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Juzo DreamSoft


Juzo DreamSoft by Juzo
The Juzo Soft Leggings are made with a soft lightweight fabric designed to fit active lifestyles. These footless pantyhose leggings are designed to improve circulation and body shaping, so your legs will look great and feel energized.

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15-20 mmHg Compression
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Item Number: 2000DS-BT
 Feel really good order another pair soon 
- Mrs Tracey L Holloman
 This is a comfortable pair of Capri's that when on are like the upper extremity sleeves. They are effective in controlling my LE lymphedema. 
- Jean L. Muehlmeier
 Fit is perfect 
- Laura Thomas Thomas
 when you need to wear compression garments...this is by far the best choice. First...JUZO offers accurate sizing info. Second...the leggings are great for LIPedema where foot swelling isn't an issue. No bunching up at the ankle. Third...they work, and can be worn all day. I have used them in the past for extended airplane travel, but am now using them for swelling associated with knee surgery. SO much better than knee highs or TED hose that don't stay up. I just ordered another pair. 
- Julia E Schott Schott
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