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Classic OTS Thighpiece

Farrow Medical

Classic OTS Thighpiece by Farrow Medical
The FarrowWrap Classic OTS thighpiece is designed for moderate to severe edema. It was originally designed for lymphedema. It has a rigid composition and resists popping into skin folds and sliding down on abnormally shaped limbs. All OTS (Off-The-Shelf) thighpieces come with a detached wrap-around kneepiece. The thighpiece comes with a complimentary pair of cotton Terry thigh-high liners.
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Adjustable Compression
Compression: Adjustable
Compression: Adjustable
Compression: Adjustable
 This is the most comfortable and efficient thigh high and knee compression garment I have worn. . I think I have tried most and am very pleased with Farrow. There is always the challenge of them slipping and my solution is above the knee bike shorts. Dealing with Lymphedema Products is always a pleasure. 
- Mrs. Linda Lynch
 Works great ! 
- Merril G Mchenry
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