Collins
 Really works. Helps with circulation and protection after surgery 
- Hilary A. Steger
 Very effective and comfortable 
- Karen L Campbell
 Love them they feel great. Going to order more soon. 
- Mrs Tracey L Holloman
 This sleeve fits well and arrived in timely fashion. 
- Kathryn A Hayes
- Laura Fagan
 Very good product. 
- Hazel Rosete
 I always have had good results with this product! I love the way it stays up on the upper part of the arm and doesn't slip down and cause a tourniquet which stops the fluid from getting out of my arm.I now wish that those of us with lymphedema could have a bit of help paying for this expensive but very necessary product. Hope they pass the lymphedema act!! 
- Mrs Lorraine M Stahr
 Comfortable and met expectations. 
- Ms Lucy D Alvarez
 good producr 
- Ivonne Armagnac
 I ordered this for my mother and she was really pleased, she only wishes JUZO offered more colors/prints in this style. 
- Iza Amado
 I have recommended this to my sister. The sleeve stays up and is comfortable. It lasts a long time, for those on a budget. 
- Mrs. Trudy I Burris
 so far the juzo are working fine. 
- James E Jackson
 I especially like the upper band on the Juzo sleeves. 
- Jacqueline R Crockett
 This sleeve is very comfortable and really makes a difference in the compression for my arm. 
- Julie Gant
 This sleeve is my favorite. I have tried 4 other styles of Juzo compression sleeves This sleeve is the most comfortable 
- Ja Hill
 I've worn this style for 4 years. Always prompt delivery. Thanks 
- Ja Hill
 Used this brand for 3 years and like it best 
- Ja Hill
 I buy at least six JUZO Soft 2000 every year, for the past several years. Can't live without them. Other brands can't compete. 
- Ms Jan Eagers
 The product is great‚Ķit was the order theater got messed up. I ordered two black compression sleeves and got one beige compression sleeve. However, the situation was rectified by a wonderful Customer Service Representative. My order was speedily sent. Thank you. 
- Ms Jan Eagers
 I have severe lymphedema and I like the softness of Juzo Soft 2000. I wish there were larger sizes of Juzo for those of us whose legs are huge. I have been in Juzo for years and when local vendor no longer carried other brands did not work, 
- Ms Mary J Moses
 Very pleased with the product. Well-made and helps reduce the leg swelling. 
- Janice Gosule Gosule
 I ordered the wrong product but received excellent customer service 
- Mrs Janice T Aust
 Been wearing this product since I received it in the mail! 
- Janie Roberts
 I love these sleeves! They are by far the most comfortable. 
- Janie L Tanner
 This sleeve is very comfortable to wear. 
- Jan Swenson
 The fit is perfect. They arrived in a timely manner. 
- Michelle Jaroch
 This was my third pair of the Juzo Soft 2000. They have worn really well and I would recommend them to anyone. 
- Mrs. Jeanne Benker
 Very comfortable but occasionally I get an allergic type rash to the silicone band if beads leave an imprint in the skin. 
- Barbara Clark
 I did not miss the fact that the product description said that colors other than beige take longer to ship. You hid it nicely in a rather subtle way. Very sneaky. And noted. I'll be going back to BrightLife. The sleeve is great. I just don't like sneaky. 
- Janet C Smith Smith
- Mrs. Jean A. Cevasco
 The sleeve is very comfortable 
- Mrs. Regina A Carroll
 Perfect fit for my arm. 
- Virginia P Richter
 The Juzo product fits well and is comfortable. You must measure your arm properly to insure good fit and comfort. 
- Virginia P Richter
 Fit is good, compression effective 
- Barbara W Genge
 This sleeve is comfortable and easy to wear. 
- Janice Herheim
 The one thing I did find that doesn't work for me is the leg length. It hits me above the knee. I am 5ft 5inches and I didn't remember ordering a petite knee high in the past. I like the product very much but wish it fit below the knee. 
- Power Joan Joan H Power
 They are going to be a good buy 
- Julie A Hubbell
 The Juzo Soft 200 is so much smoother than another one I had purchased at a drug store that specialized in handicap supplies. After a while I forget I'm wearing it and it does not cause any unusual discomfort. I would strongly recommend this brand. 
- Judy Jenings
 everything fit well and it has been a great help in lessening my lymphadema swelling... My therapist was extremely happy with the quality of the product and the fit 
- Ms. Sandra M Sonta
 These are very durable and the silicon band amazingly keeps them in place under most conditions. 
- Judith M Folmar
 As always love the sleeve. 
- James R R Fouchey
 Have been buying Juzo sleeves for 20 yrs. They seem to hold up very well. 
- James R Fouchey
 I really like this product. Juzo, The silicone top eliminates the band that rolls at the knee. This band comes above the knee and lies flat. I ordered the full size calf and there is definitely a difference. I have lymphedema, as well as RA, these stockings make my legs feel great. Thanks Juno so 
- Mrs Joann M Iacaboni
 I love my new black arm sleeve! It is very soft and it really feels great on! 
- Ms Jean M Kahler Kahler
 GREAT product - as alays 
- Marcia D Mcauley
 Always great products! I wouldn't order anywhere else! 
- Marcia D Mcauley
 I had one before and wore it out, so I got a new one. The sleeves work great. 
- Mrs Janet M Davis
 Comfortable sleeve. 
- Geoffrey Z Bailey
 The open toe makes it possible to wear the stockings all day long, even in summer heat. 
- Joan Ahern
 The service is good with delivery in days and the Juzo Soft 2000 are very comfortable and the quality is great! 
- Jo Ann Davis
 excellent product + good service 
- Mr Giuseppe Piha
 Great product, 10 hour workday and all day on the weekend, a must is the silicon rim, super soft and supportive 
- Sir John Polihronidis
 I have made several purchases of this product. They help with Lymphedema control. They fit well both width wise and length. Easy to keep in place and easy to care for. 
