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Classic OTS Legpiece

Farrow Medical

Classic OTS Legpiece by Farrow Medical
The FarrowWrap Classic OTS legpiece is designed for moderate to severe edema. It was originally designed for lymphedema. It has a rigid composition and resists popping into skin folds and sliding down on abnormally shaped limbs. The legpiece comes with a complimentary pair antimicrobial silver liners.

This product is currently on backorder. As an alternative, Farrow Strong is suggested until the backorder is resolved. The alternative garment is the Farrow Strong Legpiece.

Please Note: This item is temporarily out of stock.

This product has 26 reviews.
 Excellent product, Lymphedema products is a awesome Company, thank You ! 
- Ed Dicicco
 Has worked well for years in managing my lymphedema. Great for those with limited mobility. 
- April Davis
 Great product 
- Barbara Kosnow
 Easy to put on. I will find out nextweek from my therapist how well it is working. 
- Barbara Fleming
 A product we previously ordered & very satisfied with its use. 
- Bonnie Johnson
 This compression garment does a really great job. My leg has really gone down from the swelling due to my lymphedema. It is a great product and I would recommend anyone to get this if they need another option in helping to manage their lymphedema. 
- Robert E Noble
 Have been using this product for several years. Always outstanding product . 
- Thomas F. Selby
 Have used this product for many years. Very pleased with it . 
- Thomas F. Selby
- Thomas F. Selby
 Have use for many years. Always happy with product. 
- Thomas F. Selby
 I have been wearing the Farrow wraps for over two years now and love them.. They are easy to put on and take off and help keep the sweeping down in my legs. 
- Mrs Janice Katz
 Good quality and easy to wrap. 
- George L Chernisky
 A great product have used other brands these seem to work better for me and hold up well I have to wear these 24/7 on some days 
- Debbie S Eaves Eaves
 It is helping me a great deal and I have already noticed a change. This is a good product. Because of the results, I purchased another classic OTS legpiece. 
- Judy F Simmons
- Juli S Nelson
 works well 
- Carol E Karp
 I really don't know what else would hold my lymphodema back so I am thankful for the farrow wraps. I wish they came with a little velcro cleaner maybe. 
- Richard Jackson
 Great product! I am able to manage my lymphodema of my legs on my own with this leg wrap. 
- Lisa A Faughnan
 Really love this leg piece. Fits great and really works with my leg. Will order one for my other leg when I can. 
- Lori S Hudson
 a good product 
- Melissa Murchison
 I don't know what I would do without them!! They work great!! 
- Patricia A Pratt
 Works great just what I need. 
- Paul F Norian
 Great Product. It works 
- Mr Ronald B Brown
 These work great my legs swelling goes way down by the end of the day. 
- Lloyd G Griffith
 very comfortable once you get them on !! they stick to everything though, so you have to be careful with them...... 
- Ms Barbara J Verge A
 Easy to use, so that's why I gave it a 5 
- Mrs Nancy Foley
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