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BASIC Legpiece

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BASIC Legpiece by Farrow Medical
The FarrowWrap BASIC legpiece is available in convenient off-the-shelf sizes from extra small to extra large. It provides moderate to strong compression. It is easier to don because of the removable hook and loop fasteners that can be placed on either side of the legpiece It can be used with the FarrowWrap BASIC footpiece The FarrowWrap BASIC legpiece features 50% overlap between layers, providing superior support. Maintenance is easy since it is machine washable and dryable (no heat). A FarrowHybrid AD I Medium-Wide liner is included.
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Adjustable Compression
Compression: Adjustable
Compression: Adjustable
 Just what I needed. Thank you. 
- Mrs. Pamella A Gridley
 Just what I needed. Thank you. 
- Mrs. Pamella A Gridley
 As a spouse that was wrapping my husband's leg with 3 different ace bandages this device has really made my life so much easier. My husband always felt so bad about the whole wrapping and felt like a burden to me and now within a few minutes he is good to go. I also have had to wash it and it comes out like new. Great product. 
- Oakley G Jackson
 This was my first lymphedema wrap and I really like it. It has really helped my condition. It is easy to put on and is comfortable. 
- Donna J Miller
 I previously had the Farrow Classic Wraps. They were much better than Ace bandages or compression socks. The Basic is even better. The wider straps are more comfortable and provide more even compression. The movable small velcro patches makes it easier to keep aligned while putting them on. Also machine washable is a great plus. 
- John Fitzgerald
 Fits well and easy to put on. 
- Ms. Alice M. Ceraolo
 Replaced my old Farrow wraps. Wonderful. 
- Dr S Bryan Hickox
 This product works great for getting the fluid out of your legs. 
- Becky Mcgregor
 They are great keeping my swelling down and easy to use. 
- Brenda Frankenberger
 They work terrific! 
- Brenda Frankenberger
 This is my first experience with a compression legpiece and I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised. It is very comfortable and I love that you can control the compression very easily. The material is comfortable and I also like the sock/sleeve that is provided to further protect the skin. I would recommend this particular product to anyone who needs mild to mid-range compression and doesn't want anything too complicated. This WILL do the trick!! 
- Bonnie Gordon
 So easy to do it by myself. Comfortable!! 
- Debora A Delcamp
- Dan M Potter
 Easy to put on. Easy to remove. You control the tightness of the wrap. As good as the best support hose, but much easier to use. 
- Robert Valentine
 So much easier than the stockings! 
- Carolyn M Brodersen Brodersen
 This is the best wrap I have found for me. It is completely customizable. I have small ankles and huge calves. This wrap fits my legs without the gaps other wraps have. I just wish it was available in a little stronger compression. 
- Cherie Bryant Bryant
 this working wonderfully. 
- Cassandra L Klement
 These wraps have the best velcro I have ever seen on a wrap. I just wish it was offered in black. 
- Ruby F. Seal
 Provides adequate compression and is comfortable 
- Mrs Sharon L Derooy
 is very helpful,,, keeps leg swelling to a minimum,, I wear every day. 
- Ms Diane C Deluca
 is easy to use, comfortable and I continue to see improvement in my lymphedema. I like that I can now shower daily instead of waiting for the day before my next therapy session. 
- Donna Raber
 Beyond Excellent!!!!!! If you have lympodema you needs these products. My husband has had lymphoma for over 20 years and I have been wrapping all this time. We have used so many different things to wrap them. About 1-1/2 years ago a lympodema nurse told us about these wraps. They are the BEST products I have ever used. Easy. Comfortable. Washable. Simple to put on and take off. I would recommend these to everyone. They helped his swelling more than anything we have ever found. These are worth every penny of the cost and they are really not that expensive for what you are gaining in comfort and ease of use!! 
- Diane A Reid
 very easy to use, one of the best things to keep your lower leg from filling with fluid. I found it very comfortable. I also found the service of the company to be fantastic 
- Dick W. French
- Wilburn Davis
- Wilburn Davis
- Wilburn Davis
- Thomas F. Selby
 It's much easier than doing the wrap & has been working a lot better keeping my swelling down. 
- Glenn A Ceglarek
 It took 9 yrs (and 2 doctors) to be diagnosed. The therapist was very helpful and we got the right leg done. I got this 2nd one for my left leg (to be done after recent shoulder surgery rehab). I'm also in the process of getting my mother ones for her vericose veins in both her legs. 