- Dorothy E Jones
- Jennifer Schaub
 Fits so well and stays in place. Thanks Juzo. 
- Laurie Kloth
 I have ordered many juzo products through the years and have 95% of the time have been happy with products received. However, at times I have not received a quality arm sleeve yet Juzo and Lymphedema products have provided excellent customer service! I continue to purchase products! So don't hesitate to order! 
- Sarah J Howard
 Excellent Product 
- Judy Noe
 Juzo products are the best and customer service from lymphedema products is excellent! 
- Judy Noe
 Juzo is the best in compression products and maintaining fluids from additional swelling from this medical disadvantage. Also, ordering from Lymphedema Products is customer friendly, professional and competively priced. 
- Judy Noe Judy Noe
 Very comfortable and easy to put on 
- Mrs Julie F Derrick
 I was feeling better within less than 2 days! 
- Dr. Juliana O Kissiedu
 Helps so much 
- June L Matthews
 Love this product. Company ready to work with. Will be buying this product again. 
- Julia Vandewateringen
 This product is comfortable and easy to put on. 
- Jan V Rupert
 It fits well and is exactly as advertised. 
- Joanne M Webster
 It's great, however, a little tight around the top. 
- Mrs. Joanne C Wierbicki
 Very happy with my product and much cheaper than hospital price. 
- Josephine (joy) Lawson
 love it 
- Leoannalissa Yung Mrs
 My skin is very sensitive. This soft sleeve gives me the compression I need without irritation. 
- Karen L Biernat
 I found out I only will need one sleeve so the other is being donated to someone on need to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Mesa Arizona. I will use mine this Thursday for the first time. I am one of the lucky ones. I only have to do five weeks of radiation. So far it is very comfortable and really appreciate the e-mail thanking me for the purchase. Sincerely Karen W 
- Karen L Woodhouse
 My go to. Love this sleeve. More undoubtedly in my future. 
- Karyne S Dunbar Dunbar
 Works just fine. A little pricier than others. 
- Kathy G Karamitsos
 Love the product but a bit pricier than others. They don't match prices. 
- Kathy G Karamitsos
 It fits well and provides the compression I need 
- Kathleen A Oates-nies
 I have used/worn this sleeve for several years. I have always been very satisfied. Lymphadema Products customer service is excellent. 
- Katie Van Stedum
 Once I got use to them, I hardly know I have them on. I would highly recommend them to whoever needs to wear them. I will be ordering more in the future. 
- Kristine M Dunkleman
 I have this as a thigh high with the hip attachment. It's great for when I'm in a hurry and only need my most a affected leg compressed. I can pull it all the way up over my thigh to the very top of my leg and it doesn't constrict at the top like many thigh highs do. I can just add compression sport shorts and cover my abdomen, hips and opposite upper leg. I also have one for swimming, which will wear it out but I need it on my more affected leg to keep it from swelling during long swims. This combo is nice In hot weather too rather than full compression panty hose. 
- Deborah Martinez
 Very soft and comfortable, and good fit. 
- Kelly Fisher
 I am a care giver & buys these for my client. I really like them. They wear great. 
- Kimberly Gaylord
 It's an excellent product but too expensive. Insurance doesn't cover this, and when you're going thru all this, you have lots of extra bills. 
- Kathleen Gibson
 So much more comfortable than what had 
- Susan D Kilburn
 Love how they fit don't move I work 12 hour shifts and they stay in place all day 
- Ms Kimmala Hale
 Great! Just what I was expecting to receive. 
- Kim Brown
 Great product. Fast service 
- Linda Stovall
 The sleeve is soft and comfortable yet I feel that it offers the necessary support. It also stays up. I'm ready to order another one. 
- Ms. Karen M Wilkison
 Very comfortable, stays in place and reduces swelling. I wish there was a shade a little darker than beige and lighter than cinnamon. They wash nicely and dry quickly. 
- Mrs. Lindal Knotts
 It is exactly like the others I have. Lower prices than in town also 
- Ms Gloria Johnson
 I was looking for a white sleeve and this fits the bill. Comfortable to wear all day. 
- Kathryn Singer
 Great quality and washes nicely. 
- Linda Ketterer
 I like that there are different length options. I found my perfect fit. 
- Allison Ladner
 With primary lymphedema in my legs, it was important to find the right garment--the flexibility of the lengths made all the difference in how the garment fits. I'm a short versus a petite. Thank you for the prompt service when I had questions. 
- Allison Ladner
 It was exactly as I expected. The fabric is soft. The sleeve stayed in place. 
- Cathy Landrith
 Always high quality, comfortable sleeves through this company 
- Constance Lavallee
 Great product, feels good on my arm! 
- Lisa A Browning
 The sleeve is easy to wear and the color is perfect ! People hardly even notice it. 
- Linda A Duncan
 Comfortable but with enough resistance to help control edema. 
- Janette L Legg
 These are very well made and durable. This is my 2nd pair, and I will order again. 
- Lisa Geist Geist
 This is my favorite compression sleeve because it fits the best and stays put, doesn't slide down my arm. 
- Linda Lilley
 I have several compression sleeves from different companies and this is my favorite. It fits well and stays put better than the others. It's the one I keep reordering. 
- Linda Lilley
 This is the best fitting sleeve I own. Goes on relatively easily & stays put. It's a bit warm in Florida's heat, but they all are. This is my favorite. 
- Linda Lilley
 This is an excellent stocking. 
- Linda Wiltfang
 Great product so far. Ask your therapist to take your measurements so you know what size to get. My therapist also recommended buying a product that had the silicon on top to hold it up. This Juzo product is doing exactly that. 
- Lisl Shoda
 This product is awesome! 
- Pamela M Littlefield
 I had a great experience ordering my sleeve needs, fast delivery and exactly what I needed!!! I won't be running around trying to find someone that can get my supplies for me anymore. I will be a Returning Customer!! Thank You All‚ù£Ô∏è‚ù£Ô∏è‚ù£Ô∏è 
- Elizabeth M Lucci-martinek
 Exactly what I was looking for. 
