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Juzo Foot Compression Wrap


Juzo Foot Compression Wrap by Juzo
The Juzo Foot Compression Wrap is an effective and versatile short-stretch garment that applies high working pressure (30-60 mmHg) to the foot and ankle. Designed to remedy the difficulty of using traditional short-stretch bandages, Juzo created an easy-to-use hook-and-loop pull-tab system for stress-free application while the overlying straps minimize gapping and combat bulkiness. Every wrap features reversible colors (black and beige). It's like getting two wraps in one. The Juzo Foot Wrap can be used with the Juzo Calf, Knee, and Thigh Wrap to provide full leg coverage. Each Foot Compression Wrap also includes a mild compression cotton stockinette and Juzo Hook Fasteners.

May be worn on the Left or Right foot.
This product has 19 reviews.
Adjustable Compression
Ankle-Foot Wrap
Compression: Adjustable (30-60 mmHg)
Item Number: 6000-AB
 I have been using wraps since the late nineties. I couldn't roll them up and put them on day after day. Bought these and what a difference. My legs are starting to get better. Ulcer is starting to heal and discoloration at ankles is going away. 
- William Hayes
 I just got this in the mail yesterday along with the calf piece and was pleasantly surprised. This is very easy to put on, has removable velcro fasteners, comes with a stockinette and it is reversible! You can adjust the compression to your level of comfort and paired with the calf piece it is great for my lower leg lymphedema. Easy to determine the size and the calf piece is available for larger calves such as mine. I posted a picture of myself on a lymphedema support group yesterday and many people were asking me where to purchase, how it felt and commented on how well made and nice it looked. I slept with both last night and was very comfortable. I highly recommend it. Also, kudos to for super fast shipping, great products and great prices! 
- Irma Suhail Mattei
- Charlene Llauger
 easy to use and controls swelling. 
- Mr Ollis Comstock Comstock
 I use this wrap to control edema on the top of the foot and the ankle. It is adjustable with ease and enables different compressions pressures as needed. It fits well without any discomfort. 
- Mr George Kenneth Lucey
 Like the wrap which is easy to put on and I see a difference in the swelling of my husband's foot. Bought a second one to use in between washings. 
- Betty Ann Kim
 Great product, comfortable, easy to adjust and so much better than bandaging. 
- Lori T. Huffman
- Maureen B Lerro
 Easy to put, comfortable to wear 
- Mussarat Z Kayani
 I began using the Juzo foot compression wrap nightly about 3 weeks ago. I have less swelling and less pain in my ankle since then. I've ordered a second one for the other foot. 
- Joleen Olechnowicz
 Works great and easy to use. 
- Mr. Randell E Pate
 The swelling is gradually going down. My ankle is definitely getting better. 
- Mrs Ray R Landis
 Love how adjustable this is. Most boots are too long, even size short. I was able to adjust to get compression in the right places with out creating lumps and folds. 
- Theresa A Carroll
 Fit well and works as advertised. 
- Thomas G Hildreth
 The main reason it's adjustable. Depending on the amount of swelling I am able to adjust the tightness unlike compression hose. When I first put it on I can have it at a comfortable tension. As swelling decreases I can adjust it tighter to maintain the pressure. 
- Thomas Allen
 is excellent but Velcro are not strong enough 
- Trupti A Pandya Pandya
 The service has been great. 
- Virginia H. Pringle
 Can't say enough about how well this is working for me. The simplicity of strapping and the engineering of the strapping works so well for my swollen foot, and the ability to reverse the product so you either have black or tan makes it far more versatile than one color alone. Lastly Juzo's new "velcro" fasteners can't be beat. They work very well to fasten the flaps while not catching on everything and anything. 
- Mr William J Jones
 The foot wrap was what I expected. Thank you for your quick response. 
- Virginia Street
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