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The EZY-AS reduces the effort and pain of applying compression garments to both arms and legs. It is designed to be used by patients on their own or by caregivers of patients who are unable to apply their own stockings or arm sleeves. The EZY-AS doesn't disturb dressings or pull on fragile skin. It takes only seconds to apply as compared to 10+ minutes with other applicators and can be used on a variety of different types of stockings. Some of the benefits of the applicator include: (1) quick and easy to use; (2) can be easily used on upper and lower limbs; (3) provides minimal to no disruption to an injury/dressing (less traumatic); (4) is a compact, lightweight, single piece design; (5) can be used with a variety of bandages; (6) can be used with open and closed toe stockings, both knee-high and full leg; (7) is tubular shaped to support bandages and travel socks; (8) is travel friendly and very easy to store in a suitcase; (9) is robust, durable, and easy to clean and resistant to bleach; (10) won't rust, chip or peel; (11) has no sharp edges to damage stockings; (12) doesn't require any frustrating assembly. The optional handle attachment is designed to fit any size applicator.
This product has 29 reviews.
Small Donning Aid (calf circumference: 28-35 cm)
Medium Donning Aid (calf circumference: 32-40 cm)
Large Donning Aid (calf circumference: 38-47 cm)
X-Large Donning Aid (calf circumference: greater than 45 cm)
Handle Attachment 
 The Ezy-As compression stocking donning aid is the easiest of the three types I've tried. I have a Jobst Stocking Donner that is a vinyl covered steel frame and a Sigvaris Doff n' Donner that is a squishy rubbery cylinder filled with liquid. Although these two work, they are not nearly as easy to use as the Ezy-As Donning Aid. The Ezy-As is the only one with which I can put the stocking on my leg with one hand. My left arm & hand and left leg have limited mobility and strength. The Ezy-As lets me use just my right hand to put the stocking on my left leg. My stockings are 20-30 mmHg compression. The brochure that came with the Ezy-As says if the leg measurement is in the overlap between sizes, order the smaller size Ezy-As. I cannot find that advice on any websites about the Ezy-AS. My left leg calf measurement is in the overlap between size small and size medium. Since I wear a size medium compression stocking, I ordered a size medium Ezy-As. A size small Ezy-AS would be much better because it is very difficult to slide the stocking onto the size medium donner, even with grippy gloves. Once I have the stocking on the donning aid, putting the stocking on my leg is a snap! And I can do it with only one hand. Yea! Sometimes I can get the stocking on my leg perfectly straight with the Ezy-As and not need to make any adjustments once the stocking is on the leg. The Ezy-As is a winner. I might eventually buy a size small to make it easier to slide the stocking on the Ezy-As. 
- Charles Hart
 I have been using products to aid in putting on expansion socks. This product is the easiest to use with the least amount of effort. 
- Mr Anthony L Singleton
 Excellent. It helped my Mom tremendously to pull on her compression stocking. 
- Holly Bodine
 I assist my paraplegic husband getting dressed. This aid has made it so there is so much less strength and pressure needed to put on his socks that it does bother my old joints to do it any more. 
- Cynthia A. Randall
 This is easy to use. It will be easier to pack in a suitcase for travel than the wire applicator I already have. 
- Kathleen T Grant Grant
 I am a Lymphedema therapist and this works great for caregiver assisted donning of stockings OR for clients who can either effectively bed to reach their foot or stand to step into their stocking using Ezy-As otherwise need to buy the handles. 
- Deborah A Mcinnis
 Without this product I would not be able to put my husband's compression stockings on. Very easy to use. 
- Mrs. Nadene Polhemus
 Helps a lot 
- Mrs Jean T Pustilnik
 Wish I had known about this product when I first started wearing a compression sleeve, it makes putting it on a breeze, no tugging or pulling at all, and very little adjusting afterward. I also use if for putting on compression hose which is a little more difficult since I have restricted knee and hip movement. As I get used to using it I am sure it will become easier. I have to show everyone who comes around how easy it is to use, I am that excited about it. 
- Dorretta J. Anderson
 Before EZY-AS putting on the compression stockings raised my stress level. It was well worth the money 
- Harry Warrick
 I certainly couldn't get my stockings on without the EZY-AS. However, I do recommend also getting the cord attachment, especially for anyone with a back problem. This is more than a great help. 
- Ms. Jayne D Wayson
 To those who think it difficult to put on compression stockings, you will be more than pleased with the ease this applicator assists you in need seconds. 
- John T Cooper
 I love it. Since I can't reach my feet or ankles and I find it hsrd to bend, this Donner allowes me to wear my compresion hose. 
- Marjorie Baranowski
 Love this item. It is so much easier then the other 2 that we got from the hospital when my husband was in rehab. 
- Marie Bove
 This makes donning stockings extremely easy. 
- Ms. Denise M Baylor
 It is a very well designed product. It is, so far, the only thing that has helped me to put compression stockings on my husband. Very helpful, easy to use, and well priced. Excellent product. 
- Susan Nichols
 Struggled with compression hose many times and tried other gadgets to help putting on. This is so simple and fast! Was recommended by member of our MS group and I agree. This should be sold along side socks in pharmacy departments. 
- David Peoples
 EZY-AS is the only stocking donner we've tried that efficiently and painlessly gets the job done. Adding the extensions, which do go onto and off of the device easily, has made it possible for the lymphedema patient in my family to don his compression stockings himself, a big relief for me as his caregiver. 
- Brenda M. Rion
 This is the coolest thing ever to put my support hose on with! My husband uses it without the strings and I am able to put them on with the strings. This is one of many products that I have tried and the only one that has been successful for me. I have had Ms for 35 years. 
- Shirley Anderson
 Being on limited income, I was hesitant to spend the money for the EZY-AS product. I am very glad that I did purchase the donner. It makes the process much easier to handle for knee hi and thigh hi also. 
- Sandra Eaton
 Works great! 
- Rashelle Karp Karp
 This product is wonderful for putting on compression stockings. 
- Joan S Sweeney
 these work so well i ordered 1 @ first just to see if it would work that my aging parents could use ...absolutely great ..they can use it and ask me to order another one ..other than the price i thought was alittle high .. but well worth the price when it can make putting on compression socks so easy .. 
- Lori A Styer
 Works great 
- Tom G Rickey
 Works great! 
- Virginia Friesen
 This unit takes a difficult function to one that is made much much easier. 
- Mr William N Ferrell
 Many thanks go out to the Aussie who invented this product. Putting on compression is now possible without a second pair of hands. 
- Norman Skelly
 I have a hard time with socks because of my arthritis problem I have EXY-AS gadget with the straps on the side makes it easier to pull up my socks especially when my edema is acting up. 
- Walter J Valites
 Wish I knew about this product years ago! So easy to use! 
- L Sailer
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