- Lois M Guenther
 Since I really needed the sleeve it is helping a little and it does not restrict me in any way. 
- Laura Broderick
 I have had compression stockings before but these are the best. Very soft and light on your skin and the silicone top band is so comfortable Just wish the beige stocking was darker. Will definitely buy more 
- Mrs Cynthia A Gribben
 Juzo is an excellent brand! Great fit and durabitlity! 
- Leslie Mcdaniel
 Love my new sleeve. Fits well and is comfortable but effective also. 
- Linda Sandwith
 Fast service 
- Lynn S Aube
 Nice quality and good fit. Washes very well. Comfortable while it's working 
- Dale Denworth
 comfortable non-binding good lymphedema control 
- Stella L Filer
 Fast service, customer service very helpful. Large selection of colors. 
- Madonna Nichols
 I purchased these for an elderly friend, and they were just right for her. Previously, I bought them with silicone tops, and I accidentally neglected to order this new pair with silicone. Either way, she loves them. 
- Margaret Webster-shapiro
 Really like them. Fit great. 
- Mary Harvey
 The Juzo open toe stockings are the most comfortable compression stockings I have ever worn. The also are easier to doff than most other brands. Everybody should watch the Juzo video, you can learn a lot. 
- Mary Ann Keirans Keirans
 I find these sleeves are so comfortable all day. I can buy prints or solids. 
- Mary Anne Kirmis
 Fits perfect. Excellent service. 
- Manimalah Vaiapuri
 I am suffering from bilateral LE lymphedema for almost 2 years. I am so happy that i found this product Juzo soft 2000 which is an excellent solution to prevent progression of edema. Using this consistently will reduce the swelling. 
- Manoj Thachilath
 Very comfortable material 
- Manoj Thachilath
 Suits my needs perfectly. Great company to buy from and nice to work with the sales people. 
- Mrs. Mary Ann Patelidas
 This product helps me a lot. Is soft and helps my arm 
- Marcela Martinez
 I love the product, the quality is excellent and my arm is in great shape. 
- Marcela Martinez
 I have used Juzo sleeves for over 10 years. They work well for me. Thank you. 
- Margaret Young
 Once I get them on, they are very comfortable. I was also glad to receive them so quickly. 
- Marilyn Miller
 Compression Sleeve stays in place on upper arm. Therapy Department is impressed by the quality. 
- Marlene Long Long
 Compression Sleeve stays in place on upper arm. Therapy Department is impressed by the quality. 
- Marlene Long Long
 Now that I am used to wearing support knee-highs these are really comfortable. 
- Ms Marsha Greiner
 Very comfortable and weaqrable. 
- Mrs Marsha Jones Jones
 Juzo products are superior to other brands. I have endured lymphedema for many years and tried many products. I always go back to the Juzo brand. They outlast and are far more functional and comfortable then the four other brands I have bought. The cost is comparable to its competitors. I buy from a reputable supplier and always look for the best price. Will be a return customer. 
- Mary Mahr
 These compression stockings are exactly what I was looking for and they are excellent quality! 
- Mary Samson
 I was not looking forward to wearing a sleeve, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well it fit and how comfortable it is to wear. I intend to buy another one just like it! It gives me peace of mind to have that extra support when working out at the gym or working around the house. 
- Mary Jane Bogart
 Fits well and is very comfortable. Hardly know I have it on! 
- Mrs Mary K Jecmen
 Excellent fit! Be sure to measure accurately. 
- Ms Mary M Kenny
 Better than any other brand I've tried. 
- Marylin K Smith Smith
 Fits very well,washes like a dream. Very Happy with my sleeve. 
- Ms Mary Mowat Mowat
 The sleeves are comfortable and stay up throughout the day. 
- Mary Hall-roy
 Excellent service and product. Easy to order online. Helpful customer service to aid in buying right product. 
- Ms Maureen F Quartararo Quartararo
 Am well pleased with the fit . 
- Mrs Mavis Melton
 I am very happy with this garment. 
- Joan M Blair
 Perfect fit for all day wear when the higher compression garment is too tight a fit but still need that support. Very satisfied. 
- Michael Blattenberger Blattenber
 Just what the Doctor ordered. Helping my wife's leg circulation in comfort and they look great on her. 
- Edward J Mcconnell
 Had already purchased one in 2020. Very nice. 
- Mrs Ann Y Mcmahan
 I purchased this for my husband who had surgery for skin cancer that had traveled to arm pit. It has done very good job of containing the swelling. 
- Mrs Ann Y Mcmahan
 the very comfortable support compression sleeve 
- Alfia Melekhova
 Great, soft feel. Comfortable to wear. 
- Melissa Clark
 Fits well and is everything I expected. 
- Mrs Helene M Wass
 My compression sleeve has really helped with the swelling when I have chores to complete, ie: vacuuming, washing windows, gardening, ironing, etc. 
- Mrs Helene M Wass
 I was first introduced to this product when I first was diagnosed with lymphedema and have been very satisfied with how it keeps the swelling down. I keep using it because it works. 
- Mrs. Martha Blair
 The company gives good service, usually arrives in a week. For my lymphoma I always use a Juzo sleeve and it does the trick for me . 
- Mrs. Martha Blair
 I always use and the Juzo product is consistently right for me. Getting the same product at a medical/surgical supply store would have cost more. Shipping usually is prompt. Once I ordered the wrong thing and had to return it and that went quite well. 
- Mrs. Martha Blair
 I always order from this company as the quality is always good, they send things out quickly and they have periodic discounts. 
- Mrs. Martha Blair
 This sleeve fits me appropriately and is comfortable to wear all day. The company is always willing to help if you have questions. It also is effective. 
