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Classic Post Op Shoe


Classic Post Op Shoe by Darco
The Darco Classic Post Op is a semi-rigid shoe with a padded collar and reinforced heel that provides comfort and support. The upper section is made from a soft, breathable black nylon mesh and the hook and loop closures provide uniform compression. The black TPR (thermoplastic rubber) outsole heel is flared to provide better medical and lateral stability. The Classic Post Op is ideal for use following surgery, as well as protection of edematous areas of the body, post trauma, dislocations, burns, and for diabetic and arthritic patients. The shoe is available in single units or pairs and will fit either the left or right foot.
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 Great shoes for what we needed and just what we wanted. Will try a pair once spring arrives and all the snow is gone for outside walking. The second pair we bought I even liked better due to just cutting off the strap where it needed to be without doing tucks in it with the Velcro at the end of strap. Would recommend to anyone with Lymphedema. 
- Danny E. Newell
- Donna M Bernier
 I like this product,my 2 feet are swollen,and the long straps,with Velcro really helps.I just wish it was a bit more stylish,and the sole was a bit sturdier.Price is great,service is good.And that yearly reminder to buy new shoes help so much. 
- Ms Ann K Insillio
 This shoe is very comfortable. I have had lymphedema since age 9. I often wear wrap bandages that don't fit in regular shoes. 
- Anita J Bagley
 This is a great shoe for anyone with lymphedema or swollen feet. They are very supportive and comfortable also. So glad I have them and I recommend them. A++++ 
- Carol Demarest D Pippin
 I would like to order another one. Please reply to confirm. 
- Cheryl J Wolf
 I really like this shoe. I bought it to replace one that stuck out so far in front that it caused me to trip over things around the house, sidewalk cracks and just about anything I encountered in the course of every day living. I also like the method of strapping that makes it very easy to adjust the tightness. The only drawback I've encountered is that leaning forward to pick something up causes the shoe to abruptly tip forward because the thickness of the sole diminishes at the toe. I assume this is to allow a more natural feeling during walking, but it can lead to sudden loss of balance when standing still. You have to learn to be ready for it. 
- David Towson
- Deb Thomson
 This shoe has been great for when I have a wrap on my foot (lymphedema). And it's very reasonably priced 
- Dr Connie O'heron
 ended a 6 month search for something to fit my swollen foot. Excellent fit. 
- Ms Edith Bowie
 These shoes are the only ones that fit my father right now and they allow him to go places. Great product, I was running out of options. 
- Emily Kohler
 This is our second pair that we have ordered and they are awesome just great for in house shoes, lounging outside in the summer months. I would recommend these to anyone who needs something like this. 
- Emilie Newell
 Better than the shoes the hospital gave me, better support and comfortable 
- Heidi M Dikeman
 I am very pleased with the shoe that l bought 
- Helen Ladue
 Very good product. I'm pleased with the whole transaction 
- Helen Ladue
 Just what i needed 
- Mr John H Innes
 I have issues with stress fractures in my feet so these shoes are great. 
- Ms Joyce Fleischer
 I have used these Post Op Shoes. They fit well, adjust easily, great grip on the soles. They also look nice enough to wear to church 
- Joyce L Ramseyer
 fits fine 
- David A Welker
 being able to buy one shoe is a blessing. This second one is so that my friend has a 'going out' shoe ready and waiting. The first being used every day outside and in gets to looking a tad shopworn :-) 
- Kathy L Langerlan
 Theresa was so kind and very helpful! 
- Mrs Kristine L Kouts
 Good quality and price. Will order again. 
- Lorraine Bostwick
 I have RSD and charcot foot in both feet and my feet cannot stand to be encased in shoes. These shoes may not be gorgeous, but they sure do help me. Would like to suggest that you include extra velcro with each shoe. 
- Ms Caroline L Bennett Bennett
 My husband wears them every day, so he must like them. That says a lot for him. 
- Frances M Mccormick
 Well fit, comfortable and somewhat stylish. 
- Patricia L May
 Easy to don and doff, my husband felt secure walking with them. 
- Mrs Marilyn C Cromartie
 love them 
- Michaeld Darrh
 Perfect and the only product that fit his swollen feet and legs. 
- Dr Neal F Todd
 I am wearing it now! It's great! 
- Pola Yochum Yochum
 Perfect fit for my mothers feet 
- Brian O'sullivan
 This shoe is very easy to put on and take off and is comfortable for walking. Whe you receive them, just don't cut too much of the velcro strap off before you wear the shoe with a bandaged foot - you will need the length. 
- Mrs. Nancy Collins
 /when using the wraps the hospital has put on my legs I cannot wear regular shoes. These shoes allow me to go outside and not have to worry about getting the wraps wet or soiled. They came recommended to me by my therapist and they do work very well. 
- Mrs. Brenda L Class
 Love the shoes, they fit well and they are very comfortable 
- Lana Buchanan
 I needed this for the purpose of the open toe and the hard sole. They would also fit a variety of sizes of edema and are easy to fit. 
- Virginia J Brock
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