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FarrowHybrid AD I Liners by Farrow Medical
The FarrowHybrid AD I Stockings are a hybrid between a compression stocking and liner all-in-one. They provide Class I compression below the ankle and are non-compressive above it. A great alternative to a footpiece, their low profile design can be worn with everyday shoes and are easier to don than traditional stockings. They can be worn with a Farrow brand legpiece or can be used as an alternative for a footpiece.

Please Note: This product is latex-free.
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This product has 75 reviews.
20-30 mmHg Compression
Pair: Standard
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
Pair: Wide
Compression: 20-30 mmHg
 Comfortable. Do what they are meant to do. 
- Louise E Hudson
 Great product! I wear them under my Farrow wraps and with out the wraps. Great compression where needed. Love the colors. 
- Mrs. Cathy L Acuna
 I thought it was great! I had a lot of water in my leg and now it looks like the other one. It does a wonderful job. Also like the velcro fasteners. They are much easier to use. Thanks for your product. Would recommend them to any one in the future. 
- Donna Rouse
 So comfy. Just wish they would be a 3 pack not just a single pair. 
- Arthur Rebischke
 They are very comfortable and my legs feel very good when I wear them. 
- Anita Disantis
 Easy to put on, comfortable to wear 
- Alicia R Murray
 Goes on easily. Does pick easy tho 
- Alicia R Murray
 Very comfortable and easy to get on. 
- Mrs. Arlene M Walker
 The product is outstanding - received my first pair with new set of Farrow wraps. I ordered this as a second pair and was mildly surprised that Jobst manufactured them - not really a problem. What was a problem is that I received the wrong size despite using their customer support chat to get the right size. I have not sent them back because I don't know how to order the right size. 
- John J Fitzgerald
 I love this product! I had so much swelling in my feet and ankles, and within two days, there was a noticeable difference. I ordered another pair to wear while the others were laundered. My order was processed quickly, and I would certainly recommend this product to others. 
- Beverly A Hillriegel
 They work great unlike the previous compression sock that cut into my ankle. 
- Brenda Frankenberger
 Good foot compression and easy to pull on. 
- Gerald Deporter
 I find it difficult to put on & remove my own compression stockings. These permit me to do it all for myself! Nice product! 
- Mrs Charlotte Bynum
 They help my husband's legs. There wonderful help keep the swelling down. Will buy them again 
- Mr Robert E Werner Sr.
 They are easy to put on. Help to keep the swelling down in my legs. This is the second I brought them. Will order when I need them again. 
- Mr Robert E Werner Sr.
- Carla M Huss Huss
 Effective solution. 
- Charles Bozym
 These are very comfortable. However the medium size is too large and the small is too small. Wear them under the easy wraps. 
- Donna M Burdue
 Perfect fit with Laura's training and comfortable. 
- Dennis A Larson
 good product. works perfect for my legs under the Velcro wraps I wear. Nice to have several so I always have a clean pair. 
- Dianne Chaney
 Comfortable, true size 
- Rebecca Diggs
 These are great! They are snug but very comfortable. My husband wears them under the BASIC legpiece and the LITE OTS kneepiece, and his swelling is under control. I highly recommend these! 
- Dianne E Hall
 They work great 
- Mrs Mary M Montieth
 These liners fit perfectly. Since one size fits all, I was afraid that they would not fit me. I use these liners when I use my leg compression machine for a one hour treatment everyday. 
- Douglas Suda
 After using this product for only a week I could tell the difference in my leg. 
- Maggie Durant
 Liners are great. 
- Shelia Fouts
 Great product. Wish I had it sooner. 
- Edward J Dypa
 Easy to get on and odd, very comfortable. 
- Barbara Foose
 Keeps swelling of legs to a minimum. Excellent product 
- Mr Frank Giunta
 good product 
- Garland Dotson
 is great and service is even better!! 
- Jennifer L Maroney
 Easy to use. 
- Rose Guillemette
 Great product. I've been using these liners for years and they are very comfortable. 