- Mrs. Martha Blair
 Great product.. FAST DELIVERY! 
- Mrs. Martha Blair
 Fits like it should and I did not have to pay any shipping because I ordered several things at one time. It also was about $5 less than my local supplier. 
- Mrs. Martha Blair
 These are the only sleeves I will order. 
- Melanie Hackl
 the socks are softer than my previous ones and work great 
- Sherilyn S Miller
 I wear my sleeve every day . The Juzo sleeve holds up to all my activities. 
- Millie A North
 As advertised 
- Michael D. Garofalo
 Well made and comfortable. 
- Myra Jean Prelle
 Comfortable with good compression. 
- Dr. Michelle Heinrichs
 This has been a very comfortable stocking and easy to don. The elastic was they first part to wear out but the lasted the 6 months + that they recommended. 
- Dr. Michelle L Heinrichs
 Excellent product. Comfortable fit. Easy maintenance. 
- Ms Mary Lou K Hembree
 Great compression 
- Ms Mary Lou K Hembree
 A great fit for me and stays in place with the silicone border. 
- Linda Mcnitt
 I have worn this sleeve for about 25 years, and my arm has remained stable. 
- Ms Maureen Szal Szal
 I have used this product for 20 years and never thought of changing to another brand. The service delivery and ease of ordering is also good. 3 different therapists that I have had endorse this product. 
- Ms Maureen Szal Szal
 Have been wearing this sleeve for over a decade. Wears well and has helped stabilize my condition. Line dry, and it will last a long time. 
- Maureen Szal Szal
 I was given this brand from my PT. I have not used any other so have nothing to compare but I do like it. It does a nice job and is easy to care for. 
- Mary J Negley
 Very comfortable and easy to clean. 
- Mary Negley
 The fit is perfect. Wider at the calf makes it easier to put in and take off. 
- Mavis N Weir
 I've been using the Juzo soft 2000 sleeve since 2007. I keep reordering it because I've been happy with it. 
- Sheila Patchett
 I love the comfort and the ease of sliding it on my arm. With my arm measurements, it was suggested that I order the long length, but would probably like it better shorter. I really like the Juzo. So easy to wash and it dries quickly. 
- Anita G Moore
 Fits comfortably and works well 
- Mr William Domitrovits
 Soft & comfortable. 
- Martha R Mercer
 They order came quickly and exactly as ordered. This very comfortable , it might be a little warm during the summer but not bad. I will order another one. 
- Elaine Smith
 Like these a lot. I wanted the open toe this time. Your website is easy to use. Your customer service folks are fabulous. 
- Lin F Mccauley
 well made and comfortable 
- Mr Martin Solon
 great fit. really works to minimize swelling 
- Martin Solon
 Durable, fits well, stays in place, controls foot swelling 
- Martin Solon
 the best compression stocking I have owned. Fits comfortably. 
- Martin Solon
 Fits well. Good support. Washes nicely and dries overnight. 
- Mrs Mary Ann Strayer
 Fits well and helped with swelling 
- Mary L Tabb
 Fits well. 
- Muriel Sandiford
 I love these! 
- Cheryl Goad
 Bought this for my wife and she loves it! 
- Danny R Woods
 I have bilateral lymphedema from the waist down. Based on the recommendation of my Physical Therapist, I have been wearing Juzo Soft 2000 thigh highs, level II, with the silicone border daily on both legs for about 3 years. I also wear a pair of Spanx shorts to keep my thigh highs from slipping. They are soft and very durable. I have never had any runs despite pulls from my dog's nails and other sharp items. I even fell and got a hole in one knee recently, and I was still able to wear that garment a couple more times before I threw it out - the hole did not get bigger or run. I highly recommend a Juzo Slippie Gator and a pair of donning gloves - they make getting these on so much easier!! 
- Mylinda B Bralla
 Fit and compression level meets needs. 
- Karen Augur
 I have worn Juzo for years after trying other brands. Juzo has always been my favorite. 
- Nancy Davis
 Very comfortable. Washes well. 
- Nancy Koch
 Very good product. 
- Nancy George Byrd
 Dependable website and good product. 
- Nancy Byrd
 Good product, good service 
- Nancy Byrd
 I just ordered two of the 2000 soft arm sleeves. They are so comfortable, cool when it's hot Nd warm when it is cold. It is quite easy for me to get them on at any time. I am also wearing the Juza seamless gloves which are also very comfortable. I have shared these with my therapist. 
- Mrs Nell B Uzzell
 Comfortable, easy to don and doff. Color works well for me. 
- Nancy E Moyer
 n you learn how to put them on it is not so hard. 
- Carol Dane
 Very comfortable in the short lenghth for me as I wear thigh higns and the regular leg length was too long and very painful with extra fabric bunching up behind the knees. 
- Nancy J. Albano Albano
 The product meets the need that it was intended to do. 
- Dr. Nancy J Mcclain
 This is a very good sleeve for me... 
- Nancy C Karlson Mrs
 The product is great. 
- Nina M Weiland
 Excellent quality! Provides firm compression and stays in place throughout the day. 
- Noreen E Warren
- Bridget Martinelli
 I have purchased many compression sleeves from this company. I love the Juzo product. 
- Nancy S Heil
 Great fit & support 
- Nancy Shimmel
 Loved it. The colors were very nice. 
- Margaret Ohm
 Great customer service! 
- Deborah K Chrisman
 Comfortable and takes away all pain. I am a Hairstylist and I can wear this all day long and my arm doesn't hurt. 
- Corinne K Owsian Owsian
 Great compression stockings, soft and comfortable. I won't buy anything else! 
- Katherine D Parr
 I have used Juzo compression hose for several years for medical reasons. I love the wide silicone tops which stay up without rolling down.They are very comfortable to wear and look nice. 
- Patricia Edwards
 Great product 
- Patrick Hanrahan
 Finally found compression stockings that were easy to put on, soft and comfortable. I would recommend. 
