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Jobst Bella Strong Ready-To-Wear

BSN Jobst

Jobst Bella Strong Ready-To-Wear by BSN Jobst
Jobst Bella Strong was developed with the highest technology to deliver true compression with all-day wearing comfort. Individuals are more likely to be wear a compression garment when the fabric has been designed to keep them cool and dry. Air permeability is determined by knit structure. It is easy to see that one of many benefits of the Jobst Bella Strong is that it will keep your skin cooler and drier than other arm sleeves. Donning is also made easy. Not only does it require less force to put on the Jobst Bella Strong Armsleeve versus other arm sleeves, but each one is also packaged with an individually designed easy-to-use donning device. This device was created to ensure everyday donning with ease of fabric distribution for all day comfort and therapeutic efficacy.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
Available Colors
This product has 102 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
30-40 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
 Helps keep the swelling down. 
- Ms Elizabeth A Karst
 The product is fine. 
- Jackie Reilly
 Very high quality product; really gets the job done I would definitely recommend it 
- John Price
 Having a deeper band at the top of the sleeve is super. I have had several other sleeves and this is the best. It does move! Thank you. and yes, I have already referred my friend to your product. 
- Carolyn Snyder
 This is just what I wanted. 
- Dorothy C Swanson
 This item is just what I needed it is very comfortable. 
- Dorothy Swanson
 Love the silicone dots on upper band, keeps the sleeve from sliding. Great job of keepinf swelling down. 
- Mary A Smith
 I like it better than my Juzo I wished I would have tried Jobst before I ordered my last order of Juzo 
- Blanche E Hobart
 This is a nice, soft sleeve & it comes with a free slip-on donner, which is an added bonus. 
- Mrs. Deborah D Jelinek
 Excellent Wear! 
- Betty J. Musa
 I have two new arm sleeves - very satisfied!! 
- Joann Deming
 This product has work wonderful on is a good fit and has kept the swelling at bay. 
- William F Bush
 Fits well. 
- Carolyn Howard
 It feels great and I love the wide band at the top 
- Carolyn Snyder Snyder
 Love the fabric & how well it stays on, not sliding 
- Christine A Dressler
 Exactly what we needed. 
- Mr Bruce D Fender
 The sleeve fits well,comfortable and wears well. 
- Carol A Dall
 My order just arrived. I'm very happy with the compression sleeve, fit, fabric, and all. It took long to get to me than expected, talked to representative, he said it'd been back ordered. Wish they would have let me know it was back ordered. 
- Judy A Cole
 With the silicone dots, this sleeve stays up better than others i have tried. It's a heavy duty sleeve and doesn't snag easily. Slightly harder to put on, but worth the extra effort. 
- Ms Diana Rothermel
 deliver was fast 
- Ms. Cathy S Leed
 The product was shipped fast 
- Ms. Cathy S Leed
- Ms. Cathy S Leed
- Deborah M Stephens Stephens
 Fit well and true to measurements 
- Erin Davis
 Fits great! 
- Donna Metts
 Great product, great service! 
- Mrs Vicki Nelson
 It has been keeping my husband's swelling down well. Unfortunately, he's been keeping it off today. I don't know why and the arm is swelling again. We are waiting for a machine to work the arm. It's been two weeks. 
- Donald Woods
 This is a great product. It fits correctly, is long enough and does not slide down. Hi 
- Dianna Strink
 I have been wearing this product for years and it does a great job helping me manage my Lymphedema. 
- Florence Garrison
 I was wearing a custom garment, which wasn't working well. Perhaps the measuring was wrong. Anyway I love this sleeve. This is my second one so that one is in the wash the second can be on my arm. 
- Ms Patricia A Hahndorf
 Well made and really maintains the arm size. Much better than most of the others I've bought. If there is a negative to it, it is hotter. 
- Glenda Kramer
 Excellent quality and fit perfectly! 
- Michael J Mahoney
 Will know more after I wear it for a while. 
- Ms Marie F Gough
 I love my new sleeve is comfortable no digging in the elbow or fold of the arm like my previous sleeves. I especially like that it is seamless no more lines on my arm from the seams on the sleeve. 
- Ms Pamela Hatton Hatton
 My husband uses this product. (Male breast cancer in 2007) Along with the machine he uses, it is doing a good job keeping the swelling in his arm under control. 
- Helen Woods
 Feels good. 
- Sally Barnes
 Great fit! Good service 
- Betty J Jean Laprade
 Great Product 
- Mr. Joseph Cummiskey
 I can't review it because it has not even come yet 
- Mrs Joyce Evelyn Kelley
 This product is working fine and I am happy that it wears well. I find it easy to use the website and can renew as needed. 
- Marg S Meyers
 I have used this product in the past, but used another product for awhile. There was no comparison and I am happy to be back to Jobst. 
- Marg S Meyers
 Very nice. Got half of my order the gloves still on back order. 
- Ms Joy Groves Groves
 Ordering is very easy. Delivery was prompt. Price was best I could find. 
- Joanne Guttridge
 I really like this sleeve and the price was great as was the service. Fast delivery. 
- Josephine L Citrin
 Great fit. Top excellent for staying up. 
- Mrs Sharon S Johanns
 Good fit easy donning 
- Janet Gray Janet S Gray
 Good compression, easy donning, stays up with the silicone band 
- Janet Gray Janet S Gray
 This sleeve is fantastic! ! Easier to don. The wide silicone top keeps it in place all day. 
- Janet Gray Janet S Gray
 Having never worn a sleeve until recently, I was not sure what to expect. It is a good fit and very well made. Since I ordered my first sleeve, I have ordered 3 more. 
- Jerry Steinmetz
 I will start to use tomorrow. 
- Juçara Lefosse
- Judyth M Sather
 A very good product keeps my lymphedema under control very well. 
