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Juzo Dynamic Soft-in


Juzo Dynamic Soft-in by Juzo
Juzo Dynamic Soft-in arm sleeves are extremely soft inside for greater wearing comfort and ease of application. They feature a dense, seamless, circular knit, balancing the desire for therapeutic effect and aesthetic appeal.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
Available Colors
This product has 165 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 3511-CG
Arm Sleeve w/Full Silicone Border
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 3511-CGSF
Arm Sleeve w/Shoulder Strap
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 3511-CH
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 3512-CG
Arm Sleeve w/Full Silicone Border
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 3512-CGSF
 Very comfortable. Mush less expensive than getting them through a drugstore that sells durable medical products. Medicare and insurance companies should get on board to help with expenses. Lymphedema is real! 
- Mary Ann Deutsch
 I have been wearing this particular arm sleeve for 10 years. It is very comfortable to wear. 
- Iretta E Pullara
 Been using this for many years, and because of Obama Care lost insurance coverage and went to your online site to purchase. It has always worked well. Last year because of insurance changes purchased an other type which was not as good, this was also due to Obama Care. 
- Robert A Stahnke
 The newly named Dynamic Soft-in arm sleeve is my #1 compression sleeve! I have been a satisfied wearer of this sleeve for over 4 years......have tried other brands, but can honestly say Juzo is 'the best' in every way.......soft, durable, comfy & blends so well on the arm......I forget I'm wearing it! 
- Betsy Maiale
 My sleeve does the job! After ignoring my lymphedema for several years, I developed a small leak of fluid which meant that the sleeve was necessary. It is comfortable and stays where it should. The company does an excellent job answering questions and helping get the correct size. Service is great. 
- Jean A. Hanson
 I have been only wearing Juzo arm sleeves since I was diagnosed with lymphedema ten yrs ago. Perfect fit and comfort. I was getting them Thru my clinic until I found your website and ordered through lymphedema products. Less money and great no cost delivery in a few days. 
- Ms Victoria G Feaman
 I am very pleased with these products. They are comfortable and launder up nicely. 
- Jean L Schmidt
 Hand and sleeve work well just as they should. Size and actual fit were good. 
- Ted Marquardt
 I have had a rough time finding a sleeve that fits me correctly and will stay up including several custom sleeves. This fits but the straps are very uncomfortable and the plastic digs into my skin. 
- Mrs Agnes S Stone
 The elastic sleeve was exactly as I expected. Arrived timely. 
- Alessandro Franchin
 The sleeve is very comfortable and does not slide down which can be very unfortable. 
- Mrs. Elizabeth Rocco
 These are the best fitting most comfortable sleeves I've ever owned. Highly recommend. 
- Mrs Keri M Billy
 Excellent product. I have been using Juzo for a number of years and they have never failed me. I buy 3-4 at a time and rotate them. 
- Anita E Brown
 i have been wearing this product (Juzo 20-30) for years. They wear well and fit my arm perfectly. I rotate 4-6 sleeves and mark the date I start wearing them on the tag. 
- Anita E Brown
 Fit is good and easy to wear the whole day. 
- Anita E Brown
 I love this sleeve because it is soft and comfortable. I need to wear them every day and the beige is boring so I get different colors to match my outfits. 
- Annette J Tidwell
 This product is just what my lymphedemic arm needs 
- Ms Anne V Baker
 Fits well and doesn't slip. 
- William Horgan Horgan
 Very comfortable. Like how it stays in place. 
- William Horgan Horgan
 This sleeve is exactly what I wanted. I ordered the long and it comes up very high on my arm which is what I need. It really helps with my lymphedema. 
- Barbara J Albrechtson
 Great fit 
- Mrs. Bonnie L Brinkman
- Blanche E Hobart Hobart
 Love it 
- Mrs Bettie R. Washburn
 ordered my favorite sleeve 
- Ms Betty A Harvey
 glove is too tight, can't wear too long . Sleeve fits fine 
- William Beecher
 The Juzo sleeve is excellent. I have used this brand for years. The best I found. They ware great and last. 
- Carole A Roelofs
 juzo has wored better for my lymphdema than others products I have used. Customer service has been responsive and products arrive in a timely manner. 
- Leola K Brookhart Brookhart
 It good 
- Tracy Brown
 I have used this product for over 10 years. Have been happy with it always. It's very comfortable. 
- Frances E Zahn
 Have continual swelling from mastectomy and wear daily. It helps. 
- Carol Ann Randolph
 It is a great product, ordering was simple and it was delivered on time. 
- Mrs Carol M Leake
 Easy to Order, prompt delivery , great product and price. 
- Mrs Merry C Bates
 Very comfortable. Great service. 
- Mrs Merry C Bates
- Chuck Greif
 This is a good product. 
