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FarrowWrap 4000 Legpiece

Farrow Medical

FarrowWrap 4000 Legpiece by Farrow Medical
The FarrowWrap 4000 legpiece provides compression for moderate to severe edema. It implements patented Elastic Short-Stretch technology with an inner sleeve that makes donning and doffing the garment easy. The FarrowWrap 4000 is anatomically contoured to prevent gapping and includes a complimentary FarrowHybrid AD I Medium-Wide compression liner. Each FarrowWrap 4000 legpiece is cost-effective and includes a six-month warranty.
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This product has 37 reviews.
30-40 mmHg Compression
Knee-High Legging
Compression: 30-40 mmHg
 very well made...perfect for fluid problems n the legs..would recommend highly 
- Mrs Patricia Greco
 Very comfortable, ez to put on, can really tell a difference in my legs when removing them. They seem to help eliminate fluid in my legs almost as well as my pump when using lassix as well. 
- Diana Adams Tyler
 I like these wraps.....easier to put on than zip up stockings. 
- Bonnie Eismann
 Easy to get on, but remember they are tight for reason you need this! I need this! I have been wearing these for 2 years and love them. 
- Mrs Deborah A Ortiz
 I've been using the FarrowWrap's for a year now. So much, better then compression sockings. Just ordered new one's. 
- Mr Michael Robert Mcgovern
 Quality products 
- Mr Michael Robert Mcgovern
 Very light, but with great support and compression. Easy to put on with the inner sleeve that is attached. Does not roll on the edges of the straps. Stays put all day long. 
- Louise-anne A Pulli
 Easy to put on. Great support all day long. 
- James Gould
 Very helpful 
- Faye Merlo
 Great value for a versatile product! It was sized correctly and is comfortable to wear. It works well on a large leg with unusual shape. The sock it comes with is especially nice as it's easy to put on but still provides compression in the foot....but you'll want to buy another pair of these socks to keep a clean one in rotation. Very happy with the results and cost of this garment. 
- Suanne Garrity
 Convenient to wear and work with. 
- George J Majoue Majoue
 I am immensly pleased with the Fqrrow products I have. They seem durable and are very comfortable. Of several foot compression stockings sets, one set is 2 inches longer in the leg than the others. They still work well. I just have to be careful to adjust them when I put them on. 
- Mrs. Iris C. Stewart
- Irvina Muhammed Lawanny
 they work really well 
- Jackie Hartis
 these wraps that my dr ordered are finaly keeping my legs and feet under control after suffering from sever swollen legs and feet 
- Mr James W Lamparter
 Well made 
- Jeanne Bowman
 one to your best products, easy to don and doff for patients with arthritic hands or for those who have difficulty bending forward 
- Joanne Dupre
 Great wrap 
- Marianna Moore
 Just the right amount of pressure for comfort. 
- Louise E Hudson
 Love these wraps for my legs.Easy to get on and off. I will be buying more products. 
- Mrs Patricia A Schmitz
 This is my 2nd pair & I love them. They keep my legs great & I'll be ordering more again. 
- Margery A Cosgrove
 These are well made and I hope to wear them a good long while. 
- Margery A Cosgrove
 Never had a garment such as these so much easier than some I have had. Contributes to improvment to the conditions of my legs 
- Mrs Martha O Wood
 This is a replacement for the Leg piece I purchased before. It fits well and feels good once you have it on. It does take a bit of pulling and tugging to get it on. It would be easier if I had someone to help get it on. 
- Mrs Maria T Day
 Easy to put on and is keeping inflammation down. 
- Marie Hoeffler
 Nice firm fit, already seeing results! 
- Michael R Asher
 Really love this leg wrap. It's so much better and easier than the rolled wrap! 
- Melinda Dewitt
 Quality product. Does an excellent job. Excellent service. 
- Ms Betty L Barsch
 Garment is well fit, easy to adjust; very effective! 
- Melinda Mccue
 The legpiece is doing my leg a lot of good! The compression works and the legpiece is easy and quick to put on. Make sure you buy an extra sock so you always have a clean sock to use. 
- Louise Monjo
 Easy to use 
- Paula R Holt
 U love my leg piece, even at wearing it twelve hours a day it is still great. Glad my doctor ordered it. I wear it ever where. 
- Dorothy J King
 works great 
- Florence Itzkowitz
 Very easy for the patient/client to don and doff. 
- Taunya Garrett
 I liked it so much I ordered another one for my other leg. Really works great in keeping the swelling down. 
- Mr William G Ayres
 Great product. Intend to buy more. Would recommend to anyone who suffers from lymphedema. 
- Christina L Poyner
 I have been wearing these wraps for a few years. So much better than compression socks. Does not cut off circulation and is easy to adjust 
- Lindsay Sheman-alpert
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