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JoViPak Classic Arm Sleeve JoViJacket


JoViPak Classic Arm Sleeve JoViJacket by JoViPak
The nylon/spandex outer JoViJacket is designed to be worn over the JoViPak Arm Sleeve as a substitute for short-stretch bandages. The stretch-factor of the JoViJacket is similar to a daytime compression garment and requires the same kind of care; hand-washing, air drying, donning with gloves, and replacement every six months.
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Arm Sleeve
Compression: Not Applicable
 A great product 
- Adele Tuchler
 An excellent accompaniment to the JoviPak arm sleeve. Washes well and retains its elasticity. 
- Betty F Cohen
 It's pretty expensive for a simple cover up - but totally necessary to go over jovipak 
- Cindy Ewing
 The jacket fits over the sleeve very well. 
- Pamela Osmus
 The jovijacket sleeve keep the jovipak snug on your arm. Gives you more compression. 
- Mrs Patricia R Cargle
 Don't know what I'd do without my Jovi PAC. 
- Mrs Patricia R Cargle
 The jacket pairs up with the sleeve really well to provide an additional level of compression. I had considered figuring out a substitute as it is pretty expensive but it works so well, I'm glad I tried it first. 
- Mary K Maxson
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