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Juzo Full Arm Compression Wrap Set


Juzo Full Arm Compression Wrap Set by Juzo
The Full Juzo Arm Compression Wrap Set is an effective and versatile short-stretch garment that applies high working pressure (30-60 mmHg) to the lower and upper arm, hand, and wrist. Designed to remedy the difficulty of using traditional short-stretch bandages and compression alternatives, Juzo created an easy-to-use hook-and-loop pull-tab system for stress-free application while the overlying straps minimize gapping and combat bulkiness. Every wrap features reversible colors (black and beige). It's like getting two wraps in one. Each Full Arm Compression Wrap Set includes Juzo Hook Fasteners.

May be worn on the Left or Right hand and arm. Beige or Black is specific to which hand is selected.
Adjustable Compression
Wrap Set
Compression: Adjustable (30-60 mmHg)
Item Number: 6000-ACG
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