- Mrs. Kathryn Patten
 Great fit. 
- Mary Patterson
 The Juzo Soft 2000 sleeve is exactly what I wanted. It's easy to get on and off and comfortable enough I can wear it regardless of what I'm doing. It's comfortable during exercise as well as during a day at work. Not only that, but the ordering process was incredibly easy and I had my sleeve within 4 days. I'll order all of my lymphedema sleeves from Lymphedema Products in the future! 
- Patricia L Harper
 Very satisfied with this product. The hose are comfortable, stay in place and keep my swelling in control. 
- Mrs. Patricia L Bazydlo
 Have used Juzo products for years. Very good product and love the new band on the arm sleeve. 
- Mrs Linda Patterson
 I have been wearing a compression sleeve since 1995. The Juzo soft sleeve is the most comfortable sleeve I have ever used. The service from this company is great. 
- Patsy B Hindman
 The product was exactly what I expected and shipping was quick. I have been wearing Juzo sleeves for years. 
- Patsy B Hindman
 It's a great sleeve. I like it because it is a very fine weave and many people do not notice that I am wearing something on my arm. 
- Patsy Hindman
 It ia wonderful and stays in place. Not like the firwst one I got from a Drug Store. 
- Barbara Herrmann
 comfortable wearing 
- Mrs Patrice E Carter
 The sleeve is fine. It fits well and I find it comfortable. 
- Margaret F Walker Mrs
 Very soft to the touch. Fits as expected. 
- Betty C Perry
 Lightweight and comfortable. Nice colors, good compression. If you must wear a compression sleeve, I would highly recommend this brand. 
- Ms Phyllis Fox Fox
 Excellent . I love the fit and the appearance 
- Clarence Pickel
 I have ordered four compressive sleeves from this company recently and I'm so pleased with the product and service. Previously I order through store suppliers and the cost was expensive. Once I knew my size had not changed, I order directly from this company and save quite a bit of money. Delivery was vert quick. 
- Ms Kathleen A Christensen
 The quality and fit is very good. It is such a relief to be able to directly order from your company and pay a fair cost as opposed to going to a fitter business where they add $30+ dollars to the cost, I know my size so it was a win win. Thanks. 
- Ms Kathleen A Christensen
 Very comfortable! 
- Mrs Paula Sabrsula
 My only go-to website for compression sleeves! You can't beat the quality, selection, and cost!!!! 
- Paula J Short
 Very nice fit. 
- Paula K Miles
 Just what I needed! These particular knee-his are hard to find because of the color and it is usually the same company that can provide them. They are excellent for comfort and quality. 
- Priscilla E Thompson
 This is my second review and my second sleeve, your service is quick and I like that. 
- Mrs Pauline E Sanderson
 i like the feel when wearing and I love the cinnamon color and I will be ordering again soon 
- Mrs Pauline E Sanderson
 Great product, lasts for months 
- Paula C Parker
- Paula C Parker
 I love this product. I've been wearing the My so Soft 2000 series since my LE diagnosis 2 years ago. My over-the-counter stockings are always comfortable. They go in the washer and dryer (in laundry mesh bags) as easily as hand washing and drop drying. The fit is perfect. 
- Ms Patty R Poston
 I've been wearing the Juzo Soft 2000 series for a little over a year now. I love it! I feel wonderful wearing the stockings and I'm sure others will also like it. My legs are comfortable, energized. Thanks for such a great product!! 
- Ms Patty R Poston
 I've been wearing the Juzo Soft 2000 series knee-high compression stockings for 10 months now. I love them! I prefer the fit of the open-toe and the silicone 3mm band at the top. My stockings stay put all day. My legs are warm, so I know the stocking compression is working to keep my circulation working. I have less pain and more energy while wearing the stockings than not (as in even a few hours off for laundry). I highly recommend this great product. They wear well, are comfortable, and they work hard to keep me feeling good. 
- Ms Patty R Poston
 I'm fairly new to compression stockings and the Juzo brand. I know there are many out there, but this one was recommended for me by my LE physical therapist and my dr prescribed it. I've only been wearing them since June 2017, and I love them. I love the open toe style (the closed toe style irritates my Gout). The silicone band keeps them in place all day. Very comfortable, durable, wash and dry so easily. I'll be buying them for a very long time to come. And I am extremely glad I found Lymphedema Products in my beginning of this experience. Thank you! 
- Ms Patty R Poston
 I love this product! It's comfortable and easy to put on, I love the open toes best because of my gout. These compression stockings are easy to care for, whether machine washing and drying, or hand washing and drip drying--they are perfect. 
- Ms Patty R Poston
 I love these socks and they are effective! 
- Jon L Prime
 My 7th sleeve. No complaints! 
- Paula Santangelo
 Very nice, comfortable and good look too. 
- Patricia Siary
 Once you adjust to getting these on and wearing they are very comfortable 
- Pamela S Maul
 More comfortable than other brands I have used, excellent customer service, and relief from varicose vein swelling. Definitely recommend. 
- Mrs Patricia L Ingoldsby
 Very good quality and consistent sizing. 
- Patricia T Martin
- Paula Wasieczko
 Excellent service 
- Paula Wasieczko
 Love the fabric. Love the color. Feel great in these 
- Carol A Fuller Fuller
 I really like these. The fit well and I feel good. 
- Carol A Fuller Fuller
 Excellent product, easy to wash and dry and keeps its shape. 
- Ruth A Storey
 Have used this for years. With the sleeve and good massage my arm is in great health. 
- Jean Hilliard
 Exactly what I ordered and needed. 
- Rene Atkinson
 Soft. Color is okay. Comfortable. Looking to try the next pressure up. 
- Rene Atkinson
 Have used this product for 11 years. Excellent product. 
- Mr Robert C Burress
 I have used these for over 5 years and I am completely satisfied with these sleeves. They last and work very effectively. 
