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Dorsal Swell Spot


Dorsal Swell Spot by Solaris
The Dorsal Swell Spot is primarily designed for use on the dorsum of the hand or foot. This shell-shaped spot works well to address this stubborn area of swelling when used under low stretch bandages. Patients also find it easy to use, placing it under their edema glove or compression garment.
This product has 4 reviews.
Small Single Pad 9cm x 14.5cm
Large Single Pad 9cm x 18cm
 I love this pad. It covers my entire foot and left ankle. The swelling is down with it help 
- Jane A Vaske
 First the liner. Then this dorsal swell spot (( fits over the entire top of my foot)) then my wraps. My swelling / fluid is kept away from the top of the foot. Comfortable and I don't dare wrap without it! 
- Barbara Kanner
 This helped keep the fluid (swelling) away from the entire top of my foot!! From the bottom of the toes to the top of the foot was completely fluid free.. As long as I kept it wrapped with the ankle wrap! I give it 5 stars 
- Barbara Kanner
 I need this for added compression on the top of my hand, it does the trick. 
- Jane Doherty
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