- Mr Bruce D Fender
 I really like the product but my last order they sent the wrong items. I've called twice and sent an e-mail and am still waiting to resolve this issue 
- Mrs Cathy J Trampe
 I like this arm sleeve mostly because t doesn't slide down my arm or roll at the top. 
- Cathy Trampe
 Just what the doctor ordered. Helping with the swelling 
- Susan Weinman
 I have used the juzo products for about 12 years now they have helped me with controlling my lymph. 
- Ms Cynthia E Flowers Flowers
 Even though I understand the sleeve has more structure, or is stronger, it is very comfortable. 
- Carolyn C Davis
 Fits great! Support is also great! 
- David J A'hearn
 The sleeve was just about :1 inch to long I like the material 
- Linda Knewtson
 Third time was successful in getting my correct size. 
- Helen J Atcher
 Meets my needs 
- Dolores M Gugino
 Comfort fit. 
- Terry Flinn
 Have worn Juzo sleeves for years and always pleased with its durability and comfort. The accurate measurements have helped to improve my lymphedema significantly. 
- Elizabeth Rogers
 I have bought this product several times at a medical supply store, and I'm very happy with it. This is the first time I bought the compression garments on line, and I'm very please since I saved about $20 on the 2 I purchased. 
- Eileen Houin
 Softest compression sleeve I have found. The grip band is excellent. I wear this brand a minimum of 12 hours daily. 
- Edward Spangler
 This is my third sleeve, the first two were bought through providers. The last one I bought online and saved some money. The service was quick and easy, the product is very good. 
- Ellen Roeder
 Good quality, well made 
- Mr. Eugene R. Volk
 Great for day time wear! 
- Gail Keith
 Now that I have ordered the correct size, I am very pleased with my sleeve. 
- Gail Keith
 Hard to put on, but it stays up at the top which is the important thing 
- Gail Shrode
 Sleeve is stronger and tighter than the previous sleeve with the same 'model' number. Excellent quality and wonderful service. 
- Gayle Mishler
 This is a great compression sleeve. As long as I faithfully wear it, I have no problems with lymphedema. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. 
- Ann M Fleury
 Love these sleeves. Have been wearing them for about nine years, 
- Ann M Fleury
 It was quick and simple. .I am glad I can purchase my sleeve directly from Lymphedema Products. 
- Mrs. Georgia T. Kalaris
 Good quality. I did lose some weight and I think next time I will change the upper arm measurement, but otherwise this lasts me a good six months with hand washings. 
- Mrs. Patty C. Womack
 After wearing several days now I am used to wearing my sleeve. The material is very strong and easy to work up my arm. It takes a few times of doing it, then it gets easier to put on my arm. 
- Janice S Mixell
 This sleeve does what it's meant to do. Very reliable and durable. 
- Ms Loanne C Meyer
 Regularly order compression sleeves, Juno soft, from Lymphedema Products, and they're always of the highest quality, and shipping is quick! Sleeves are supportive and comfortable. The staff has been very helpful in selecting the size and compression recommended by my arm therapist. 
- Loanne C Meyer
 It worked perfectly. A little hard to get on but gets the job done 
- Ms Sharon G Edenfield
 bought first from local store. got next 2 from your store on line & saved $ Thanks 
- David N Hooge,sr
 Love Juzo sleeves!!! Feels great and fits just right! The only thing I would change would be to have a silicone band on all the sleeves they make. 
- Meredith Sams
 after afew times putting on the sleeve it has become easier and easier to put on. it is comfortable wearing it. 
- John Wright
 I ordered this in lieu of a Solidea unilateral sleeve that has been unavailable for months. I like this sleeve. It stays in place without a silicone band that has previously irritated my skin with other sleeves. It launders well and air dries quickly. 
- Ms Janet A Leifur
 Comfortable to wear and easy care. 
- Ellen J J. Kokolis
 The 3Q silicone is very comfortable. 
- Ellen J J. Kokolis
 Great products 
- Jane P Mendoza
 Fits well comfortable nice product. 
- Joseph R Capistrant
 The Juzo Dynamic is definitely a bit more substantial than the lighter one that I have and still use. Both are comfortable and I appreciate the silicone at the top. I hand wash at bedtime, toll in a towel and hang to dry. Good to go in the morning. 
- James N Robideau
 It's great--I've worn Juzo compression sleeves since 2002. I need strong compression (30-40), and this sleeve is superb for my lymphedema. 
- Jean M Thomas
 I have used this sleeve for MANY--perhaps 12 years. I wear a sleeve for the entire day (with a special night sleeve of a different brand) and need about 7 or 8 sleeves a year--the 40-50 strength. VERY comfortable. 
