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The EZY-AS reduces the effort and pain of applying compression garments to both arms and legs. It is designed to be used by patients on their own or by caregivers of patients who are unable to apply their own stockings or arm sleeves. The EZY-AS doesn't disturb dressings or pull on fragile skin. It takes only seconds to apply as compared to 10+ minutes with other applicators and can be used on a variety of different types of stockings. Some of the benefits of the applicator include: (1) quick and easy to use; (2) can be easily used on upper and lower limbs; (3) provides minimal to no disruption to an injury/dressing (less traumatic); (4) is a compact, lightweight, single piece design; (5) can be used with a variety of bandages; (6) can be used with open and closed toe stockings, both knee-high and full leg; (7) is tubular shaped to support bandages and travel socks; (8) is travel friendly and very easy to store in a suitcase; (9) is robust, durable, and easy to clean and resistant to bleach; (10) won't rust, chip or peel; (11) has no sharp edges to damage stockings; (12) doesn't require any frustrating assembly. The optional handle attachment is designed to fit any size applicator.
Small Donning Aid (calf circumference: 28-35 cm)
Medium Donning Aid (calf circumference: 32-40 cm)
Large Donning Aid (calf circumference: 38-47 cm)
X-Large Donning Aid (calf circumference: greater than 45 cm)
Handle Attachment 
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