- Hans Schermann
- Hans Schermann
 Very durable stocking liner. My lymphedema specialist recommended these. Very comfortable to wear. 
- Hans Schermann
 Ordered for an 89 year old patient who has difficulty with putting on compression garments. She is able to manage this liner and Farrow Wrap on her own with great results in managing her Lymphedema. 
- Raymond A Alessandrini
 the products are of great quailty order them all the time 
- Melissa Trowbridge
 Very comfortable and helpful. 
- Gerald H Dixon
- Jacklyn E New
 Good fit. 
- Jo Ann Dunbar
 The socks work just fine. You need a installer to put them on if you can not bend over far enough. 
- Archie E E Sokolik Iii
 They go on easy as long as I have my toe nails trimed and smoothed. They are comfortable even after a full day of use. 
- Mr Archie E Sokolik Iii
 Comfortable. Easy to wash. 
- Kim Satariano Satariano
 perfect fit, washes well, good price, quick delivery. 
- Betty A Lietz
 If you need good compression for your feet this is a great item for you. I wear wraps over it for my right leg. It is my favorite liner. 
- Linda F Lynch
 Great fitting products! 
- Linda Cramer
 The first pair of com presstion garments I have used without problems 
- Mrs Martha O Wood
 so glad to have found this product. It works well. 
- Merril Mchenry
 great product, quick service 
- Merril G Mchenry
 This product works very well in reducing edema. Easy to put on, too. 
- Mary Shearer
 Good fit and effective use. Relatively easy to take on and off, covers foot nd lower leg with good elasticity and good compression. Apparently has about a month of use, as I was contacted to purchase a replacement soon after the original purchase. 
- Michael E Medler
 Do the job. 
- Mr Michael P Neylon
 Works great 
- Ramona R Gilford
 Love them, Tried to go the cheap route with sports socks, Didn't work, Came back to these. I have enough pair that I can be comfortable enough that I don't have to wash them right away. I will say that the circulation in my leg is Much Much better. Between this liner and the compression garment. My leg is back to normal size. They feel good to wear. 
- Mr Martin Yunker Yunker
 Socks work great not to tight will probably order more in near future 
- Joseph Parker Parker
 Very good quality and also comfortable. 
- Nancy Beachler
 These socks are great, I have 6 pair now 
- Bernice N Wilkison
 Works well and easy to get on! 
- Mr Robert W Stutts
 Very comfortable under the farrow wraps. I ordered a second pair. 
- Miss Violita R Grebin
 These are great. Only thing I can find to keep the swelling down on my feet. I usually order three at a time, so I can rotate. 
- Mrs. Sandra L Caldwell Caldwell
 they are pretty easy to get on and off and feel secure on my foot 
- Sheila Tobbe
- Robert S Sobek
 I love these! They feel more like a hug than a squeeze 
- Marsha Soic
 They were easy to put on which ment that I used them. If they hadn't been I know me and I wouldn't have used them. 
- Delores J Steffey
 These socks help with my lymphedema. They keep my ankles from swelling so much. 
- Sydney Crable
 I really appreciate the support the socks provide for my ankle and foot. 
- Sydney Crable
 very easy to put on, and easy to care for....really like these !! 
- Ms Barbara J Verge A
 I recommend this product because the foot has excellent compression. 
- Taunya Garrett
 I tend to order these all the time with any velcro garment 
- Mrs Seonaid C Perkin
 These really help people who cannot wear the garments in their shoes so can wear regular shoes. 
- Mrs Seonaid C Perkin
 Easy to put on. I use them with my tennis style walking shoes and with compression alternative leg wraps for physical therapy and anywhere I must walk outside my home. I am very pleased that you now carry this product. 
- Mrs. Marie Louise Sibenik
 Good Products 
- Wayne A Burg
 Great product. I love being able to have no actual wraps on my tender feet. I find them easy to get on and comfortable. Ordered two more pair. Highly recomend. 
- Christine M Masri
 just what i wanted 
- Walter Smith
 Yes, I recommend this product. 
- Cathy J Elliott
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