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Durapore Surgical Tape


Durapore Surgical Tape by 3M
Durapore is a latex free and hypoallergenic silk tape that offers high strength and excellent adhesion while remaining non-irritating to the skin. It adheres well to dry skin while remaining comfortable. It features bilateral tearing for quick application without the need for scissors.
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Individual Pieces
1" Wide (1 roll)
2" Wide (1 roll)
1" Wide - box (12 rolls)
2" Wide - box (6 rolls)
 Great tape, it holds the bandages in place and sticks until ready to remove, it also tears evenly so you don't have to have scissors. 
- Suzanne Duke
 The tape stay were you put it. It doesn't roll up due to rubbing. 
- Mr. Anthony J. Centore Sr.
 Wonderfull product. sticks good. 
- Frances M Glass
 Wonderful tape. 
- Mrs Ruth A Saulisbury
 Sticks where it's supposed to ,tears off easily 
- Jon A Sankus
 This product sticks well on bandages and tears easily without needing scissors 
- Jon A Sankus
 I like this tape, it sticks great to skin, but is easy to remove. Not for fragile skin. Tears very easy at edges, but very strong. 
- James A Stark Stark
 I really like this tape. It's easy to tear. 
- James A Stark Stark
 This is great tape. It tears to length easily, but is very strong. The adhesive sticks better after warming, but removes nicely. 
- James A Stark
 This is great tape. 
- Kenneth Morrison
- Antoinette Johnson
 only item that I ordered where the price was way out of line from other vendors, but I ordered anyway and paid the 2X the price. Check your price on this item. I was going to call customer service for a price check. Other vendors charged $13 for what I paid ($33) All the other prices were in line. 
- Carol Young
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