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Juzo Calf Compression Wrap


Juzo Calf Compression Wrap by Juzo
The Juzo Calf Compression Wrap is an effective and versatile short-stretch garment that applies high working pressure (30-60 mmHg) to the calf and lower leg. Designed to remedy the difficulty of using traditional short-stretch bandages and compression alternatives, Juzo created an easy-to-use hook-and-loop pull-tab system for stress-free application while the overlying straps minimize gapping and combat bulkiness. Every wrap features reversible colors (black and beige). It's like getting two wraps in one. The Juzo Calf Wrap can be used with the Juzo Foot, Knee, and Thigh Wrap to provide full leg coverage. Each Calf Compression Wrap includes two black full-foot wrap liners.

May be worn on the Left or Right leg.
This product has 60 reviews.
Adjustable Compression
Knee-High Wrap
Compression: Adjustable (30-60 mmHg)
Item Number: 6000-BD
 I was having a difficult time putting compression socks on my husband He also found them to be quite uncomfortable. The leg wrap along with the foot wrap are comfortable to wear and quite easy to put on. They keep his leg from swelling during the day much better than the socks ever did. 
- Gail Dunford-delucia
 So easy to put on and remove! I prefer it to the ace bandage wrap my physical therapist had been using. 
- Helen Krasnow
 best quality compared to a different brand, thicker quality material, reversible means the velcro can be anchored before applying it to the leg with less struggle, will recommend it again to my next client 
- George Harvey
 My Dr wanted me to wear compression stockings, however I had alot of trouble finding ones that would fit my legs. They were all either too long or too narrow. The Juzo actually FIT me and they are comfortable to wear and easy to put on. I recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative to compression stockings. 
- Chris Hamann
 I just got this in the mail yesterday along with the foot piece and was pleasantly surprised. This is very easy to put on, has removable velcro fasteners, comes with a stockinette and two ankle compression socks, and it is reversible! You can adjust the compression to your level of comfort and paired with the foot piece it is great. I posted a picture of myself on a lymphedema support group yesterday and many people were asking me where to purchase, how it felt and commented on how well made and nice it looked. I slept with it last night and was very comfortable. I highly recommend it. Also, kudos to for super fast shipping, great products and great prices! Hopefully more people will be purchasing these garments soon! 
- Irma Suhail Mattei
 Good hold for almost 11 months. 
- Sr. Barbara L. Croom Asc
 Good fit and gives great support 
- S Barbara Croom Asc
 These wraps are a Godsend in controlling the swelling on my lower legs. They are easy to use, and they wash & dry nicely. 
- Donnamae M Dominick
 It's been difficult to find a compression stocking that didn't have to be pulled over the foot. This is the perfect sollution. They are much thicker than I expected. 
- Dorrine Conrad Conrad
 Helps keep the swelling in my legs down. Easy to put on and take off. 
- David W Johnson
 Looks complicated but is actually easy to use. It's the only one that is offered in the larger sizes due to the lymphedema swelling. Customer service is outstanding, shipping was lightning fast. Great support and comfort. Thank you for understanding our suffering and for offering products that help with pain and provide comfort. 
- Charlotte R Jensen
 controls swelling and easy to use. 
- Mr Ollis Comstock Comstock
 This is the greatest idea for those who need "wrapping" and are not able to stretch and bend in order to wrap. This compression wrap is so simple and easy and in my opinion, works just as well. 
- Florence Sutker
 Excellent service. Good product 
- Mary E. Smith
 I like the full foot/leg liner option and how velcro compression wrap stays up. Other compression options my OT tried for me didn't work. 
- Mrs Gay Lehman
 It's for my brother who has chronic lymphedema seems simpler to put on than others. The velcro straps are longer and fewer than his last compression wrap. He really loves them. 
- Mrs Jeneen D Gresham
 This product is wonderful. So easy to use and much quicker and more comfortable than bandaging! 
- Lori T. Huffman
 They work very well and are easy to put on. 
- Mrs. Patricia G Mccarthy
 Amazing help for this condition 
- Judy Grabowski
 Unbelievable how secure I feel wearing this Lymphedema product So glad there is equipment as this for us THANKYOU 
- Judy Grabowski
 These wraps are the easiest to put on & wear. Love the Velcro. These wraps are SO MUCH BETTER than compression stockings and a heck of a lot easier to put on. 
- Janis Gasparovic
 Great results with controlling edema. 
- Jonney Scoggin
 Great for swelling. Love it! Itseasy to put on and take off. 
