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Juzo Dream Dynamic Soft-in


Juzo Dream Dynamic Soft-in by Juzo
Juzo Dream Dynamic Soft-in arm sleeves are extremely soft inside for greater wearing comfort and ease of application. They feature a dense, seamless, circular knit, balancing the desire for therapeutic effect and aesthetic appeal.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.

Please Note: Colors other than Beige may delay shipment 3-10 business days.
Available Colors
This product has 99 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 3511DS-CG
Arm Sleeve w/Full Silicone Border
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 3511DS-CGSF
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 3512DS-CG
Arm Sleeve w/Full Silicone Border
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
Item Number: 3512DS-CGSF
 Site is easy to use and sleeves are great Have helped me for going on 5 yrs now 
- S Paige Elward
 Fits well and is nicely made. Hope I don't ever have a friend that needs these garments due to breast cancer, but if so, I would recommend your company. 
- Geri Stewart
 the sleeve is comfortable and fits well, but it is a little long for a regular length. 
- Linda V. Goossen
 My wife has found it to be indispensable during her radiation therapy. We've purchased it in two colors [black & beige] so coordinating with her outfit is a breeze. Thank you for a product that delivers as promised. 
- Robert Greenfield
 Sleeve is high quality and as described. Provides the support I need for my arm and the colors offered are so much better than the medical beige. 
- Judy Glades
 Love it 
- Alice Higginbotham
 Excellent products 
- Margaret A Carter
 I love the fit, but the color is so fun! 
- Lynn P Robbins
 The Juzo products are great. The Dream Dynamic Soft-in w/silicone border is one of the most comfortable arm sleeves that I have tried. It is easier to get on and softer with more stretch for comfort. The silicone border is a dream to have as it does not allow the sleeve to ease down on the arm. It stays in place very well. 
- Ms Brenda B Melton
- Mrs Barbara J Tanaka
 Love these sleeves! Always a bit of a wait for the tie dye version, but well worth it! This last order, even the tie dye came with in a week! 
- Deborah J Bengtson Bengtson
 Soft and very comfortable. 
- Cynthia S Thompson Thompson
 5 star 
- Cindrea L Wash
 Nice fit had to wait along enough for colors 
- Lorna Cole
 Very easy to wear and get on. 
- Connie Wooten
 Very good quality and comfortable and not so hot. Will order again 
- Barbara Varnell
 Love the new bands they work really well. This is my second order since the change. 
- Ms Deborah Peters
 Excellent product. 
- Ms Dorothy E Crawford
 Best Sleeve by far I ever had! 
- Denise Flink Flink
 I love my new sleeve, fits great 
- Deirdre Hanna
 I've bought this product many times over the years. I find it to be comfortable and a good quality product. 
- Dianne Mathess
 I measured according to the guide. Perfect fit. feels good! 
- Donna M Witmer
 really love Juzo sleeves. Always fits well and having different colors to pic from is great 
- Rebecca L Mitro
 The Juzo Dream Dynamic Soft-in is an excellent product. I have been wearing the Juzo sleeves for 10 years and am very happy with the comfort and durablity of this product. When I started wearing them the tan color was the only color available. I am very pleased with the new colors. 
- Diane M Sandage
 Very nice 
- Mr Douglas V Herath
 Awesome, great quality 
- Mr Douglas V Herath
 Just got my sleeves and absolutely Love them! Lots of comfort. Will definitely order again. 
- Maria Limones
 this is a heavier fabric than the printed sleeves. 
- Mrs Kathleen Heuertz
 Great product. Wish they would produce one in a nice shade of green and a navy blue. Thanks. 
- Ms Ellen Spund
 Great color and texture 
- Fabiola Duarte Gomez
 The best compression sleeve. 
- Ms Faye Salerno
 I needed a sleeve that was longer and not too tight, which causes swelling in my hand. This one was just what I needed. 
- Mrs. Frances E. Van Dyke
 very comfortable but with good compression. Color what I was looking for 
- Lorelei Munger
 fits well 
- Mrs Joann G Gaddis Gaddis
 I've ordered from this company for years. This particular sleeve is comfortable, soft, and effective in controlling the swelling. I appreciate the great customer service and the promptness of order arrivals. 
- Mrs. Kathy M Arrington
 Really does the job. 
- Catherine Galetti
 It fits perfectly. I love it 
- Mary Hodge
 Love the selection and being able to just go online and order. 
- Carol Huff Ms
 Comfortable and fits well 
- Irina Geier
 Very comfortable and looks nice. 
- Irina Geier
 Comfortable, just wish had more colors and patterns 
- Irina Geier
 It works well! 
- Mrs. Danielle James
 It fits like a glove and is very comfortable. 
- Jeanine Amin
 Have many colors, that is how much I like them. 
- Joan Baron
 This sleeve is comfortable, at least as comfortable as a compression sleeve can be. : - ) I love the fact that it comes in so many colors. The colors are not bright. but at least they blend in with the color of my clothes. Definitely get the silicone band. It keeps the top of the sleeve from rolling up. 
- Joanne Tyne
 Good sleeve for my arm. The soft sleeve was not quite supportive enough. This is perfect 
- Ms Judie A Henninger
 Constructed very well, very vibrant color. I will enjoy wearing this sleeve. 
- Kathy M Dudley
 This Juzo sleeve is strong but soft and easy to care for. I would recommend it. 
- Krista Nicklaus
 This Juzo sleeve is comfortable (as comfortable as it can be with lymphedema) and wears well. The sleeve washes well and it's the only sleeve I buy now. 
