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FarrowHybrid AD II Silver Stockings

Farrow Medical

FarrowHybrid AD II Silver Stockings by Farrow Medical
The FarrowHybrid AD II Silver Stockings are a hybrid between a compression stocking and liner all-in-one. They provide Class II compression below the ankle and are non-compressive above it. A great alternative to a footpiece, their low profile design can be worn with everyday shoes and are easier to don than traditional stockings. They can be worn with a Farrow brand legpiece or can be used as an alternative for a footpiece.

Please Note: This product is latex-free.

Please Note: This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

This product has 4 reviews.
 Does a very good job, is some what difficult to get on over my foot. 
- Dan M Potter Jr
 The product is very effective in preventing your feet from swelling. With these stockings and the Farrow Wraps leg piece, my legs and feet are doing quite well. I wear them from about 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. daily. Wearing these stockings instead of the Farrow foot piece allows me to wear my sandals. 
- Mr. Bill Prather
 These puppies can really take a beating. I'm very impressed. 
- Dana Hawks
 Very glad to see that you have larger sizes. I was having a hard time fitting a patient with a size 15 wide foot! These fit just great. 
- Raymond A Alessandrini
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