- Mr Robert C Burress
 Fits great and does a super job. A very good product. Good color. 
- Mr Robert C Burress
 My wife has used these sleeves for 5 years and thinks they are the greates. She likes the elastic ends and the natural skin color. She will continue buying these forever! 
- Mr Robert C Burress
 Very comfortable and easy to take care of. 
- Rene Lapierre
 Good product 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Good product. Comfortable and good fit for me. Thank you. 
- Ms Sandy Huckshold
 .Great product. Wonderful website and delivery. I always recommend Juzo over other products 
- Reva Greenberg
 An excellent and comfortable sleeve. 
- Richard Herber Herber
 Really good fit for my arm - makes my arm feel much better! 
- Clara M Richards
 So soft that it can be worn for many hours. This sleeve was recommended by my therapist. My arm is heavy and very swollen, so the Max is just what I needed as it does not bind or roll down with the silicon band. It is a little hot in Florida in the summer time but not a bad as others I have tried. 
- Ms Rosemary Stanton
 I love these sleeves. The quality is great. 
- Rosemary Wolfram
 I love the support, it's a perfect fit. Works great and keeps my limb from swelling on days my arm is over stressed from blow drying my hair , using scissors, hours of driving ect. 
- Ms Rhonda Langley
 I wore Mediven sleeves for years and have switched to Juzo. Juzo is so much easier to put on and are comfortable all day even in Arizona heat. 
- Sherri A Johnson-roberts
 I live in Arizona and have switched from the heavier Mediven to Juzo due to its lightweight smoothness. 
- S.a. Johnson-roberts
- Ronald P Ditzel Ditzel
- Ronald P Ditzel Ditzel
- Ronald P Ditzel Ditzel
- Ronald P Ditzel Ditzel
 Well made, comfortable. although it took a little while to arrive. 
- Mrs Gillian A Brown
 I love the feel of these socks. They are definitely very soft. And the band is even very comfortable. I will continue to buy more colors in the future. 
- Mrs Ruth C Marriott Marriott
 I find the sleeve is easy to wear and keep clean. 
- Carol A Helm
 I forget I am wearing it 
- Carol A Helm
 We are very pleased with the ordering process and delivery.Very well made product.Would highly recommend this product. 
- Mike W Rupe
 Stockings work very well to control my lymphedema. 
- June Ruscette
 These work very well to control my lymphadema. 
- June Ruscette
 Exact same sleeve as I received from a local provider. Thanks 
- Doris Livengood
 I have been all ways happy with the products. 
- Sabina Genov Genov
 This is the only place I purchase lymphedema products. I recomend this place. 
- Sabina Genov Genov
 The summer here in North Florida has been typically beastly hot and humid..and then that the sleeve is tolerable to wear makes it amazing.... The fact that the sleeve goes on in this weather is enough to rate it excellently 
- Sabina R Meyer
 Fits well and is easy to care for. 
- Sandra L Montignani
 These compression socks are very comfortable. I can't even tell that I'm wearing them! My husband has to help me put them on, but they are pretty easy to take off. 
- Tina M Santiago
 The sleeves are just right. They fit my left arm really good, 
- Sarah F Dixon-roubion
 So happy and so helpful I really recommend this product 
- Sarai Torres
 I am very pleased. I love the silicone tops. 
- Mrs. Carolyn Scott
 Great fit and quick delivery 
- Susan D Wells
 Very soft comfortable and light weight, which is wonderful for Florida! Will order again! 
- Sandra Glenn
 A very good product, It does a good job and is easy to care for. 
- Shirley Goins
 I am very happy with the garment, it goes on pretty easily. 
- Shirley Goins
 It fits very good I am able to wear it all day. 
- Shirley Goins
 Love the silicone top bands. They make a big difference in comfort and the ability to stay up. Definitely my favorite compression stockings! 
- Sharon Zucker
 Just what I needed. 
- Shary L Watson Watson
 Great fit. Works well. My part sleeves worked well, so I am on my second round of sleeves. 
- Elizabeth A Shaughnessy
 Great fit. Works well. My part sleeves worked well, so I am on my second round of sleeves. 
- Elizabeth A Shaughnessy
 These are so soft but have great compression. 
- Shelly Johnson Johnson
 Having to wear a sleeve every day, I appreciate the comfort of not noticing I have one on. 
- Ms Sheri L Gamble
 Very happy with my purchase! 
- Sherry A Leseman
 I am able to wear it comfortably all day. 
- Shirley Stroble
 Love the sleeves; don't even realize you're wearing them. 
- Shirley A. Udovich
 I've never been disappointed with my Juzo sleeves. I'm impressed with the shipping of my order; arrives in a few days. 
- Shirley Udovich
 These are super comfortable and soft! Nice color selection too! 
- Susan Young
 This garment makes it possible to control the fluid collection during the daytime, without it fluid is almost impossible to control. 
- Sandra Lewis
 I appreciate this quality product. I have ordered my sleeve here several times and have received it in a short amount of time. Thank you for a great experience! 
- Sandra L Reliford
 Love this sleeve so comfortable to wear 
- Mrs Nancy A Smith
 Love this arm sleeve very soft and comfortable 
- Mrs Nancy A Smith
 I have been wearing Juzo brand for 15 years. they fit and wear better than any other brand I have tried. 
- Susan M. Myers
 excellent product made in the USA, and if you are a bigger person or have larger thighs, these are the best and they stay up. 
- Susan M. Myers
 Excellent product. 
- Susan M. Myers
 Fits well, easy to care for, arrived in a timely fashion 
- Mrs Sarah V Moore
 Excelente producto. Estoy muy contenta con las mangas 
- Solita Lopez De Cruz
 Very comfortable. Holds shape. Easy to put on. Color selection is very nice. Not sure extra hold is necessary for knee highs. Will try without on the next pair. Very happy with them and sure I will order more. 