- Jean M Thomas
 I have worn the Juzo Dynamic Soft-in sleeve for YEARS. I wear a sleeve every day all day. I DO prefer the sleeve with the 3/4 in. silicone lining at the top--for me, at least, it stays up better. I recommend this sleeve HIGHLY! 
- Jean M Thomas
 I have worn this sleeve for many years; I wear it all day long. I do need the 3/4 in. silicone band at top to keep it "up" It's a great product. I MUST wear a sleeve all the time (I wear a night sleeve for sleeping), so am VERY experienced! 
- Jean M Thomas
 I've worn this sleeve all day every day for several years. It lasts about 6 months worn full-time, which I think is an excellent "life-span" for a full-time all day sleeve. 
- Jean M Thomas
 I have worn this sleeve all day for at least 10 years. I must wear 30-40 compression. The silicone top-band keeps the sleeve from slipping. Don't know what I would do without it. 
- Jean M Thomas
 I've worn this sleeve model for many years. It stays in place. This model is small enough at the top for someone with a smallish arm. I wear it every day 
- Jean M Thomas
 If you have to wear one, it is good. 
- Mrs. Jennifer K Larmon
 The sleeve length is perfect. The color of the sleeve is darker than others so have purchased, 
- Virginia P Richter
 It really helps 
- Elaine J Horsley
 It does the job. 
- Jack J Horsley
 The sleeve is top notch quality at about a 20 percent savings from my local merchant. I am completely satisfied and will continue to use this business for my needs. 
- Joann M Desantis
 Durable. Stays in place. Perfect length. 
- Joannie Mallet
 Excellent product 
- John J Benguhe
 It holds up well. It also washes well. 
- Mrs. Ann O Cox
 The order was shipped quickly and the product was excellent. The compression sleeves are very well made and the fit is just right. 
- Jonnie M Newman
 It's satisfying, comfortable and lasting longer. 
- Joo Choe Choe
 Very comfortable and cooler than some I have worn. 
- Mrs Joann W Blondell
 I have used this before so ordered it again. Very happy with the fit. 
- Karen A Toso
 This sleeve is not as smooth as my other SOFT Juzo sleeves. This one holds its form better than the others, I really like it. Seems more durable. 
- Katherine L Bartley
 This product works well to contain my lymphedema. 
- Karen L Kifer
 I've used this brand from the start and am again satisfied. 
- Kathleen A Forst
 Fits well with good compression. 
- Kathy M Dudley
 its a bit difficult to put on because of its compression status, but feels and works well once on 
- Ms Karon J Andrews Andrews
 Great quality items. 
- Ellen J Kokolis
 Fits better than other upper arm garments have. Top stays flat and doesn't roll. 
- Leslie Pascoe
 Sizing is perfect. Easy to wear; and put on. 
- Mrs Linda Crutchfield
 I like very much it is soft but it has enough compression to keep my arm. from swollen and hurting !! 
- Maggie Gabriel
 Great product, have been using this for quite a few years. 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick
 Been using this product for years 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick Limerick
 Been using this product for years! 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick Limerick
 Great product 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick Limerick
 Very good I've been using this product for quite a few years. 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick
 Good quality product 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick
 Very comfortable, good quality products 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick
 I have been buying and wearing these sleeves for years - very comfortable and good quality. 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick
 Use these all the time. Cheaper here than at medical supply store. 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick
 Have ordered/worn this product for a long time. Good product 
- Ms Deborah A Limerick
 juzo gives me the best lyphedema control I have had from any product. Comfortable. Not too hot, 
- Leola K Brookhart
 A very good sleeve which helps keep my arm lymphedema in check. I have purchased several of these sleeves and will continue to do so when I need to replace the ones I am currently wearing daily. 
- Sandra W Russell
 The sleeve stays up all day and is comfortable. The color is good and is hardly noticeable. 
- Lynne E Richardson
 It came quickly and fit just fine. 
- Linda Snider
 I have been wearing the Juzo for over 10 years and so far I haven't had to do anything else. I just wish the armsleves with the patterns on had the silicone arm band like the regular Juzo I wear. I have the sleeve with the Tiger and have had hundreds of comments but it won't stay up. When u have to wear these the rest of your life it's nice to have different colors and designs on them for fun. I have the pater ended sleeves which work great over the sleeve that has the compression. Can't complain these are great, try them! 
- Mrs. Linda L Bush
 Brilliant - does the job just as it is meant to do. 
- Reverend Margaret D. Engler
 i had tried another type of sleeve after wearing Juzo for over 10 years. Much happier with Juzo product. 
- Mary F Huff
 Like the fit 
- Margy B Beckner
 I needed a sleeve with tighter woven material. This one did the trick. If you are having trouble with rolling at the top, be sure to order max option for the top. 
