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Microfine Glove


Microfine Glove by Haddenham
The Haddenham (formerly FarrowMed) Microfine Glove is easy to measure, easy to fit, and ambidextrous. It can be trimmed to fit for a close fit to fingers without fraying or rolling. It provides Class I compression (20-30 mmHg). The Microfine Glove is comfortable and durable, manufactured with fine seams combined with ultra thin and smooth microfine material.

May be worn on the Left or Right hand.
Available Colors
This product has 8 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Product Options: Copper NOT Available in Small; Sand ONLY Available in Large
 This glove is more comfortable and durable than the others I've had. The finger length is perfect and the compression is great. Not too tight, but enough that it works perfectly. 
- Amy E Tomlins
 I have tried many other type gloves...this one works for me! 
- Ms Nancy L Orlando
 I have already written a review of the company. The glove is fine. 
- Jeanette Bening
 Most comfortable and effective glove I have tried. 
- Mrs. Anne M. Kaiser
 It is so soft and minimal. I wear it at night to keep my hand from swelling 
- Kathryn Esquivel
 Every product that I have ordered has been of the highest quality and so comfortable, which is so important when wearing a compression sleeve and glove all day. I would recommend you to anyone who is in need of your services. 
- Karen Gallagher Gallagher
 I like the fit, the comfort and the price. While my insurance pays for custom garments, I ordered it because they keep getting the finger length wrong. I was able to cut it to the desired size. 
- Ms Terri Horvath Horvath
 I have tried several gloves before this one and it wins big time for comfort and does better with my lymphedema than other gloves. It is light and fits very evenly over the hand. 
- Mrs Rebecca L Shepherd
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