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JoViPak Classic Arm Sleeve


JoViPak Classic Arm Sleeve by JoViPak
The Arm Sleeve is designed to eliminate nighttime bandaging of post-operative arm swelling for mastectomy and lumpectomy patients. The arm sleeve is contoured to cover the DIPS and thumb to the base of the nail beds. JoViPak's arm sleeve features an anatomically positioned thumb stub and an anticubital dart for added comfort. Continuous Flow stitching directs lymph flow laterally away from the axilla to function alternate pathways.
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Arm Sleeve
Compression: Not Applicable
Product Options: Long Length NOT Available for Size Small
 The best time to massage is after I take the Jovi Pak off and put on my sleeve. I have an older model and I can still use it. One outstanding difference is the built in bend at elbow on the new one. Lymph flow bypasses the axilla and directs it up and over the shoulder which is the path I use to massage. Getting it on is no problem with the sticky sheet and taking it off is a breeze with the longer thumb stub. The new model is more comfortable. I think Jovi Pak should be sent out with the compression over cover. It is part of the key to Jovi Pak performance, and if a first time user doesn't know to order it separately, they might just wear the Jovi Pak. 
- Kathleen O'harra
 Great place to order my lymphadema garments. 
- Adele Tuchler
 A great product. 
- Adele Tuchler
 This nighttime sleeve is the ONLY thing that keeps the lymphedema under control. Daytime sleeves and the pump help, but the Jovi Pak does most of the work while I sleep. It must be replaced every 6 months, and really needs the elastic glove that goes over it. It is SO much easier and more comfortable than bandaging. It is expensive, yes, but it WORKS! 
- Dorothy Stewart
 This is my third arm sleeve, I can't go to bed without it. It Helps to channel lymph fluid as I sleep. Wake up feeling good. 
- Cindy Ewing
 Easy to put on, comfortable, continues what is reduced with daytime sleeves. 
- Joanna Titus
 I use this sleeve to sleep in every night. Very soft and comfortable. Keeps my arm from swelling. It is so easy to use and really keeps arm from swelling at night. I would recommend this arm sleeve 
- Karen Kamadulski
 it is very comfortable to wear at night and it seems to be keeping the swelling down 
- Karen Kamadulski Kamadulski
 It is great. Thanks it cost so much less than my first one recommended my my therapist. She wants to see it. 
- Mrs Marikyn R Gillo
 It is great. Thanks it cost so much less than my first one recommended my my therapist. She wants to see it. 
- Mrs Marikyn R Gillo
 It is great. Thanks it cost so much less than my first one recommended my my therapist. She wants to see it. 
- Mrs Marikyn R Gillo
 Thank you for being so helpful and resolving the issue with my jovi pac arm sleeve and getting the correct one back so quickly. 
- Martha Johnle
 It is a game changer. Markedly more effective than PT massage followed by wrapping and so much more convenient. 
- Leone Atkinson
 Works really well and is soft and comfortable to sleep in. It absolutely works to reduce swelling. I've only had it a few weeks so I am anxious to see how long it holds up. 
- Teresa Wallice
 This really works! It was the missing part of my regimen. Though it was pricey am planning on getting my second one ordered for the 6 month replacement cycle. 
- Mary K Maxson
 Previously I would wrap up like a mummy, which would take at least 45 minutes to an hour to complete. I was usually exhausted by the time I finished. But, with the Jovi Pak it takes about 5 to 6 seconds. Swelling is quite noticeably reduced. I believe it is reduced even more if I raise my arm above my head at night. But, I am for a looking large elastic band(the kind used in an exercise class) that I could use to hold my arm above my head. Will definitely recommend it to other patients. 
- Ms. Inita B Johnson
 I love this nite time jovi pak, it is comfortable and reduces as I sleep. Needs to be replaced every 6 months, does break down at wrist over time. 
- Cindy Ewing
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