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JoViPak Extended Style Chin Strap


JoViPak Extended Style Chin Strap by JoViPak
The Extended Style Chin Strap was designed to address edema of the neck, mandible, and the lateral aspect of the face. It covers the ear, the lateral aspect of the head and behind the ear. The open neck seam creates a pocket between the two layers of fabric to accommodate you choice of padding. Hook and loop fastener straps at the neck and top of the head can be adjusted to the patient's comfort level making this garment suitable for overnight wear.
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Head Garment
Compression: Not Applicable
 Great quality. I have used them all night and sometimes during the day for 3 years. They last me about a year. 
- John Wujciak Wujciak
 It definitely helps.... 
- Joe Cantamessa
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