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Jobst Bella Lite by BSN Jobst
The Jobst Bella Lite arm sleeve helps maintain the limb size of lymphedema patients. This cool and comfortable garment provides gradient compression to assist in patient management following trauma, surgery, or radiation therapy. The arm sleeve is made from a soft, lightweight, and air permeable material with knit construction and fits a wide range of arm shapes. Reduced compression at the wrist provides an effective and comfortable fit when the arm sleeve is worn with a gauntlet.

May be worn on the Left or Right arm.
Available Colors
This product has 152 reviews.
15-20 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Band
Compression: 15-20 mmHg
20-30 mmHg Compression
Arm Sleeve
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Product Options: Regular Length ONLY Available in Beige
Arm Sleeve w/Silicone Band
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
 Comfortable to wear. Actually feels cool in warmer weather. Made well. 
- Andrea Drosen
 Comfortable to wear. Actually feels cool in warmer weather. Made well. 
- Andrea Drosen
 I've been wearing this armsleeve over nine years and it has my lymphedema completely under control. It is comfortable and lasts a good six months. I keep four new ones on hand at all times. 
- Mary A Straw
 Very comfortable 
- Mary A Straw
 Worked well for overseas flight 
- Gemma Bertelsen Bertelsen
 Very comfortable!! Love!! 
- Mme Rebecca 44 Midpark Ln Hughes
 Having the compression sleeve has really helped alleviate the swelling as well as the pain in my arm. Good product and good general fit. My wrist is very small and the wrist end is too large by at least an inch, so I would recommend that the 'cuff' be at both ends of the sleeve. 
- Barbara Kennedy
 I had a previous sleeve. The Jobst Bella Lite sleeve was recommended by my Lymphedema therapist and it is wonderful. I don't have to wear it on a daily basis, only when exercising or anything strenuous. The fabric is so much better quality than the previous sleeve. Great product. 
- Barbara Mccombs
 Excellent product. 
- Mr. Robert Mcmahon
 My wife uses her sleeve daily, and it helps her lymphedema dramatically. I am going to order another one today for her. 
- Mr. Boyd D Roberson
 excellent product if we unfortunately have to wear it. 
- Brenda Halfond
 Great product 
- Carlos A Valdivia
 I like the extra length - not having to pull it up my arm all day. 
- Camille Kempke
 It works! Only problem is it pulls. Someone suggested shaving it. This works unless I get close to stitching and the razor cuts the threads. 
- Charlotte Murdock
 This purchase is actually a follow-up from my first introduction to your products 21 years ago. I was issued both a sleeve and glove back then in preparation for the possibility of developing lymphedema after my mastectomy. Luckily back then the lymphedema did not manifest or present a problem and I didn't need it. Unfortunately, my sedentary lifestyle this past year after being forced to teach from a computer screen instead of in class caused a major flare up to occur. Having lost the old sleeve I needed a replacement. Both items were/are easy to put on, comfortable and most importantly stay in place. I will be ordering another, happily. 
- Mrs. Carol J Docherty Docherty
 Very comfortable to wear. Washes well. I always line dry. 
- Colleen M M Hathaway
 Fits well, very comfortable. Easy care to maintain fit. 
- Colleen M M Hathaway
 Easy to put on and very comfortable. Because if the light color most people don't even notice I am wearing it. 
- Colleen M Hathaway
 Great prodect 
- Carolyn A. Collmer
 wears well, doesn't slip down. Isn't too tight around wrist. 
- Carolyn Collmer
 It makes your arm's feel almost normal. Very comfortable 
- Saundra K Cox
 Very comfortable and do a great job! 
- Catherine Therasse
- Celinda Hicks
 I agree with all of the other reviews. This sleeve is easy to put on, comfortable. I like the Lite for night time wearing. It does help control the swelling. 
- Celinda Hicks
 Great fit for my Mom. She hasnt' been fitted in a while and with lymphedema there are always shifts. I purchased the extra long one and it fits really nice for her sitting nicely on her upper hand and under her armpit. Thanks! 
- Ms Christina B Tamihi
 Love it! 
- Carrie Z. Z Norton
 It fits fine. 
- Daissy Y Tillapaugh
 Great fit!!! 
- Diane L Higgins
 I was afraid that the sleeve wouldn't fit, since it appeared to be shorter than the one I already had. I was initially thinking "oh man, I'm going to have to return this". However, I was very pleasantly surprised when it fit me perfectly!! 
