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Softie Shoe


Softie Shoe by Darco
The Darco Softie Shoe offers comfortable easy application. The deep opening makes room for bulky post-op dressings and most fiberglass casts. Heel slippage is minimized with firm, high quality hook and loop foot straps. The shoe is available in single units and will fit either the left or right foot.
This product has 45 reviews.
Women's Single Shoes
Women's Small (W size 4-6)
Women's Medium (W size 6.5-8)
Women's Pairs
Women's Small - pair (W size 4-6)
Women's Medium - pair (W size 6.5-8)
Men's Single Shoes
Men's Medium (M size 8.5-10)
Men's Large (M size 10.5-12)
Men's X-Large (M size 12.5-14)
Men's Pairs
Men's Medium - pair (M size 8.5-10)
Men's Large - pair (M size 10.5-12)
Men's X-Large - pair (M size 12.5-14)
 I am wearing this Softie Shoe over a custom foot/ankle brace that I have not yet been able to accommodate in any shoe. Works great! Very stable. Thankful to find it! Seems very well made. 
- Dorothy Grant
 excellent shoe 
- Edward Mizzell
 Great and feel is just right 
- Alicia Bigham-silva
 I am using this product for a 94 yr. old with severe foot deformation with a lot of pain and she is doing well with it 
- Carol S Bennett
 Easy to wear; adjustable for girth. 
- Christine Magnifico
 good product 
- Kamal Banoub
 My dad loved it so much 
- Ashraf Hamour
 Great fit and well designed 
- Barry Messick
 Item was very helpful since my sisters feet were to swollen to get shoes on. 
- Brenda Frankenberger
 Just what I needed. Lots of room for wrap, yet I have a walking shoe for therapy . 
- Mr. Robert M Johnson
 really like the shoes 
- Ms Iris E Ott
 really like this 
- Ms Iris E Ott
 easy wear , look good on 
- Miss Dorothy E Brown
 I really like how it fits around the foot but it was to be a large, and was, but also it was very short, I bought large to make sure i fit around foot but my toes and over and i usually wear 8 o 8 1/2 should include length, i might have ordered a men's size, also did no like the way the shoe is the exact for both feet (the straps) this also should be told in the description.. will recommend but also relay the problems... 
- Dorathea Smith
 Works well at a good price. 
- Danny Shell
 Because of my leg wrappings I thought I would never find an adjustable shoe that was even a little attractive. This shoe is just perfect for my needs. 
- Geraldine J Duffy
 Comfortable to walk in with a sneaker 
- Geraldine Gallo
- Mrs Harline D Dennison Mrs
 Very comfortable! I also use a insole to make it more comfortable and I like the velcro strapes. Makes it easier to put on swollen feet. 
- Mr John H Burkhart Jr
 the merchandise came in the mail quickly, very nice product. 
- Jennifer Rickenbacker
 Shoe is very soft, light weight and comfortable 
- Joann Mapp
 Shoes worked out fine. Soft and easy to walk in. 
- Joseph Vagnone
 Best money have spent! I had to wrap my legs with compression garments and this fit around them and allowed me to walk on grass or concrete without any issues. Great product for the money. 
- Mrs Karyn M Procter-wicks
 High quality. Made well. Proper fit. 
- Vickie R Jackson
- Mr. Larry D Stump
 I ordered a pair of these and have been very happy with them. Although not intended for that purpose, they have a modest effect on swelling of the feet simply by tightening the velcro strapps. The sole is very good and the shoes are comfortable to wear. They have very little "heel" effect so if you are used to significant heels on your shoes these may take some familiarization to get used to. Although not intended to replace ordinary shoes I wear them out and about and have no problem on relatively short trips. I would recommend them highly, 
- Laird M. Wilcox
 A good product for the price seams to have a comfort fit 
- James M Omeara Omeara
 Your product was received in a timely fashion and was true to your description. Nicely made and priced fairly. 
- Nancy Beachler
 I have not worn it! My wound is around my ankle. My food is sensitive and tender. I'm waiting to fit in this shoe at some point! 
- Peter Archer
 Great flat surface that does not slip. Easy off-on. 
- Prosser Carnegie
 Very comfortable, good support and very easy to put on & take off. 
- Paul H Foott
 Exactly what I needed because my foot had a large wrap on it. This is a. Great site for lymphedema products. 
- Bessie Esposito
 my 86 year old friend had no problems using this product. Vary fast shipping and reasonably priced 
- George A Rafaloski
 Easy to put on and take off. Very comfortable. Size was perfect for all the wraps. 
- Mary Ann Urban
 Was told I need a men's medium- left toe over top just slightly. Standing for longtime is actually okay. Was a little worried about that. 
- Mrs. Rita M. Godin
 Very easy to put on and take off. They helped me a lot. 
- Myrna Seneca
 the product its very good but i have to send him back because is too small... 
- Rosane R Kirshberg
 I found that working with your representative was really a pleasure in helping me with exchanges until I received the proper type and fit. I would definitely recommend your products to everyone. 
- Mr. Sylvia Jean Hunter Hunter
 Also, very reasonably priced!! 
- Teresa Twigg
 Great support. Soft and compfy. Snug or not, your choice! 
- Christine Steward
 Great product and great price 
- Wayne H Mcneal
 I love the shoes cuz there soft and comfortable to wear 
- Anya A Wenrich Wenrich
 the product its very good but i have to send him back because is too small... 
- Rosane R Kirshberg
 very comfortable 
- Mrs Yvette Namias
- Arthur Sylvia Sylvia
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