- Margy B Beckner
 Very comfortable to wear. The band at the top of the sleeve makes it superior to others. 
- Diana Heater
 I have had lymphedema for nearly 30 years..I am always happy with this product 
- Melody Anthony
 Comfortable to wear all day 
- Michael Gornish
 Juzo is just the best for affordability and I really need the arm strap which is the only way I can tolerate the sleeves. 
- Mary Hermann
 Great fit and quality! 
- Edie Osuna
 Vey well satisfied 
- Marilyn Henderson
 If you have to wear a compression sleeve, this one is comfortable, though I wish it would not be so tight at the wrist. 
- Karen Peterson
 I have been ordering these sleeves for years and have never been disappointed. Since Medicare does not cover compression garments for lymphedema, the cost is very reasonable 
- Mable F Rose
 Very helpful in easing discomfort. Really made a difference. 
- Murielle Elfman
 I like the band for the upper arm. If you had to wear it all the time it's worth spending a little more for the comfort. 
- Julie A Cleveland
 it is excellent, just the type I like, only wish it came in a little lighter color 
- Nancyl L Byrd
 This is a quality product that works for me. I wear this sleeve all day and not uncomfortable. 
- Nancy C Karlson
 Have worn this product for a long time .. so is still great . 
- Mrs Nancy C Karlson
 Excellent fit and compression. This is the most comfortable sleeve I have worn in the 10 years since I was diagnosed. It helps me manage the lymphedema well. 
- Ann Edwards
 does the job 
- Mrs Olivia A Craugh
 Love it 
- Olympia L Pinto Pinto
 Very comfortable sleeve. 
- Mrs. Pamela J. Powell
 feels great...........forget it is on me 
- Patricia Bankert
 Fits very well; little difficult to put on correctly. 
- Peggy S Gilbert
 it's great 
- Maureen E Oreilly
 I buy my compression sleeves from only lymphedema products! :) 
- Paula J Short
 I love the Juzo Dynamic Soft-in sleeves, so comfortable, just love them! This is my 3rd order, excellent product & always order them when they go on sale! It is too bad Medicare doesn't won't pay for some of it, they do get expensive! 
- Mrs Phyllis R Dahlkoetter
 I love this Juzo Dynamic Soft-in Sleeve, so soft & feels good on my arm! It stays up during exercise, really the best with the silicone border! Love it! 
- Mrs Phyllis R Dahlkoetter
 Happy receiving my correct order 
- Mrs Alice Richardson
 Great service. My sleeves and gloves arrived the right size and compression, and the right color. Product wears well and I will keep ordering. 
- Robin Bayne Bayne
 The sleeve is comfortable and gets the job done. I am very happy with it. 
- Robyn W Proper Proper
 I have long arms and this product fit great. 
- Roberta Weeden
 JUZO products fit me perfectly, keep the swelling at bay, and come in colors. 
- Ms Rebecca S Sharp
 Very comfortable, and stays in place. It's easy to forget I'm even wearing it. 
- Mrs. Sandra A Brown
 The sleeve does what is supposed to do and the color is perfect for me. 
- Ms Sheri L Gamble
 I like the soft texture and the compression and fit is very good. 
- Linda Sjoquist
 This is the most comfortable sleeve I've had. I like the soft texture with good compression 
- Richard Watson
 containment is appropriate for my needs 
- Doris Timmons
 I really like this arm sleeve it is very comfortable and it keeps my arm in control.. 
- Geri Jurysta
 Excellent product ! Love the color. Easy to apply. 
- Susan Rooney
 Excellent product. Super fast delivery. Will definitely buy again. Great customer service. Best company to buy compression garment from. 
- Tammy Haney
 Feels great! 
- Marcus Durley
 I've been wearing a sleeve for 17 years and the soft-in is by far the most comfortable of all I've worn. 
- Mrs Gloria G. Applegate
 It is like a second skin. I don't even know I have it on. 
- Thomas Scott
 Always received top quality products whatever I order. 
- Timothy Huckelberry
 High quality product 
- Timothy Huckelberry
 Exactly what we ordered 
- Toni Harris
 This sleeve works very well for me. I can tell when they are new and when they start to wear out. I wish Medicare and supplements would help pay for them since they help with me with my lymphadema. 
- Mrs Mary V. Blanchard
 The Juzo Dynamic Soft-In is a great sleeve as it gives the needed arm compression; does not snag easily; & is comfortable to wear. 
- Mrs Victoria L Fogelson
 Works very well. After a few minutes, I don't even notice it. 
- Mrs Wanda N Daniels
 Comfortable, easy care. Quickly shipped 
- Ellen J Kokolis
 It works really well. 
- Mrs Heather M Serrano
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