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Juzo Expert Glove w/Finger Stubs


Juzo Expert Glove w/Finger Stubs by Juzo
Customized to any shape or size, the dense knit of the Juzo Expert garment line works to contain any swelling that may occur. Juzo Expert Gloves feature: (1) an improved design featuring no inner thumb seam; (2) an anatomically shaped thumb; (3) a flat and non-irritating seam; (4) a latex-free design that is machine washable.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
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This product has 22 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 3021-ACFS
30-40 mmHg Compression
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 3022-ACFS
 Good product, well made, but fingers did not all fit. Some too large and some too small. I guess no standard glove can fit all hands. 
- Mr. Eugene R. Volk
 Problem is the overall price, considering the benefit. 
- Ms Edna L Tart
 I choose this Glove due to the longer length in the wrist and the fingers, and so far, my choices for sizes for my patients have been almost perfect. Good product. 
- Rebekah Fox
 Fit my patient well, like the longer length over the wrist. Feels good to the fingers. 
- Rebekah Fox
 Perfect fit 
- Jacqueline West
 Good glove good price 
- Joseph R Capistrant
 Great product. 
- Mrs. Jan S Jenkins
 Very nice even compared to custom garments that I have worn. 
- Mrs. Jan S Jenkins
 Great fit and overall comfort. Extended wrist/cuff is the biggest plus. 
- Joyce L Payne
 As always Juzo is the best! 
- Judy Noe
 Juzo and lymphedema products are excellent both in customer service and quality 
- Judy Noe
 Juzo products are excellent in maintaining compression and fluid retention. Buying from Lymphedema Products is a positive experience in customer service and pricing. 
- Judy Noe Judy Noe
 This is the hand glove I always order. It's comfortable and keeps my swelling down! 
- Karen L Biernat
 Great glove. Saved over $50.00 by buying here. 
- Mrs. Mary Ann Patelidas
 Like length at wrist 
- Margy B Beckner
 This glove is great for hot weather. Keeps it cooler. The longer length is good. 
- Veronica R Johnson
 Great alternative to a ‚Äòcustom' glove 
- Mable F Rose
 I have tried other gloves but the Juzo Expert is the most comfortable of them all, I still use my first one (5 years old now) for golfing. I highly recommend this glove. 
- Mrs Patricia Klein Patricia Klein
 Good quality. Just like the picture. 
- Rhonda S Maness
 Glove is very comfortable works very good to help with swelling 
- Sylvia M Addis Addis
 Once we found out how to use it properly, it worked well to reduce swelling in the hand 
- Kirk Riley
 This glove is excellent for keeping the hand (the beginning of the Lymph nodes in the wrist and arm) from swelling. I find occasionally that the thumb is a little tighter than the other fingers, and I need to adjust the glove slightly, but this is a great product. I would choose this over any other style in a heart-beat. 
- Theresa M Evenson
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