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Easy-Slide Arm


Easy-Slide Arm by Arion
Putting on compression arm sleeves can be very difficult. For many wearers of arm sleeves this can be a laborious daily task. To solve this problem, Arion has developed the Easy-Slide Arm, a highly effective, easy-to-use application aid for putting on arm sleeves. The Easy-Slide Arm has the following advantages: (1) sleeves can be donned without effort; (2) it is easy to use; (3) it saves time; (4) it has a long life expectancy (6-month guarantee); (5) it is washable; (6) it is easy to transport; (7) it prolongs the life of arm sleeves.
This product has 82 reviews.
Arm Sleeve Application Aid 
 This product is a 'must have' if you are wearing a compression garment. I am on second or third? Not sure but have been using the sleeeve for four years. Excellent service as well. 
- Carol Wharton
 It was very helpful. I highly recommend this product. 
- Mary Q Berardinelli
 I've been looking all over for this product. I was finally able to buy one from my new therapist. I didn't know what to call it or who made it. I will be sure to buy my next one from you since your price is $10.00 cheaper. Now I know what to look for. 
- Sharlene Lund
 The product really exceeded my expectations. It works really well and is well made. I have had easy slides before that lasted maybe six months before it began to ravel out and fall apart. This one is built to last which will make my life a little easier. Thank you. 
- Sharon Jones
 Reduces friction when putting on sleeve. I can see why it saves wear and tear on garments, I would recommend it to anyone who is involved with Lymphedema education 
- Ann C Lewis
 Works as expected. Makes the start of the day for my wife much easier. 
- Dr Alan M Mccloud
 How have I lived without this? So easy to use and adjust the sleeve. Sizing on the website was confusing. 
- Alison Jefferies
 I love this! It cuts down my time to putting it on from 8 minutes to 30 secs, and is so easy to use. 
- Anita Mennig
 This is a great product. Where it had been taking my husband several minutes to maneuver the sleeve on to my arm, with the Easy Slide, it only takes a couple seconds. 
- Amanda Mchenry
 WOW!!!! They did not have this 5/6 years ago when I started to wear the sleeve, now being re-trained on the sleeve this is the greatest thing since sliced bread - it makes it so much easier to get the sleeve on - I love it- thank you 
- Ms Catherine E Price
 Great idea! Wish I had thought of it! 
- Arlene Myslinski
 Once I figured out how to fold this slide back into itself, it worked well. Really helps slide the sleeve on. Made things a lot easier. Thanks, Ann 
- Ann Skidmore
 perfect- and fits legs perfectly!!! this makes it so much easier to don leg stockings.... 
- Barbara Martensen
 The Easy Slide Arm is the best product on the market for putting on compression sleeves. I have another product and it does not work as well as the easy slide. Even my husband is pleased with the ease of putting on my sleeve. 
- Mrs Bonnie Stanford
 Good Product and easy to use, and makes the job of installing your compression sleeve much easier. 
- Sandra E Besch
 Whoever thought of this and made a prototype needs to be canonized ... it is BRILLIANT‚ĺÔ∏è 
- Ms Barbara J Smith
 It works fantastically well. I love it. 
- Mrs Barbara K Miller
 Makes it a lot easier to don an arm sleeve for anyone! 
- Mrs. Deborah D Jelinek
 This makes it so much easier to get my sleeve on. I can't imagine what I'd do without it. 
- Frances Mccarthy
 Love this product, not only myself but my aids love it even more. There is no more tugging. 
- Ms Martha A Brady
 I really like this but a little too long for arm but double it up to work. Does the job for me though. 
- Catherine A Newbrough
 Amazing! Best invention to help out sleeve on. So simple and easy. My good arm and hand no longer gets sore or tired! Love it. 
- Cynthia Andrews
 Best invention for putting on my sleeves. Made it so easy and simple no more straining or sore arms trying to get tight sleeves on! 
- Cynthia Andrews
 Makes donning compression sleeve very easy. Helpful product! 
- Eleanor M Colatosti
- Constance M Scanlan
 Works well and no problem with taking it with you for travel. Best if you have a helper 
- Kathleen T Grant Grant
 This is great it makes putting on your compression sleeve so much easier 
- Darla J Whitney Mrs
 It's amazing how well a new easy-slide arm works to help put on my compression sleeve. 
