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Juzo Slippie Gator


Juzo Slippie Gator by Juzo
The Slippie Gator from Juzo eliminates the difficulty of donning and doffing lower extremity compression garments. Designed to be used for both open-toe and closed-toe garments, the Slippie Gator is an easy to use, lightweight, and portable solution that minimizes bending at the waist associated with other aids. Each Slippie Gator Set includes the Slippie Gator, an Easy Pad, and a convenient storage bag.
This product has 21 reviews.
Slippie Gator Donning Aid 
Slippie Easy Pad 
Slippie Gator Set 
 The Juzo pad is just what I needed. Fast delivery 
- Annie P. Adams
 I’ve been using this product for 5 years. I didn’t even really need to buy a new one, but wanted to be covered just in case. It’s a very good product. 
- Elizabeth R Lewin
 I always needed help putting on my compression stockings until I purchased this product. I can now put them on myself in seconds. 
- Ms Barbara Maclean
 This product has been tremendously helpful to me, as I just got out of the hospital with major back surgery, and it has enabled my husband to help me get my stockings on relatively easily while I can still maintain the restrictions on bending, twisting, etc. This has been a godsend! 
- Mrs. Barbara J Monteil
 Made it possible to put on compression stockings. A must have. 
- Charlotte Coffen Coffen
 I find it works really good. Now that I have become accustomed to putting these types of socks on the pad comes in more handy than the other thing. 
- Clarke Van Sickle Van Sickle
 Excellent product! For someone who has sciatica this is a game changer. So easy! Love the item. 
- Sandra A Robson
 Great Product 
- Fred A Brown
 Go on far easier now & coming off better! 
- Nancy Haynes
 Easy to use,. 
- James P Bair
 Much eas 
- Cheryl A Markway
 very good 
- Leonard Markowitz
 these help a lot 
- Margery A Cosgrove
 Makes putting on knee socks so easy!! 
- Mr Michael Costello
 This product works awesome makes putting my stockings on so much easier and the pad helps in taking them off at night 
- Michael T Shook
 I have tried two other products before I found this one. I have to admit this is far easier putting on compression stockings (in which I have two types). The pad and sleeve works well for me. Instead of 50 minutes it takes about 5 minutes I have COPD so that helps. 
- Mrs Linda L Kegley
 Great donning pad and use it with the slippie for patients to don their own compression stockings. 
- Nancy G Mcewen
 Great - it makes putting on my compression garments so much easier. 
- Pam G Foster
 I have back problems and can't reach my toes to put on compression socks and so my wife helps me. Using the Slippie Gater we are able to get the socks on easily. It takes some practice to get the device inserted into the sock to the proper depth. There's a video on UTube that will help. If you can reach your toes it will work great. The pad helps to position bottom of sock after you pull it up. 
- Roy Jones
 Its very helpful in putting on my socks and hose. Saves my back and saves alot of tugging. 
- Mrs Robin S Black-paul
 This product made it much easier to put on my hose each morning knee high, thigh high and or panty hose on one leg. 
- Dr. Stephen R Nohlgren
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