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Sock-eez by ECIC
Never have trouble removing your compression stockings or socks again. Sock-eez is a unique and trouble-free compression doffer that has been designed to ease the pain and frustration of anyone experiencing difficulty removing compression stockings or socks. This new and innovative doffer makes it simple and easy to remove low and high grade compression stockings or socks without straining a muscle. It is ideal for those suffering from lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis, arthritis, and other edemas. The Sock-eez features: (1) an ergonomic design that is easy to use; (2) the ability to remove even the thickest and tightest compression stockings with one easy strain-free motion; (3) a smooth and delicate surface design that prevents harm to both the garment and sensitive skin

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This product has 2 reviews.
 My dad is happy to use this product so he doesn't ask for help anymore 
- Mr Glen C Sparr
 very effective aid 
- Mrs Jean Labianca
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