- Deborah Zlotnik
 This is a great help putting on my sleeve for lymphedema. This is my second one. The first one worked great for almost 2 years. It wasn't working as well with a different sleeve so it wap time for a new 8ne. I wish I knew about this from the start of my lymphedema. 
- Diane Lutz
 Makes donning my compression sleeve so much easier and much faster. I have been wearing compression sleeves and gloves since March 2013, the Easy-Slide makes life a little better. I just placed an order for the third Easy-Slide. They last about six months with daily use, about same as a compression garmet. 
- Mr. Dennie D. Hurt
 Bought this for my 94 year old mother-in-law and it has made life so much easier. 
- Ms Louise E Hinkle
 The Easy slide is great. Without it I would definitely have a problem getting my Compresson sleeve and the night sleeve that I need to wear. 
- Doris Gruenfeld
 this makes it so much easier to get the compression garment on 
- Douglas Mcfarlin
 A GREAT PRODUCT: This slippery sleeve makes putting on a compression sleeve an easier task. The compression sleeve slides onto the arm fairly easily, and if it has to be rotated on the arm for proper alignment, that is easy. All you have to do then if find a favorite doorknob and slide the easy slide off. There is sometimes a need to hold the top of the compression sleeve so it does not slip, but we found that replacing the sleeve at about the 7-8 month age minimized that. I guess it looses a bit of its slipperiness with each use. 
- Andrew D Saum
 What a time saver. You should show the nurses of of hospitals. I was in LGH and the nurse marveled at the ease of putting on a sleeve FOR A PATIENT .....cost reasonable for the marvelous product. 
- Mrs Donna R Mello
 Works great. It's something you buy that really works. 
- Dave Hamlin
 The easy slide works just as it should. When the foot is placed inside as the directions indicate, the compression garment slides on much more easily. Then the orange strap can help pull out the slide. Without it, I could not put on my garment without assistance from someone. Be sure to order the correct slide: either the one for the foot or the one for the arm; they are not the same size. 
- Edna Belk
 Easy to use. It is amazing. I don't think I could put on my sleeve without this. 
- Edna Marie M Bowers
 very easy to use works great. 
- George L Urbanski
 I could not get my sleeve on without it. It makes lithe sleeve easy to get on. 
- Mrs Deborah K Gluth
 I truly would be lost without this product. It makes living with lymphedema much more tolerable. 
- Ms Shirley M Mahaffy
 This product is the greatest help in putting on the arm sleeve! LOVE IT! Don't know how I got along without it! 
- Beverly Hurner
 is very helpful to get my sleeve on. My husband & I struggled getting my new sleeve on, lots of pushing and shoving. This nylon product helps the sleeve go right on with no tugging or struggle. Then it slips right off. I have even pulled the compression on without my husband's help and pulled the nylon off by hooking on the door knob 
- Jane M Hall Hall
 This was my second surgery that required compression sleeves. I didn't have this product the first time and it was difficult getting the sleeves on by myself. This product made it so much easier to put on the sleeves and was faster too. I highly recommend it! 
- Joanne Fletcher
 It makes it so easy to get my compression garment on with no help from my husband. I love it! Cost is minimal compared to the days of fighting to get my garment on properly. 
- Mrs Jo E Janson-wills
 It makes it so easy to get my compression garment on with no help from my husband. I love it! Cost is minimal compared to the days of fighting to get my garment on properly. 
- Mrs Jo E Janson-wills
 I could not get my new custom knit, Jobst Elvarex sleeve on without it. The sleeve fits perfectly but it would be impossible for me to get it on correctly without the Easy-Slide. Thanks. 
- Judith Allswede
 This purchase was for my mother and was a replacement for the identical item, which had separated at the seam, but after quite a few years. In terms of effectiveness, this item is crucial for proper positioning of my mother's compression sleeve. Without this or a similar assist device, it is extremely difficult to for anyone to get her compression sleeve on properly. Having said all of this, I should not that in 2010, when my mother applied her sleeve by herself, the orange loop that is to go around a door knob slipped off the knob. Consequently, my mother feel backward and down on her butt and suffered a compression fracture of a vertebra. So, if self-applied, the user should be especially careful to secure the loop to the door knob. If I were to make a recommendation to the manufacturer, I would make the loop longer, so that it can be looped and twisted around the door knob. 
- Gertrude W. Stout
 Wonderful! Makes donning so easy. So glad I found it. 
