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STRONG OTS Legpiece  by Farrow Medical
The FarrowWrap STRONG OTS Legpiece is a Class II (30-40 mmHg) compression legpiece made from STRONG fabric. It is appropriate for moderate to severe edema. STRONG fabric is very breathable and is ultra soft. This legpiece is available in two heights: regular and tall. The legpiece comes with a complimentary pair of Farrow Flesh Tone Sock Liners.
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Adjustable Compression
Compression: Adjustable
Compression: Adjustable
 Works great! So much better and more comfortable than ace wraps. I was in an unna boot that couldn’t be removed for a week, now I can easily remove this Velcro wrap whenever I want to take a shower and easily reapply! Somewhat expensive but it really is user friendly! 
- Gisella Eder
 I love this product! It’s comfortable, easy on/easy off. It has been very helpful in controlling the swelling. These are easier for me to put on than a compression stocking. 
- Celeste Fox
 Fits perfect 
- Doris J Olson Olson
 Works well 
- Doris J Olson
 Fits comfortable. 
- Doris J Olson
 Excellent product, easy to use and works well! 
- Donna J Shirk
 This is my second set. They do the job better than compression stockings and easier to put on! 
- Donna J Shirk
 Great job of compression. 
- Mr Joseph J Reardon
 This is perfect for my situation 
- Mr Gary P Neuenschwander
 Works great. Thank you 
- Pam J Smith
 It definitely helps reduce swelling. But it becomes hot in the warmer weather. I actually got some water blisters on my legs from the heat and itching. I use them every day and night with only a few breaks. 
- Penny Pumphrey
 This is what I need, I am told that I have to wear these for the rest of my life. They are working out OK I just wish that they were taller. 
- Paul F Norian
 As advertised 
- Sheila G Randolph Randolph
 Easy to apply, comfortable. Actually keep me warm in winter. Summer isn't bad. This is the fourth pair, they last 6 months or more before the Velcro starts curling and snagging. 
- Susan Wachter
 Wrap is excellent and easy to use. 
- Gregory K Walsh
 I agree with other reviewers, these are far easier to put on than typical compression stockings. OK, one needs to wear trousers or long skirts, so what? I wear my leg pieces 24/7. My one sadness is the Velcro on the bottom wrap curls up over time (like 5 months or so) due to friction and doesn’t curl back into position. The coverings sold to avoid this are useless. I use an Ace bandage to hold down the wayward tab until I say, heck with it I’ll get a new leg piece. I did end up ordering ankle/foot boots as well and wear them at night since I can’t find shoes to fit over the boots. Overall, these are great. Comfortable, fast to put on and take off, wash easily, dry quickly in my climate. 
- Susan Wachter
 Yes, I recommend this product. 
- Kay A Scott
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