- Ms Sharon Patterson
 Good product. Have been wearing them for years. Very comfortable. Easy to care for. 
- Mrs. Barbara L Smith
 Excellent product. Has greatly helped to reduce the swelling in my legs and feet. Have worn them for several years. Love the silicone band. Wear well. Easy to care for. Easy to apply. 
- Mrs. Barbara Hartung Smith
 I love these stockings 
- Shirley J Smerlick
 I have this product in several colors. It is comfortable, easy to put on, and really helps with lymphedema caused by my recent double masectomy. It also launders well and appears to be of excellent quality. 
- Christina Stafford
 They are very comfortable, easy to put on. I needed just some light compression to prevent lymphedema and these are perfect. They do stay in place also. I do a lot of walking at work and they stay in place. 
- Ann M Roberge
 Good compression without the bulk. Very soft. Holds up well. 
- Janet L Boyd
 Sleeve is fine. Original order did not come, called Lymphedema Products and they got one shipped the next day. 
- Jennifer Streid-mullen
 Happy with product and quick service! 
- Mr Tom J Tierney Sr
 Really soft. 
- Sue A Debevec
 Easier to put on and comfortable. 
- Sue A Debevec
 Very good. Gets holes easy tho I work out side some 
- Mrs. Suerae Murphy
- Susan Seeley
 Very tough but doesn't tear. Very comfortable. 
- Kathleen L Smith
 This is helping with the swelling in my arm after lymph nodes were removed. I can actually feel my arm when I am wearing this. It was recommended by the occupational therapist for use with the exercises. 
- Mrs Susan Weinman
 Very good product, does well for my wife 
- Kirk Riley
 If you have to wear a compression garment, this product is comfortable and washes easily. The customer service is excellent and my order was delivered in 2 days. Will order again from this company. 
- Tracy A Akner
 Fit me better than the last one 
- Tambra J Bayles
 Great price for quality products! 
- Tammy Russell
 I wear a thigh high petite, which I like very much. They are very comfortable 
- Mrs Carol L Taylor
 Juzo soft 2000 thigh high with silicone boarder is my go to stocking for the past three years. My right leg loves you Juzo. Comfort and‚Äã quality of my hose after ever wash is superior. I love having shades to pick from because I live in a warm state and tan easily so I order cinnamon. 
- Diane L Phillips
 Love my Juzo Soft. Keeping my lymphedema under control. Easy to care for following the manufacture recommendations. Please see my previous review. Can't say enough good about these stockings. Comfort, durable, order a special color, cinnamon, that looks great in the summer with skirts and dresses as that is my daily work outfit in the heat of Arizona! 
- Diane L Phillips
 So excited to wear my new thigh high open toe Juzo soft!! This is not my first pair and definitely will not be my last pair. I start wearing a new pair every three months so i can rotate my stockings. I write the month on the tag and toss any older than six months or I run in them for one more month. Comfort and quality are top notch. Love that I can order a color closer to my olive easy to tan skin as I wear skirts to work and shorts when I run. Makes my lymphedema leg less noticeable to the public. Launders well in a garment bag. So pleased with these stockings. 
- Diane L Phillips
 They do what they are supposed to do. 
- Thomas Everitt Everitt
 Nice and comfy. Stays up all day. Easy to wash and keep clean. Fits perfectly. Will definitely be buying another one, maybe with a design this time! 
- Teresa B Quesenberry
 Great product 
- Twila Guthrie
 The sleeve is tight enough to give me the relief I need whenever my arm starts bothering me. I couldn't be without it! 
- Lynne Demshar
 These stockings are so comfortable. The fabric IS soft. I have tried other stockings but always return to these. Can't be beat. 
- Amy L Kieper
 very nice product very comfortable 
- Timothy Lachiusa Lachiusa
 I love how they feel and look. I wanted a pair that looked like hoisery and these do! 
- Tina Nehring
 Love the Juzo soft silicone band arm sleeve! The silicon band keeps the sleeve from rolling. The arm sleeve is lightweight and comfortable. 
- Kathy L. Hoffman
 Just a perfect fit.And very well made. 
- Kathleen M Billings
 What a difference your product is making in my life! I was recently diagnosed with POTS, and my cardiologist recommended support stockings/garments. Upon perusing the internet for recommendations from other clients, I noted Juzo Soft came highly recommended. They definitely did not disappoint! The quality of the product, combined with the ease and efficiency of your website and team, has had such a positive effect in my life. I have already shown your website to my best friend and strongly encouraged her to try the Juzo compression sleeve. I will be making additional purchases in the near future. Thank you so very much for your outstanding selection of high quality products, and your easy ordering process! 
- Teresa Tunnell
 This product is excellent and reasonable in price. Fits perfectly and easy to get on. 
- Dionie Tolman
 Love, love these thigh highs 
- Mrs. Paulette W. Sloop
 This sleeve is lightweight enough to wear during our sweltering summer heat but still provide the compression and support that I need to keep my swelling in check. 
- Teresa Pazur Pazur
 Love this product! 
- Tracey Frati
 Love the wide silicone band 
- Ms Elizabeth Skrobisch
 I really like these sleeves. They are comfortable and the top doesn't roll down. Just wish I didn't have to wear them but I do. 
- Valerie B Mason
 So far it works for me ! I like the feeling of good support and staying in place ( I have stockings with silicone) My therapist took measurements after I was wearing it for about three weeks and results were very good. If you have neuropathy ( toes) it feels pretty tight especially if you walk a lot in shoes like boots. So I'm going to order a pair of ones with open toes. 
- Victoria Strassberg
 I've been wearing compression sleeves for over 15 years. This sleeve fits perfectly because if it's maximum length and lasts longer without stretching out. Plus it is the softest sleeve I've ever had. 
