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Juzo Basic Compression Anklet


Juzo Basic Compression Anklet by Juzo
The Basic Compression Anklet by Juzo offers 20-30 mmHg mild compression support to the ankle and foot. It is designed to be used with the Juzo Calf and Foot Compression Wrap system, but can also be used with other compression wraps and garments. Each purchase comes with two anklets in your choice of colors.

Please note this product is non-returnable.
This product has 12 reviews.
Anklet: 2-Pack
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Item Number: 4411-AB
 It works OK! 
- Thomas Mccarthy
 This anklet works for me! I have a replaced ankle joint which is prone to swelling. 
- Anne Stroud
 Provides compression exactly where I need it! 
- Kelly Defilippis
 Had them from a wound clinic and just wore them out. New pair just perfect. 
- Mrs Barbara A Fugelseth
 I love them, when Imcannot wear a full sock and with the leg/foot wrap 
- Fay L Pearson Mrs.
 Great price! Great quality! Speedy delivery. 
- Maria L Camper
 I bought these anklets for my husband. I am very pleased with the purchase. The price was great, and I received them quickly. 
- Margaret Kellogg
 I really like my compression anklets. Well worth the money in quality and fit. Provides relief from fluid retention in my feet without a lot of extra wrapping...makes my shoes easier to get on. 
- Fran Smith
 Great for the summer. Color blends in with your skin so it is not very noticeable. Very good compression. 
- Jayne A Waksmonski
 Was very help full do to very frail skin an useing partial wrap an ankle sock to be able to wear a normal shoe 
- Mrs Susan G Gibson
 I am a new user of compression anklets. To me, they are not quite as effective as the "Roman sandal" my therapist previously applied, the anklets are more comfortable to wear. I can wear shoes while wearing the anklets and, more importantly, I can walk while wearing the anklets! 
- Eileen E White
 I wear these anklets everyday, they are very comfortable and keep my ankles from swelling 
- Ms Vivian Lewis
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