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FarrowWrap OTS Armpiece by Farrow Medical
The FarrowWrap OTS armpiece provides compression for mild to moderate edema. It implements patented Elastic Short-Stretch technology with an inner sleeve that makes donning and doffing the garment easy, even with one hand. The FarrowWrap OTS armpiece features an anatomically contoured design that uses Elastic Short-Stretch fabric for comfortable resting and effective working compression while remaining suitable for 24-hour wear. Each OTS armpiece is cost-effective and includes a six-month warranty.
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Adjustable Compression
Compression: Adjustable
 I had a therapist show me how to put it on. From then on using it was easy peasy and it helps a lot. I'm able to wear it all day. 
- Armand Ruby
 I am not very good at being compliant with my lymphedema. I have had lymphedema for 35 years now and my work and pleasure time is spent working in a plant nursery and training dogs. Usually I don't use a sleeve during the day, but I like to sleep with one. The farrow wrap is very comfortable with a silky inner sleeve and very easy to adjust. It is easier to use and more comfortable to sleep in than any other sleeves that I have used. My husband laughs at me because I say that my sleeve calms my arm like swaddling a baby. 
- Donna Rozett
 I purchased this to wear at night. It is so much easier to use than wrapping every night. In fact I had quit wrapping just because of the time it took to wrap and unwrap. I would recommend this to anyone. 
- James E Fuday
 This is so much easier to put on! I was spending lots of time wrapping my arm, then I had to roll up the dressing bandages. Now it only takes me about a few minutes to take care of my arm. 
- Mrs. Marianne P Murphy
 This is my third FarrowWrapOTS armpiece, I alternate use with the carrisia wrap. It works to keep my arm maintained. 
- Mrs Janet M Davis
 The fit was perfect and the adjustments on it allow you to decide how much pressure you want. It is exactly what my Dr told me to get. 
- Mrs Diane L Wagner
 The wrap is great at keeping the swelling from lymphedema down. And so much easier to use than having to wrap with bandages. Lymphedema Products is easy to order from. 
- Linda Kwiatek
 Soft, sturdy material, which is nice, because wearing a sleeve all the time is a royal pain! 
- Lynnette Mote
 This is a 2nd night sleeve I have purchased. I wear a day sleeve, this night sleeve and also use a pump at least one time a day/evening for an hour. I have chronic cellulitis which makes me very ill and I have been hospitalized 7 or 8 times now. I am grateful these garments exist, but I do wish Medicare and Insurance companies covered the cost of them. I can't tell you how important MANAGING your LYMPHEDEMA is! 
- Mary Jane Millner
 This is a product my occupational therapists recommended I wear at night. I wear a compression sleeve during the day and the FarrowWrap has been an excellent choice for me to wear at night. It's very comfortable, well made, and I feel it does keep my lymphedema under control at night. Plus Lymphedema Products price is very reasonable compared to several medical suppliers I the with. 
- Ms Judie A Warner
 Use the farrowwrap at night, a jobst sleeve during the day. The farrowwrap is comfortable and soft. The combination is maintaining the size of my arm. 
- Marcia Snyder
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- Faith Landry
 Great sleeve. Serves the purpose. I will order again. 
- Pamela S Gogue
 Much easier, and still more effective than wearing a compression sleeve. Much easier than bandaging, but seems to be as effective. 
- Jill A Ferris
 This is an amazing product Last for at least 1 year I’ll be ordering another one soon 
- Vanessa Million
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