- Diane E Long
 I am fortunate I have not had any swelling. However I have worn it a couple of times when doing heavy lifting. It is very comfortable and work well for me 
- Denise Buchanan
 Nice product. Fairly easy to put on. 
- Dominique Cross
 The change in size was made correctly. The product was very high quality. 
- Dr. Richard B. Brown
 Excellent product for keeping the swelling in check. It is easy to forget you are even wearing it as it is quite comfortable. 
- Dave W Thomley
 I love it, but my physical therapist tells me it is not tight enough. 
- Mrs. Susan Crerar
 I love it, but my physical therapist tells me it is not tight enough. 
- Mrs. Susan Crerar
 This product is amazing. After using it, my arm feels much better. 
- Elaine Cowling
 I bought this for my sister in law. She likes it very much . It is light and easy to to put on. 
- Eneida Gatti
 Very comfortable to wear. I thought it would be hot to wear, but it's not. 
- Mrs Mary E Parker
 It seems to be working well. It's comfortable when I exercise. I 
- Sandra K Hechst
 It is as good as one I paid twice as much for. 
- Elizabeth V Schmidt
 My lymphedema therapist gave me pointers on putting this sleeve on and it's been wonderful. It just rolls up my arm. 
- Ms Linda L Kietzer
 I prefer the sleeve without the silicone as after all day it starts to itch. I love the way it fits & it is so much easier to put on. 
- Fern A Wampler
 It is quite comfortable and the neutral color is perfect. 
- Frances O Griffin
 I've used these for several years and they are the best I've found in comfort. I just wish they didn't snag so easily. I would also like to see a multiple unit discount. 
- Ms. Loydene L. Lazich
 Excellent quality 
- Joelle Frohbieter Frohbieter
 Wear it everyday very comfortable. 
- Karen D Hart
 Comfortable and it works great 
- Mr Gary D Hart
 Work well! 
- Mr Gary D Hart
 Great product 
- Mr Gary D Hart
 Comfortable, easy to take care of. 
- Mr Gary D Hart
 Good product and good service from the company. competitive price :) 
- Ruth A Geraets
 I was previously using a different compression sleeve. I was dissatisfied with that one as it snagged so easily and didn't hold the strength for long. The Jobst Bella Lite garment is perfect. My arm feels much better with this garment! 
- Pamela D Register
 Great price 
- Mrs Janet L Schill
 Very comfortable and easy to get on and off. It has reduced my arm swelling significantly. 
- Jessica Hart
 It is a little uncomfortable, but it is working on my lymphedema arm as my doctor suggested for me. 
- Pamela Sullivan
 Sleeves are light and very comfortable, have purchased full sleeves from you 3 times in the years needed. I am very happy with your service and the product. 
- Brenda F Bales
 Completely met my expectations 
- Diane T Savage
 I've been wearing a sleeve for about 15 years now. This is the most comfortable sleeve I have found. It is soft while still doing the job. 
- Irene K Hucks
 Very satisfied with my purchase! Light weight but does a great job!! 
- Joyce E Woodward
 Fit perfexpctly. 
- Jacqueline West
 Great product! 
- Jackie R Bolt
 Works as advertised by other reviews. I purchased a black long which is a little too long for me so I just ordered a tan regular length which I think will be a better length for my arm 
- John A Ferencin
 Very comfortable to wear! 
- Mrs Jean A Fernstaedt
 works perfectly 
- John C Winkley
 comfortable product; easy to get on; especially like that it does not bunch u on band at top of compression sleeve 
- Jeanette Brownell
 Comfortable and easy to use. 
- Ms Marian E Johnson Johnson
 works as advertised. It has substantially reduced the swelling in my arm. 
- James K Taylor
 Excellent fitt 
- Kay A Miller
 No comment 
- Catherine M Jordan
 Excellent lightweight arm sleeve if you're on-the-go and don't want to wear a heavier sleeve. 
- Ms. Janet L. Tretsch
 Good sleeve and good service. I like the longer length as it's not such a struggle to keep it up on my long arm! 
- Jody Addy
 This is a great sleeve, and the extra long is perfect. I waited too long to get a new one and will order one a year from now on! 
- Dr. Kimberly Page
 My go to: Its a replacement and I should have ordered a year ago and also two of them ! 
- Dr. Kimberly Page
 Very comfortable and easy to pull on for my 89 yr old mother. Works well to keep her lymphedema under control. 
- Kimberlee A Warsco
 Like the way it fits - comfortable. Easy to care for. 
