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Inframammary Pad


Inframammary Pad by JoViPak
The Inframammary Pad was designed to combat the ongoing problem of fibrosis of the inferior breast. The elliptical shaped pad is designed to extend from the serratus anterior to the xiphoid process. It provides gentle pressure along the inferior aspect of the affected breast when used under a sports or compression bra.
This product has 5 reviews.
Single Pad 
 Fits perfectly. 
- Carol Siegel
 I love it. It is very comfortable. 
- Rebecca J Howell Howell
- Carolyn L Hicks
 Very comfortable to wear inside of a sports bra. I am using this product to help reduce Radiation iduced fibrosis of my breast. 
- Margaret L Chaw
 Very comfortable 
- Piper Norton
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