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Easy-Slide by Arion
Putting on compression stockings can be very difficult. For many wearers of stockings this can be a laborious daily task. To solve this problem, Arion has developed the Easy-Slide, a highly effective, easy-to-use application aid for putting on open-toe style compression stockings. The Easy-Slide has the following advantages: (1) stockings can be donned without effort; (2) it is easy to use; (3) it saves time; (4) it has a long life expectancy (6-month guarantee); (5) it is washable; (6) it is easy to transport; (7) it prolongs the life of stockings.
This product has 52 reviews.
Stocking Donning Aid 
 I am new to the use of a Easy Slide and I am sure glad the purchase was highly recommended. Thanks for your product being there. 
- Dorisann Glass
 WHEW!!! Literally I could NOT get stockings on without the EASY SLIDE It was recommended By a friend and I am grateful. 
- Natalie Harwood
 Lasts a long time, and easy to put on compression stockings, and take off 
- Phillip Tarasiewicz
 I struggled to help my husband put on his 30-40 compression stockings, sometimes for close to an hour. This product was shown to me By a physical therapist. What a difference! It now takes about a couple of minutes to put both stockings on. I don't know what I ever did without them. 
- Bernice Levine
 I love this slip sock. I wear the Sigvaris all rubber compression stockings, which are difficult to put on. With the EasySlide, it takes me less than two minutes to put on my compression stockings....a life saver. 
- Tim C Hanson
 Very easy to use and works well! 
- Eileen Carter
 This should have been invented decades ago! Worth every penny. Unusually strong and sturdy. 
- Alexander Kentfield
 This is the best donning product for open toed stockings. So very grateful to have found it. Hope it will be available forever!! 
- Barbara Campbell
 I am so happy with this product, i really love less than 3 minutes to put both socks on. 
- Philip Garza
 Works great 
- Edward Komorowski
 You can don sup hose with one arm as I did after shoulder surgery. 
- Dr William Mann Mann Office Md
 A must have device..... 
- Mr Kenneth M Bishop Bishop
 Could'nt wear hose without it 
- Mr Kenneth M Bishop
 Can't wear garments without it 
- Mr Kenneth M Bishop
 Love it only con is that it's very wrinkly and noisy but other than that it's great 
- Dan Kelleher
 Incredible! Outstanding! A true gift from heaven ( or Germany, as the case may be). Thank you for this invention. 
- Roberta H Boone
 love this idea would not be able to get them on with out it 
- Ms Virginia J Daly
 my mother was unable to get my dads teds socks on but with this product she can get socks on over his big feet 
- Diana M Briese
 It really helped. 
- Mr Thomas E Kurland
 Make life so much easier thank you. 
- Elmira Spence
 This makes it so much easier to put my compression nighttime or daytime garment on. How did I ever manage without it. I absolutely 
- Eva L Nelson
 This is the easiest way to get those darn stockings on! Really helps getting the 30-40 over the ankle area. 
- Marsha Lindsey Lindsey
 Easy-slide for Jobst stockings makes putting them a lot easier to put on. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who struggles with Jobst stockings! 
- Grace Cerniak
 This product is essential, in my opinion, to putting on compression stockings. I don't think I could do it without it. It lasts a long time too. 
- Mrs Stephany Crouse
 Excellent product ‚Äî very well made, reasonably priced and so simple to use. I can't imagine what putting compression stockings on my husband would have been like without it! 
- Jeanne Glenn
 it is the greatest invention for people who need to use open toe compression stockings 
- Bill Gold
 Been using for years. It's by far the best product of its kind. 
- Joan G Stanley
 Been using this product for years and it is excellent. 
- Joan G Stanley
 These are great. I've been using them for years. I think they are getting a little pricey, but last a long time and so very helpful. 
- Joan G Stanley
 I love it!! It's durable and makes donning my compression stocking so much easier. 
- Jill Avalos
 This easy-slide has made an impossible task much more manageable. Everyone who needs compression stockings should use it. 
- Frank J Ryan
 Easy to use as it does not require any assembly 
- Sunanda V Kane
 Garment slides over heel quite easily. 
- Karen L Johnson
 I could not get my stocking on without it. 
- Mrs. Katherine Peringer Peringer
 Works great! 
- Mrs. Kathlyn E. Wieland
 It's a great product. Thanks for helping me find an outlet for this product that I have come to depend on. 
- Kathryn H H Kidd
 Easy Slide is one of the greatest boons to people who choose to wear those tight stockings !!! 
- K Dian Galloway
 could not believe the difference this made. my husband has to wear thigh-hi compression hose and this helped immensely. 
- Ms Kristine Andrews
 Great product that reduces the issues of putting on the stockings for my husband by multiples... no more shoulder and forearm pain from pulling up the stockings. And make sure you replace it once it loses its 'glide' (after some months)... I forgot how good a new one was until I ordered these and the supply was here (in Australia) in no time too! Excellent! 
- Lesley J Lluka
 Love it so much have one to my sister who also has lymphedema. 
- Loretta Reidy
 It is the best thing to have for your hose can not get them on without it. I have been using it for 5 years. 
- Marcia Petersen
 I am so happy with this product and it has made my life so much easier! 
- Mrs. Anne L. Murphy
 Very good donning. Easy to use 
- Nahid Atiya
 This product is excellent. It makes putting the compression stockings on quickly and easily. I love it. 
- Ms. Patricia A Henry
 This product is GREAT!! I could not get my mother's lymphedema garment in until I used the easy slide. It's a great help! 
- Doris Plaplan
 I love using this product. It makes my life easier to wear compression stockings. Thanks to the inventor of this product. 
- Ron Mazzeo
 Works great !!! Makes getting on 30-40 compression socks much easier. 
- Doris F Lewis
 i love it. had another one but this one works so much better. 
- Mrs. Susan K Mathes
 Makes sliding on compression stockings so Easy! 
- Susan T Mcelvain Mcelvain
- Steven Buza Buza
 Many of the health care professionals that I have encountered are surprised when I show my East slide sleeve to them. I guess you are not getting the information out to them. Wake up your "Marketing Department" and spread the word! 
- Mr. Bruce W Mclean
 The Easy Slide makes it much easier to slip on compression stockings than the little sock booty that comes with the stockings. Clued into this product by my local wound clinic, I bought this as a aid to put on my stockings that are really tight and difficult to pull on by themselves. Lymphedemaproducts had the same item as my local medical supplie store for almost half the price including shipping. 
- Timothy V Lewis
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