- Jonney Scoggin
 This product is better than what therapist got me. Adhesive is very strong,keeps closed. 
- Mr Joseph A Barts
 Great comfortable to use. 
- Mr Jeffrey S Janaszek
 This wrap is great, comfortable and easy to adjust. Can be worn all day with the ease of adjustment as swelling is reduced. 
- James A Stark
 I love this product. So simple to apply and really reduces my time in getting ready for the day. Keeps my leg from swelling and feels great on my leg. My left leg has been swelling for years and I regularly wear 30-40 mmhg compression hose. This is just an added benefit!! I'm now wearing my "regular" shoes again!!! 
- Kristina J Ruppert
 The Juzo Calf Compression wrap Velcro is nice and strong and the couture allows a firmer fit. I will be purchasing an additional set in the near future. 
- Mr. Kurt T. Sprinzl Sprinzl
 Great product. Easy on and easy off! 
- Pennye Y. Semino
 Easy on and easy off. Great product! 
- Pennye Y Semino
 Bought this for my Mom. Well made, easy to put on and remove. Swelling and leg size reduced. 
- Laura Ash Ash
 Great comfortable solution. Highly recommend 
- E Hammerschlag
 This really is a great product. Being a big guy I was worried about size fitting but they fit just right. Easy to use( varicose veins on my legs) definitely recommend! 
- Robert Wallace
 Love it. So comfortable! 
- Melissa Kays
 Easy to put on , comfortable to wear 
- Mussarat Z Kayani
 Easy to put on and remove. So much easier than wrapping. 
- Katherine A Nagler
 My mentally disabled sister does have some problems bending over as she is obese to wrap this item on her legs. 
- Nancy A. Duffy
 Problem my older sister is so morbidly obese she cannot reach over her stomach to get these devices on correctly. 
- Nancy A. Duffy
 Very easy to use and gives great support 
- Peggy Novosad
 Offers gentle sustained compression as long as wrap hooks hold out. 
- Ilma Overman
 2nd one....just what I need....perfect 
- Donna Jones
 I have a wrap on both legs now and they help so much as well as being easy to put on. I'm so grateful for them! 
- Sherry D Peyton
 I love this product so much I'm ordering one for the other leg tonight. Easy to put on and comfy to wear. I'm so grateful for this product and how much it has helped me. 
- Sherry D Peyton
 I am getting ready to order another one so I have one for both legs 
- Mrs Frances J. Johnson
 I love the product. It fits me well. I tried compression socks but they did not work for my swelling. This is so fast and easy to get on. 
- James Campbell Campbell
 Exactly as advertized 
- Sharon Gohl
 My wife has to put compression hose on me every day. She is 84 years young and it was getting to the point that it was all that she could do to get them on.The JUZO was the answer. I would reccomend them to anyone. 
- Mr Sam G Riddell
 this is my second order for the calf wrap. I like it very much. I have a compression boot and after I use it I will put the calf wrap on. This works so much better than wearing the compression knee high or the thigh high. 
- Christine Olszewski
 Easy to use and comfortable. 
- Mr William W Bierly
 Great product! He r used this for several years and it works very well. It is easy to put on and provides good compression. Much easier put on than stockings. 
- Thomas G Hildreth
 Great product! Easy to use. 
- Thomas G Hildreth
 very good, comfortable, easy on and off. 
- Mrs Emma D Boutot
 Love the new raps, would like to order new sleeves that go on first. And comp socks. 
- Sheila Smith
 These irk very well with controlling his swollen ankles and feet. And user friendly. Couldn't be more pleased. 
- Jo Tritico
 After 12 lymphatic treatments we started with Juzo calf compression wraps and both of his legs are down. They really work and are so easy to put on. We are very pleased.. 
- Jo Tritico
 The wraps are comfortable and adjustable. They are very user friendly. And you can wear the black side out or the beige side out. 
- Vicki Holder
 These are perfect for my husband & his doctor fully approves. They're working perfectly! 
- Mr Kenyon N Weech
 These wraps are very easy to put on, and they keep the leg compressed very nicely. I like that they are reversible and fit under my tapered pants. 
- Mrs. Norma L Myers
 It was a good fit for my leg regardless of how swollen it may be. Loved the Velcro. It really adhered well.+++++++ 
- Mr Joseph Edwards Iv
 Reduced my 90 year old mothers lower leg By 3”. Very easy to use, good quality 
- Colleen W Wells
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