- Leslie A Pascoe
 Exactly what I buy from a local rehab facility. Better price and fast delivery. Highly recommend! 
- Mrs Laura Kort
 Great fit and comfort! 
- Laura Shepherd
 Very good product. Just as described. 
- Linwood E Sutton
 It fits very well and the silicone at the top makes a wonderful difference. 
- Mrs. Leslie L Ayers
 It fits great and I can always get what I need 
- Mrs Linda L Challenger
 great fit feels comfortable 
- Mrs Linda L Challenger
 Great product perfect fit 
- Mrs Linda L Challenger
 Even though it's a lower grade compression, I can still feel an improvement in my circulation. Great for those with mild lymphedema, or just for days your arm feels heavy or tired. 
- Lorraine Mccaney
 Beyond thrilled for the exceptional delivery and service especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
- Lori Sallows
 Easy to use and comfortable. 
- Susan J Loveridge
 I have several of these, so that I don't have to wash them out every night. This sleeve is comfortable and lightweight and especially good to wear in the summer heat. 
- Sandra W Russell
 I buy those for my mom. They really help control swelling of her arm. I appreciate your quick, courteous service, the reminder about end-of-service dates and the reorder discount. 
- Leonard Roussel
 5 stars! Well made! Comfortable! Exchging as I ordered wrong size, My Bad! 
- Lynnette Mote
 I absolutely love this. It feels so good when i wear it. It is very comfortable applies the right amount of pressure to my arm. I LOVE this sleeve! 
- Ronald L Ahart
 I enjoy the smooth and gentle fit.It feels good all day 
- Mary Anne Kirmis
 It's the only sleeve I use!! The only problem I have with it it seems to get little pulls on the fabric easily. 
- Ms Pam J Allison Allison
 since I have had to have steroid injections in my wrist this seems to be a better alternative to the tighter elastic. If I by more than one there should be a lower price the second third etc., 
- Margaret Barbagello
 just what my friend needed! 
- Margarita Rodriguez
 I have received this product from other vendors and for some reason they were nowhere near what I received from you. I will never get them from anyone else. 
- Natalie Burness
 Excellent and easy to use 
- Mrs Marlene H Chaudoir
 I love this sleeve 
- Maryann Christine
 Gave great results! Thank you! 
- Mary E Mueller
 Fits well. Provides the right amount of compression. Comfortable enough to wear at night while sleeping. 
- Mary Gibbons
 great price and sizing runs true. Might try the next compression fit size. 
- Mrs Lynda Mclaughlin
 Excellent product, great shopping experience 
- Mary Alexander Straw
 I needed the sleeves quickly for a trip I was taking, so I could not wait for the insurance company. I placed the order and received the sleeves quickly, and they worked great on my trip. The only negative comment is the sleeves are not the same size, one is much longer than the other. 
- Laurie Curtis
 Great fit! 
- Sherri Wood
 Our order arrived very promptly (ahead of schedule) and has been very satisfactory. 
- Margery Graves
 Met expectations. 
- Margery Graves
 The one we ordered seems to fit very well, even though there was a question that it should have been the longer size. The product arrived very promptly. 
- Margery Graves
 Great fit! 
- Michele A Frigoletto
 Fits well, not too tight. Easy care - I've had 2-3 before. 
- Mrs Linda L Gilmer
 Very good compression sleeve and order completed very quickly. 
- Linda L Gilmer Mrs
 Jobst Bella Lite sleeve is super so far. It is giving us much better numbers than a previous different brand. Was recommended by our independent therapist. Super so far, now 3 months 
- Angela Linton
 Very comfortable. 
- Mrs Mary B Johnson
 Great service, quick delivery. Sleeve fits well, though it would be nice if there was a short size as I have to turn the cuff up a bit. 
- Marie-claude R Rossi Rossi
 I ordered a Jobst Bella Lite compression sleeve. It came quickly and was exactly as it was described. They are comfortable and wash by hand easily . Dry overnight . This is the third one that I ordered and will continue to order from Lymphedema products. 
- Elaine Smith
 I gave it five stars, as this is one of the best sleeves I have worn 
- Ida L. Munday
 very light weight and completely comfortable 
- Elizabeth Pittek
 I ordered from 2 companies and your gave me not one ounce of trouble and I so appreciate paying and getting a good product without, having to sent about 10 e-mails to get what I paid for. Never again, will I use anyone other than you. I am writing your name in my address book right now!......Done! 
- Nancy Burris
 I have been using this product for over 7 years and am very satisfied with it. 