- Mrs. Sandra Mcgrath
 I've been wearing compression for over 15 years. This sleeve is the softest most comfortable sleeve I've ever worn. There are several sizes to choose from and I was hard pressed to find one that fit my arm measurements prior to finding this one. Although it says u can machine wash it I have so far only hand washed it. It dries quickly. It is reasonably priced. So far I'm very very happy with this garment. 
- Mrs. Sandra Mcgrath
 Great product! Silicone border is a must! 
- Vicki Vermeer
 Great quality product 
- Vicki Vermeer
 Great compression plus very comfortable and easy to put on with the aid that comes with it !! 
- James A Barton
 Wearing these sleeves has given my wife her first real relief since being diagnosed with Lymphedema. We will be ordering more in the future. 
- William Shultz
 I am happy with the sleeve. 
- Weva L Johnston
 Sry happy with sleeve! 
- Weva L Johnston
 I love this product. Very soft and worked great on the airplane ride. Very glad I bought for both sides. 
- Mrs Wendy L Carlos
 This is the most comfortable sleeve I have ever worn! It is so soft and doesn't make me feel like I'm wearing wool in 100 degree weather! I have lymphedema, and it does a great job at keeping my swelling at bay too. I couldn't ask for anything more from a compression sleeve. Highly recommend, and I am one extremely satisfied customer! 
- James Zewiski
 My sleeve is very good. No complaints on it. It lasts about 3 months. I do wash it 3 times a week. I wear it 10 hours daily. 
- Robert K Witmer
 It is easy to get on. It holds my arm tight. 
- Linda K Witmer
 It is easy to put on. It is lightweight. I like the gripping at the top part so it doesn't slip. 
- Robert K Witmer
 Good product and Great Service 
- Mr William J Barvinek Jr
 I developed lymphedema after I had a double mastectomy, chemo and radiation treatments. My arm was measured by a Lymphedma Therapist and she placed the order for my sleeve online. The quality of the sleeve is very good and The fit is perfect! 
- Wanda Goudeau
 they fit real nice 
- Kenneth Sturdevant
 These have been tremendously helpful post total knee replacement and is helping to keep the fluid down. I plan to take them to FL in the fall when I will have tons of walking. I have other sleeves that I purchased through you (for lymphedema of the left arm) and have had them for years. I have enough pairs that I can rotate them and thus they last longer. Your products are great! 
- Jeanne L Troy
 Thank you for the excellent soft Juzo sleeve. It fits perfect and I plan on ordering more. I ordered from a store supplier also and now they do not carry Juzo and they are much more expensive. And what they recommend is very hard to put on and uncomfortable. 
- Mrs Rosemary C Rinehart
 I am very pleased with this product and have to wear it every day. The service is great. Thank you. 
- Carolyn K Koons
 This is the third Juzo Soft 2000 product Ive purchased. Its easy to get on and off, comfortable when its on, compression is good. I wear it whenever I have to fly, or am working in my yard. I am looking forward to getting one that has some color or floral print. 
- Mrs Alta Carter
 I've worn JUZO compression stockings for a few years now. Great product! I will continue to purchase JUZO compression stockings. Follow the washing instructions on the box. 
- Mrs Judy L Baldwin
 Have used these sleeves for nearly four years and have a healthy arm. 
- Jean Hilliard
 good product 
- Beverly M Davis
 Good quality and fit. 
- Yolanda Mccormick
 I like the lightweight feeling and it does the job for me. 
- Yvonne R Schaele
 I feel that this compression sleeve is lighter weight than the other brand I had been using. I love it for summer. So far, very good. 
- Yvonne R Schaele
 Was so easy to order and the person I talked to on the phone was so helpful. I bought 2. 
- Yvonne D Millspaugh Millspaugh
 The product was as expected. I just wish they lasted a bit longer. I wear everyday, rinse every night and machine was every 3rd or 4th day. 
- Roberta A Porter Carey
 These are soft and comfortable. I love the color options. They are a little shinier than I like. A matte option would be good. 
- Zaina Gates
 Comfortable and easy to wear. However, it took over a month to receive it. 
- Liz Meyers
 Is the best and only product my mom can use for her lymphedema 
- Susana S Salazar Oroz
 I have used Juzo sleeves for over 10 years. They work well for me. Thank you. 
- Margaret Young
 The only stockings that I have found that will not slide down. Yippee!!!!!! Comfortable fit and nice color selection. 
- Emmeline C Wevodau
 The Juzo sleeve is very soft and comfortable, yet strong so compression is good (I got the 30-40 compression level). In the past I always used Mediven sleeves, but don't like the Mediven Harmony because the fabric is rough and leaves red marks in the crease of my elbow that don't go away. Medi 95 was much more comfortable but they no longer make it. I am 9 years out from breast cancer. I used to use sleeves only for air travel or sometimes for working out. But a few months ago, my lymphedema became chronic so I need to wear sleeves daily. The Juzo sleeve is very comfortable for daily use. Also, two lymphedema therapists I worked with recently recommend Juzo over Medi and other brands. 
- Peggy J. Rinard
 This is a great product. I have 5 years with them and they just do their job. 
- Mrs. Maria G. Lull
 I wholeheartedly agree with these other women. This is the first I have tried this brand and I love the fact that the top does not roll down like another brand I used and the stocking is so soft and firm. Thank you for your good service as well. 
- Mrs Louise B Davis
 Love my new Juzo socks! They’re soft while still having the compression that I need. I’ll definitely be ordering some more in fun colors:) 
- Sue Tull
 These are really quite comfortable for a compression garment. I am very active throughout the day, and I was having problems with keeping my thigh-high stockings up; they would roll down from the top. The pantyhose solved this problem. The fabric is soft and comfortable. I will definitely be buying these again! 
- Janice A Hughes
 These stockings do the job in summer when wearing heavier stockings is just too miserable. They are light but provide perfect support. 
- Ms Cozette Swickard
 I am very happy with the one leg with the waist support. I also appreciate your good service. Thanks! Carolyn 
- Carolyn K Koons
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