- Mrs Karen S Clagg
 Extremely helpful. Thank you 
- Sr. Kathleen Crowley Osb
 This is an excellent "tool" to put your compression sleeve on. I love it. 
- Ms Donna Kenyon Kenyon
 This makes it so much easier to get the compression garment in the proper place. 
- Kim Hallford Hallford
 Would not go without it! 
- Mrs Janet T Koerner
 The Easy Slide Arm makes putting on my lymphedema wraps on amazingly easy. I love it! 
- Linda Beecham
 The product was exactly as advertised and the fit was good. Since this is a product I use every day, the fit is very important. I think the quality of manufacture is also very good. 
- Linda Kintz
 This is a great product. It really helps with putting on your compression arm sleeve. Especially when having to put it on without any other help. I love it. 
- Margaret M Andrews
 I hate the color yuk 
- Margaret Barbagello
 This is a very good product. 
- Maria Sokolowski
 So glad my Lymphedema/physical therapist recommended the Easy Slide Arm sleeve. It makes putting on my compression sleeve super easy! 
- Ms Marilyn Wade Wade
 Sure saves me a lot of time 
- Martha A Johnle
 It's like my new best friend!!! Such a great product; very innovative and helpful. 
- Ms. Mary L Mayer
 I really don't know what I would do without the Easy-slide! It takes only a minute or two to don my sleeve. 
- Margaret B Leonard
 I purchased the Easy-Slide for my sister. It has helped her enormously. She lives alone and this makes her daily routine so much easier and less stressful. 
- Mrs Mary C Mannino
 Excellent product for putting on compression sleeve. However, length should be longer. 
- Nona Demetre Mrs.
 Love it. Makes putting my sleeve on much easier. Thank you 
- Rhoda Mims
 This is my second purchase of this item. I wore the first one out and it split in the seam line. However it was a softer material than the new one so that might be the reason it split. However it was much softer to use so I really liked that about it. It's a good product and does the job that I need it to do. 
- Mrs Roberta L Duy
 Excellent product to aid in putting on compression sleeve. Would help to have circumference at the top of the sleevie. 
- Gail Potts
 This is so simple, and really makes pulling on the sleeve a breeze--I wish I'd known about this several years ago when I started wearing compression sleeves, it would have saved my other shoulder the stress! 
- Robin Cochran
 This product has helped me tremendously in putting on my sleeve. It took a few time to get use to but use it all the time now. 
- Ms Sandra Rosenberry
 I was so pleased with the arm sleeve and how easy it makes putting on my compression sleeve. My previous sleeve was four or five years old and was difficult to use. Wish that I had ordered my new one years ago! 
- Susan M Balch
 I now put my sleeve on EVERY day‚Ķin the past, there were days I just did not have the mental energy to fight getting my sleeve on lined up the first time. Grateful for the 1 thing that made my DX manageable! 
- Sandra Canapa
 Easy to use when putting compression sleeves on. 
- Sharon Jennings
 This Easy Slide Product has made it so much easier to put on my Sleeve. Really happy that someone came up with the idea. 
- Penny L Mcdonell
 This arm slide is a miraculous invention to get my compression sleeves on in two seconds, whereas it used to take 10 minutes to force the sleeves on. 
- Ms Susan A Carr
 Makes it alog easier to put garment on 
- Ms Madeline C Moyer
 This is a great product. It definitely is helpful in allowing me to get my compression sleeve on and in the appropriate position without requiring another person's help. Definitely recommend!! 
- Natasha Carlson
 Great! Made very strong and works very well. 
- Toska Courbron
 Makes putting on compression sleeve so easy. 
- Mr Timothy Huckelberry
 This is an excellent device. My compression sleeve slipped on as smooth as silk. It would have been a difficult process without the easy slide arm. 
- Thomas Overton Overton
 Makes it a lot easier to get the compression sleeve on. 
- Yvonne M James
 This is a wonderful product. Without using it, it is nearly impossible to put on my compression garment. Money well spent. 
- Veronica D Glaspie
 I agree with Ms Wade My Lymphedema therapist was using the easy slide to put on my Farrow Wrap. I asked her If it was something i could purchase for home use So we ordered one for home and my frustrated husband had no problem learning to use it on me since he is the one who puts my sleeve on me. we are so much less frustrated because of it. 
- Ms Bob E Crowell
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