- Krista Nicklaus
 I love these particular sleeves! I need a sleeve without the silicone band and my wrists are tiny so I need them to FIT!!! My swelling starts after my wrist and these are perfect for me!! 
- Krista Nicklaus
 This sleeve has a courser texture than Juzo Soft 2000 and the compression seems to be a bit firmer than Soft 2000 at the same compression level (20-30). Neither of these are differences are negatives, just different. There are days when I prefer this sleeve to my Soft 2000. This sleeve is comfortable to wear all day. Strangely, it does not come in white. 
- Kathryn Singer
 Excellent! Gives even compression over my arm and is exceptionally comfortable. Soft and pretty colors. I actually received compliments on my pretty sleeve! 
- Linda B Couch
 Excellent! Gives even compression over my arm and is exceptionally comfortable. Soft and pretty colors. I actually received compliments on my pretty sleeve! 
- Linda B Couch
 I've worn a Juzo high compression sleeve for many years and this one is the best. It is a good quality product; comfortable to wear and surprisingly soft. 
- Kathleen Maassen
 This sleeve is very comfortable to wear. 
- Mary E. Davison Davison
 This compression is very comfortable. It is relatively easy to put on. It launders well and doesn't lose it's compression ability. Ordering is easy and delivery was fast. 
- Merry L Harsh
 Very comfortable. 
- Merry L Harsh
 I have been using these sleeves for 7 years & I love the color choices. 
- Martha Gardner
- Margaret Hardy
 It's a dream:) 
- Michele Frigoletto
 I always get great service. This time was a little slower but it is certainly understandable due to the pandemic. Product and company is still great! 
- Mary Ann Deutsch
 Very comfortable. I don't feel like I'm wearing a sweater on my arm...I live in middle California and wearing a sleeve can be miserable. I will be ordering it possible for a navy blue? 
- Kathlene Moody
 This garment fits very well and is very comfortable. 
- Mrs Anita G Moore
 Very pleased with this product. Arrived on date promised. My only complaint is color, I ordered 'beige', What I received is almost coffee color, however works fine. Would order again. 
- Jean Mosley
 Love the colors and the fit is great. The customer service at Lymphedema Products is outstanding 
- Mable F Rose
 Just got the sleeve today, my first. Boy, was it hard to get on by myself. No one had told me that ahead if time. 
- Cindy Mullen
 I like the sleeve, unfortunately it is too small.If I can send it back could you send me a return label? 
- Nancy Rohleder
 Strong, durable, effective, and comfortable. I am very happy with this sleeve 
- Noga Eshed Eshed
 I love the colors. This sleeve is much different than the ‚Äúsoft‚Äù sleeve. It holds up much better after washing and it does not seem that this sleeve will pill over time like the others. I do turn the sleeves inside out and place them in a garment bag before washing. I am pleased with the durability. 
- Wanda H Kelly
 Great product 
- Patricia Kruckenberg
 Fits just as good as the sleeve I purchased from doctors office 
- Ms Patricia L Houston
 Love the support of this sleeve 
- Pamela Cherry
 Great company to deal with! 
- Mrs. Paula Ventrone-natale
 Received order promptly and exactly what I wanted. 
- Mrs Terri S Conatser
 First time using so silicone border wire well my concern will start faster loosening at top and slip 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Fits very well. 
- C Rene Fairlie
 Fits great. Love the feel of it and the color was as shown. 
- Ms. Rhonda P Jefferson
 Nice product 
- Risa Pleasant Pleasant
 Color and size correct, easy ordering, prompt service. Will order again. 
- Robin L Bayne Bayne
 Quality, comfortable sleeves! 
- Sarabeth K Lemoine
 really love these sleeves 
- Mrs Susan D Buckner
 The fabric and compression is perfect. 
- Sande Causey
 Good quality and is very comfortable. I will eventually order more. 
- Mrs. Sharon G Soper
 Juzo has a great compression sleeve. I love how soft they are and the great fit that doesn't roll up at the cuff. 
- Shellie R Bellinger
 Love this brand they are softer and hold their shape longer than the others. The cuffs reinforced and does not flair with age. 
- Shellie R Bellinger
 Great service 
- Sue Fuller
 I have used Juzo arm sleeves for several years now and I really like the soft-in product. 
- Ms Sheri L Gamble
- Mrs Sharon K Karr
 Fit nicely. Comfortable. 
- Susan Rios
 Very soft. Most comfortable that I have found yet. 
- Jeanne Taylor
 first sleeve I have had that fit right will be ordering another soon 
- Elta O Badgley-aaron Badgley
 Appears to be more effective than earlier versions. The silicone band has been redesigned and provides a better fit 
- Timothy G. Buchanan
 Excellent product - durable, comfortable, and effective in managing symptoms. 
- Timothy G. Buchanan
 Good fit. Good price. 
- Tracey Frati
 Love it 
- Wendy Clark
 I ordered two compression sleeves in two beautiful colors. They fit very well, and if I have to wear the sleeve, why shouldn’t it be pretty? I have one that matches my skin tone and has a lovely design on it. Many people think it’s a tattoo, HA I have always liked this company for their many choices and their incredible customer service. Also, their prices are the best. 
- Mrs Susan Stouber
 The team was very helpful in resolving the wrong order 
- Mrs Reba E Moore
 Your products are wonderful and I use them all the time, but this time I ordered the same size I have been using and they are too small. I wonder whether I can return. 
- Mrs. Young Sook Lim
 Yes l love it would buy going. 
- Mrs Heather Serrano
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