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JoViPak Classic Lower Leg


JoViPak Classic Lower Leg by JoViPak
The Classic Lower Leg Garment is for patients who have swelling in their lower leg(s) and feet as a result of lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency. The sole of the foot extends to the tip of the longest toe, with the dorsum cut back at an angle to expose the toes, and ends at the distal knee. The foot length is proportional to the leg length and girth. The Classic Lower Leg Garment can also be used with a Hip Hugger or Boxer Capri. This combination offers great flexibility, particularly when there is a significant disparity between upper and lower leg sizes.
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Knee-High Legging
Compression: Not Applicable
 The JoViPak Classic Lower Leg helps control the lymphodema in myl lower leg. It is less bulky than some previous night leggings, and yet produces the same desired results. 
- Roger Norris
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