- Karen Cooper
 Good service and products are true to size. 
- Karin Artinian
 This is my second order for this sleeve. Does not snag like lighter weight sleeve. On second order I tryed longer version which I like much better than regular length. 
- Kathleen R Lange
 Easy to use and fairly comfortable 
- Kim L Warren-snell
 I am very happy with the fit, comfort and effectiveness of this sleeve. 
- Linda A Noble
 As described. Delivered as promised. 
- Ms Laura Malehorn
 Very pleased with the product. Quick service. 
- Mrs Judith Lawson
 Great fit and comfortable! Would purchase again. 
- Leigh C Long Long
 Well made. Great feel. 
- Luz J Grigoras
  far this is a better fit than any other sleeve I've worn. My Physical Therapist agrees. Measuring to get the right size is important. 
- Linda J. Shipman
 I've tried all sorts of sleeves and this one is by far the best- most comfortable, best compression, the sizing is so much smarter, (1-10 vs S,M, L) you can get a sleeve that actually fits. This one is holding up better than others, too. This is my go-to sleeve. 
- Lori L. Foland-honsey
 I really like this product. The craftmanship is excellent and the material is very comfortable. I will definitely be ordering more sleeves in the future and these in particular. 
- Mrs Michelle A Fair
 Good compression. Excellent quality. Comes complete with donning sleeve. I wish the fabric were a bit smoother, that it did not have the company name woven into the fabric pattern, and that the label were a little smaller so I wouldn't have to tuck it out of sight when I put it on, but otherwise excellent. 
- Melissa Liechty
 Fits better than any sleeve I have ever had. Will be ordering more . 
- Vicki Krueger Krueger
 Very sturdy and stays in place nicely. 
- Marilyn J Willenbrink Willenbrin
 I do not have to wear the sleeve daily yet, but wore it one night and found it comfortable and happy that it stayed in place. I agree that having it recommended by my physical therapist and having it custom made to his measurements makes a big difference. 
- Marilyn J Willenbrink
- Carol L Barber
 Excellent place to order lymph products. Great service and friendly, knowledgeable people on the phone. Much cheaper than buying locally. Fast service. 
- Ms Carol L Barber
 I am happy with this product. I have tried many brands and I think JOBST is better than all other brands. 
- Ms Narges Khanjani
 I am very happen with this product. It is a high pressure sleeve and controls my edema better than other brands. 
- Ms Narges Khanjani
 Excellent product, comfortable material to wear in a hot and humid place. 
- Betty Pitoby
 Nice quality 
- Mrs Paula J Muncy
 This sleeve doesn't cut into my arm. I don't mind wearing these at all. I can't hardly tell I have it on. 
- Paula R Blevins
 I have been wearing this sleeve for 6 years and love it. It gives me the compression I need and is very durable. 
- Mrs. Paula B. Sonnenburg
- Mrs Pauline T Marek
 A good fit. 
- Mrs Pauline T Marek
 This product fit very well and provided good compression. I love the fact that it stays in place and that I don't have to worry about it slipping. 
- Mrs. Peggy L. Moore Moore
 This product was not what I usually order but I do like it. 
- Patricia A Van Den Ameele
 I like the dots at the top to keep the sleeve from slipping, Exactly what I needed. I like having 2 so I can keep the washed. 
- Mrs Mary E Copping
 Elbow replacement. These help SO much. 
- Anita Reid
 I have found this product to fit well and wear well. This and other products ordered have been shipped promptly with adequate packaging. 
- Nancy Ehasz
 my sleeves came in a quickly and they fit perfectly. 
- Mrs Janice D Wise
 The garment has good tightness to it. 
- Ms Rosabella S Norona
- Mrs Sandra L. Huffman
 It is great!!! 
- Mrs Sandra L. Huffman
 Another wonderful sleeve! 
- Shirley Blanton
 Love it, love it, love it!! 
- Sheryl M Fredin
 Sleeve fits well. It keeps my Lymphadema under control. 
- Mrs. Shirley Maddox
 Keeps my Lymphedema in check. It's comfortable. Fit is almost perfect, although I have very thin wrists so even a size 1 isn't snug there. 
- Mrs. Shirley Maddox
 Great product. Good fit and well made. The sleeve stays in place all day long. Really helps control the swelling. I've been a satisfied wearer for over five years. 
- Karen Gold
 Someone must have dropped the ball, I waited nearly 4 weeks, had to call to find out manufacturer messed up, then I received my sleeve in 4 days. Very pleased with size and quality, been using Jobst for seven years now 
- Sharon L Graham
 Works great now meed fond chest wrap that fits 
- Brandie Clark
 Great product. Arrived in a timely manner. Company is very easy to work with. 
- Judith S Kirkland
 Very well made, comfortable once on. Stays put. 
- Mrs Susan Hennessy
 This product is easy to put on and comfortable. 
- Mrs. Susan R Cohn
 Comfortable and stays up. Top band does not roll up. It stays in place. 
- Mrs Rita D Keller Keller
 Much better fit, stronger compression and better fit (for me). Juzo limited sizing did not line up with my great upper arm swelling. I love the look of lympheDIVAs but they roll at the top-this has a great top band that stays put. 
- Terrie Hart
 This is by far my favorite sleeve. The Strong model in my opinion has such a nice fabric, cool, comfortable, and much more natural-fiber look. My daughter thinks the black actually looks elegant and part of my outfits. I will definitely plan to buy another one of these. It has reversed my "cording" very quickly. 
- Terri Olvera
 Excellent product 
- Mrs Lucille Toto
- Mr William W Elgin
 I really like the feel of this new sleeve, and the donning aid is WONDERFUL! Even with all the compression, the sleeve is still comfortable even in the summer. 
- Leanne Tupper
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