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BASIC Footpiece

Farrow Medical

BASIC Footpiece by Farrow Medical
The FarrowWrap BASIC footpiece is available in convenient off-the-shelf sizes from extra small to extra large. It provides moderate to strong compression. It is easier to don because of the removable hook and loop fasteners that can be placed on either side of the footpiece. It can be used with the FarrowWrap BASIC legpiece. The FarrowWrap BASIC footpiece features 50% overlap between layers, providing superior support. Maintenance is easy since it is machine washable and dryable (no heat). The footpiece comes with a complimentary pair of antimicrobial silver liners.
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Adjustable Compression
Compression: Adjustable
Compression: Adjustable
 I have used other products to help control the lymph. in my foot and leg. Both the ankle and leg pieces work well with the silver sleeve. I have spent hundreds of dollars and I have finally found something that works. I would recommend that you give them a chance, Ken Ford 
- Kenneth E Ford
 This product keeps the swelling down and really made a difference in the amount of fluid in my ankles. 
- Becky Mcgregor
 This foot wrap is great,I'm been wearing these for about 2 yrs now along with the legs wraps.They are my second pair of both. Excellent !!! 
- Mr Bill Przybyla
 is very helpful!! 
- Ms Diane C Deluca
 Beyond Excellent!!!!!! If you have lympodema you needs these products. My husband has had lymphoma for over 20 years and I have been wrapping all this time. We have used so many different things to wrap them. About 1-1/2 years ago a lympodema nurse told us about these wraps. They are the BEST products I have ever used. Easy. Comfortable. Washable. Simple to put on and take off. I would recommend these to everyone. They helped his swelling more than anything we have ever found. 
- Diane A Reid
 It helps tremendously 
- Faye Merlo
 I bought the xs basic foot piece wrap. I used it over the beige liner. Then used the dark blue dorsal footpiece (xs) then wrapped with the basic foot piece. The fit was comfortable, Velcro held because it is now with 2 Velcro closures per section .. Making for a much better fit. It helped keep the swelling away!! 5 stars! 
- Barbara Kanner
 Great relief and control of ankle swelling. Does it come in black color? 
- Mr Joseph J Reardon
 This foot wrap is very effective for lymphedema. It will fit inside my Pandere shoes. It will fit inside my wide tennis shoes, however the toe box is too tight for my foot. 
- Linda F Lynch
 Works like a charm. No more sowllen ankles. 
- Helen Kressley
 Love this product so much better than trying to wrap my ankles and feet or getting my husband too 
- Ms Sharon K West
 I like the foot wrap. It is easy to put on when you figure it out. 
- Delores Steffey
 My therapeutic massage therapist recommended this to me to use in tandem with my BASIC legpiece. The price was 50% less than the local medical supply house. I am very happy with this purchase. 
- Steve Bohne
 My mom likes these 
- Mrs Corinne Vargo
 It works great and a lot easier than wrapping. 
- Yvonne D. Schilsky
- Kevin Kraft
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