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Juzo Seamless Gauntlet w/Thumb Stub


Juzo Seamless Gauntlet w/Thumb Stub by Juzo
The new Juzo Seamless Gauntlets are not only therapeutic, but also provide outstanding comfort and improved aesthetics. The new seamless design allows for improved comfort, fit, and durability. The Juzo Seamless Gauntlet features: (1) easy wear and care with lightweight and comfortable design; (2) knitted form construction eliminating the need for seams; (3) excellent management and control of lymphedema during extended wear.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days
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This product has 19 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 2301-AC
30-40 mmHg Compression
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 2302-AC
 great when you are eating 
- Blanche E Hobart Hobart
 Fits well. 
- Carolyn A Howard
 Fits well. Very comfortable. 
- Carolyn Howard
 The seamless gauntlet stays in place and is is very comfortable! 
- Claudia Perge
 Excellent product at the right price 
- Israel Miller
 Fits well, is so comfortable and does the job. Thanks Juzo. 
- Laurie Kloth
 I really like this lightweight, stretchy gauntlet. It's comfortable to wear, doesn't have seams, and it's not as confining as a glove. 
- Ms Lisa B Rosenthal
 This is a nice alternative to the glove, and it is the same fabric as the Juzo sleeves. Light and stretchy. Need more than black and tan! 
- Ms Lisa B Rosenthal
 This seamless gauntlet is so much more comfortable than the old style with the seam between the thumb and first finger. The seam always seemed to press my thumb outward which was uncomfortable and this seamless style is softer and applies no pressure on my thumb. Very comfortable. 
- Ms Morgan Welles
 It works for me. 
- Ester Mathis
 I have large fingers and cannot wear the glove, this is a great alternative. 
- Mary Negley
 It's easy to put on and it stays in place, without riding up my hand 
- Ms Elizabeth A Karst
 Good quality and reasonable price. 
- Dr. Olga Tcherkasskaya
 Wearing this helps the swelling in my hand. Wear it at night & have more flexibility in my hand in tha mornings 
- Shirley Blanton
 durable and effective 
- Timothy G. Buchanan
 Excellent product - durable, comfortable, and effective in managing symptoms. 
- Timothy G. Buchanan
 I was using thumb braces since the doctor told me it's all about arthritis in my thumbs but somehow this product is actually helping me more in reducing the pain and inflammation. 
- Ms. Joy Leftow
 It has really helped 
- Miss Suzette A Smith
 Like the gauntlet so much better than the glove as I had problems with the fingers on the glove fitting one of my fingers causing it to get sore. No problems with the gauntlet. 
- Karen A Toso
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