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Full Bra Swell Spot


Full Bra Swell Spot by Solaris
The Full Bra Swell Spot can be tacked into the Bellisse Bra or any sports bra with front openings.
This product has 6 reviews.
Small Single Pad 18cm x 21cm
Medium Single Pad 20cm x 25cm
Large Single Pad 23cm x 28cm
 I used this when recovering from a post-masectomy seroma and during radiation treatments. It provides light compression to the area when worn inside a sports bra, reducing swelling from tissue irritation. 
- Melissa Boice
 This was too small for my compression bra 
- Candace Amestoy
 This has helped me with swelling and pain after breast surgery. I would recommend it. 
- Lisa Angelina Angelina
 The product is big enough to position it where needed. It relieves bra cutting into underarm area. 
- Mrs. Lydia T Villagran
 Great price and fast delivery 
- Megan Burkart
 After my breast lumpectomy, I developed a seroma which I was unable to get under control until I purchased the full bra swell spot. I wore it with a compression bra and within a short time, the seroma was completely gone. Now as I begin radiation treatments, I continue to wear it to prevent further swelling. It is a miracle! 
- Christine Doherty
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