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Juzo Seamless Glove w/Finger Stubs


Juzo Seamless Glove w/Finger Stubs by Juzo
The new Juzo Seamless Gloves are not only therapeutic, but also provide outstanding comfort and improved aesthetics. The new seamless design allows for improved comfort, fit, and durability. The Juzo Seamless Glove features: (1) easy wear and care with lightweight and comfortable design; (2) knitted form construction eliminating the need for seams; (3) excellent management and control of lymphedema during extended wear.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days
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This product has 21 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2301-ACFS
 Great product. Would really like it if it was available in other colors to match the Lymphedema sleeves. 
- Patricia Ciccone
 I have had three of the judo glove with finger stubs and am very satisfied with the job it does. A bit expensive but it works! 
- Arline Tanzer
 Great product. Would recommend to friends. Price is fair. 
- Annette J Tidwell
 Fits great, received when promised! 
- Brenda Hans
 I really like this glove, it is very comfortable. I have another brand of glove that has seams and do not care for that one. I wish this was available in other colors, but I will be ordering again. 
- Brenda J Seitz
- Chuck Greif
 This glove is working well. 
- Ms Cheryl Thornberry
 I have the previous seamless glove with finger stubs and I like the composite fabric better but the stubs are not quite long enough and the glove doesn't come far enough down on my wrist. With this new glove, the finger stubs are a bit longer, as is the length, so it comes down on my wrist comfortably. Chances are, the fabric will be fine. I hand wash with my sleeve, roll in a towel and hang to dry. Ready in the morning. 
- James N Robideau
 I have been wearing these seamless gloves for the past few weeks & they are extremely comfortable. The gloves with seams caused fibrosis on my fingers which is extremely painful, these gloves do not irritate those areas. The fingers are also long enough to go over my knuckles which were swelling with my other gloves. LOVE these, will definitely buy more! 
- Karin Buffum
 because of the compression its a bit difficult to get on, but works very well. 
- Ms Karon J Andrews Andrews
 Good compression but I can move my hand freely to do daily activities 
- Millie A North
 It is comfortable & fits well. 
- Margaret F Walker Mrs
 Well made. Washes well. I would recommend this brand. They also have a denser knit if you need it. 
- Ms Phyllis Fox Fox
 Glove fits well, washed well and easy to put on. 
- Ruth A Storey
 I would rate this product at 5 stars. I intend to order another one. Plus I received it within a few days after placing the order. 
- Ruth A Storey
 It fits just right. Encourages the swelling to go up the arm and away from the fingers. I experienced no discomfort. A great purchase. 
- Sharon G Smith
 Love it feels great 
- Laurie Rifenbury
 My first one felt so good I ordered another. 
- Mrs Linda Andreasen
 works great for managing swelling. chat session was most helpful to ensure the right size was ordered. 
- Charles Midkiff
 I like it because of the material being strong yet stretchable. So it comes. Further up the arm and sleeve. I thought I purchased a sleeve. Which does me very !wellI just wish they were made of a little stronger material. I have been very pleased with the customer service department. They are. Very. Helpful! 
- Ms Ladell Hollenbeck
 Easy to wear - not too tight. 
- Albert A Woods
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