- Gail L Chilson Chilson
 I bought this product several times now because that's what my physical therapist recommended and it works. I bought the shorter ones in the past but I like the longer ones better and I'm 5'3‚Äù. The shorter ones also worked very well but it was my choice to get the longer ones. 
- Virginia E Stachokus
 I really like this product better than others that I've used and better than regular wrapping of the leg. It has done a better job at keeping the swelling down than anything else I've used. 
- Virginia Stachokus
 These are very nice! Easy to put a on! 
- Clarinne Digiovanni
 Comfortable and none restricted 
- Gerald H Dixon
 works great to manage lymphedema with daily use and reasonable price 
- Joanne Dupre
 Excellent products. Everything fit me exactly as my therapist required. 
- Judy H Geller
 Great fit and not as bulky as other wraps. Easy on and off and the liner they include is excellent and gives a good deal of compression to my foot 
- John L Akers
 Fantastic ! They hold back the swelling of the legs and I' Able to a just as tight as needed, and comfortable to wear all day long ! 
- John F Mooney
 These are great! So easy to put on; comfortable to wear. The adjustable velcro is the answer to many people's struggle and frustration with regular compression stockings. 
- J K Stanley
 Helped tremendously! 
- Judy Foldi
 I love this wrap. First one for lower leg that completely covers the entire lower leg. Also has an abundant amount of velcro attachments that stabilizes the wrap. I most definitely will be purchasing this product again. 
- Mary K Govan
 As advertised. Good quality and easy to use. 
- Mr. Timothy M. Laubacher
 Works great ! 
- Merril G Mchenry
 MY P.T. at Stanford recommended this to me. Seems to be user friendly and definitely does the job. Much better price to order on line from you all. MB 
- Mrs Marcia Bower
 Very satisfied 
- Marge Foland
 Very nice product. Easy to put on and off - velcro closures are tight and firm. Mine were purchased in combination with ongoing lymphedema treatment, and the product has maintained the good progress from the therapists. 
- Michael E Medler
 Works great 
- Ramona R Gilford
 Easy to use and is comfortable 
- Helen Kressley
 More comfortable than the compression stockings. It lets you wrap according to how much or little swelling you have. I found it easy to use - just fold over the velcro tabs so they don't stick anywhere and everywhere. Then unfold them as you work your way up. 
- Fran Rezac
 A fine product, and serves the purpose for swollen legs. 
- Richard Linkemer
 Easy for patient and nursing staff to use to maintain some compression on LE .when lymphedema therapist is unavailable 
- Sally Oman
 It is the most comfortable stocking I have had. I have tried several types but they squash my legs to tight and it really hurts. Very pleased with this product.. Wish insurance would help, pay or Medicare since they are necessary for my health issues. 
- Robert Quinn
 Legs feel awesome with it on 
- Sara Buswell
 I really love the Basic Leg piece I have no problem with this product staying up on my legs.I can't wait until I get the thigh piece. 
- Sharron Jones
 A lot easier to use than compression stockings. 
- Sheila Tobbe
 I appreciate that I can get these on and off by myself - much better than the compression socks for the legs! 
- Sheila Tobbe
 This is my 3rd set of leg wraps. Very sturdy and wash very well. 
- Mrs Shirley J Hilbert Hilbert
 The leg piece was a little tricky to get on at first. Once I got used to them it was easier. I have bad hands which makes it hard. 
- Delores Steffey
 My therapeutic massage therapist recommended this to me to help control swelling in my leg (where they took the veins) after bypass surgery. The price was 50% less than the local medical supply house. I am very happy with this purchase. 
- Steve Bohne
 Comfortable, keeps my swelling down much easier to use. 
- Sue H Stoutzenberger
 It's a great wrap saves time on putting individual wraps on 
- Theresa G Trieste
 Support and ease of wearing is great. Bad situation is made better using these support hose. 
- William Kucharski
 The flexibility of having a farrowwarp is great versus the old bandage wrap. I use at night and compression stocking during the day. 
- William Jermyn
 I have Lymphedema and have to wear the wraps every day so I have to order the wraps every six months. I find Lymphedema Products has the best price and size range. It is easy to order and they have good buys. 
- Donna J Miller
 I like that it is easier to use than trying to wrap. 
- Yvonne D. Schilsky
 I have ordered this legpiece several times because I need to change every 6 months. I like this product and like using this web site. 
- Donna J Miller
 I have to order these every 6 months. This is my third set. I like this wrap very much. 
- Donna J Miller
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