- Mrs Patricia M Casey Casey
 As always my sleeve arrived in a timely manner; however, I managed to order the wrong size. As a result I had to send the wrong one back. They were very helpful and the proper sleeves arrived fairly soon after that. Their service has always been most helpful. 
- Mrs Patricia M Casey Casey
 As usual it met expectations. 
- Mrs Patricia M Casey
 Excellent product, excellent service from this company 
- Arthur L Field
 This is the ONLY sleeve that works for me. I love it! All of the other ones that I have tried feel cheap and won't stay up. The silicone band is fantastic. 
- Pa'mela Guerrero
 Exactly as ordered and received it in 3 days. I was so pleased I ordered another ordered one so I'd have a spare. 
- Meredith E Van Horn
 This is an excellent compression sleeve. It is comfortable and fits just right. I love that it doesn't roll down! 
- Dora A Mora
 It is a wonderful stays in place all the time I'm wearing it. That definitely makes me happy! 
- Dora A Mora
 Very easy for me to put on 
- Pamela J Marrone
 Very comfortable 
- Patricia A Van Den Ameele
 comfortable, order completed in a timely fashion 
- Patricia A Van Den Ameele
 I liked this product better than the first one I ordered. This is the same product given me by the physical therapist. Comfortable to wear and I only have to wear it four to six hours daily. 
- Patricia A Van Den Ameele
 I order this item every 4 months and it is always perfect and on time! 
- Ms. Gloria A. Parrott Parrott
 Just perfect and received very quickly! 
- Mrs. Gloria A. Parrott Parrott
 Love them! 
- Sally P Carter
 This compression sleeve was prescribed by my therapist to control lymphedema as a result of my breast cancer surgery. It is comfortable, easy to put on by myself and does a good job keeping my lymphedema under control. The price is the best I could find anywhere. 
- Mrs Sandra E Frantz
 Just started wearing this armsleeve .It is very comfortable and really helps to control lymphedema.I don't know how many people had this problem but it kept rolling down at the top.I wish I would have known about the glue before I ordered the first time. One little dab on the front and back and it now stays in place. Lymphedema Products is a great company.Friendly and helpful customer service and fast delivery. By Sharon Wong 
- Ms Sharon Wong
 I find the soft texture and wide silicone band on the Jobst Bella Lite to be the best! 
- Sylvia Mckewon
 Love this product! 
- Sher Monfore
 I am thankful for my Jobst Bella Lite Sleeve. I am experiencing some relief from the pressure in my arm that is caused by lymphedema! 
- Sondra L Mckeown
 Very happy with product. Not so happy with how long it took to get here. 
- Susan D. Campbell Campbell
 Fits well and helps prevent swelling. The band is too wide for me, but I have made an adjustment 
- Ms Laura H. Sutorius
 So far I like it and would like to order another one 
- Lorraine M Hicks
 Very comfortable and compression holds well 
- Theresa Mathy
 This is the 3rd sleeve that I have ordered from BSN Jobst. All have been of excellent quality and resonably priced. I also appreciate the quick service. 
- Patricia A Gill
 Only compression sleeve I will wear 
- Mrs Tammy R Tallant
 These compression sleeves are the best! I have been wearing them for 6 years! 
- Tammy Tallant
 This is my favorite sleeve. I have been wearing them for six years now!!! 
- Tammy Tallant
 Love my compression sleeve 
- Ms Judy Ortiz
 Fits great and very comfortable 
- Vanessa Million
 I am very happy with the product! It is comfortable to wear all day! It was great I could order it on line and it was shipped right away! Thank you!! 
- Mrs. Vicki M Kopplin
 Very comfortable. Fits good. 
- Ms Dorothy A Morton
 Very nice product 
- Claire A A Weaver
 Extremely comfortable. I live in Florida and we're entering summer. My regular compression sleeves are so heavy and hot I wouldn't wear them outside the house. The only mistake I made was I didn't order the silicone band around the top so it does slip some by the end of the day. I will be ordering more and will order the non slip band. Another thing I like is that the beige color nearly matches my skin tone. 
- Sharon A Stubblebine
 I have always been happy with the item, service and speed of shipping. 
- Karen J Pruitt
 Works well. Great color. Some people don't evennotice when I have it on. It's a little tough to get it the whole way up due to my upper arms being quite large. It feels best when someone is home with me to get it up as high as possible on upper arm. 
- Stephanie M Stephenson
 Very pleased with the jobs sleeves I ordered. 
- Elaine Hajian
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