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Body Armor Shoe by Darco
The Darco Body Armor Shoe provides the ultimate bandage and cast protection in a new modern design that will appeal to all patients. Soft and durable TPR (thermoplastic rubber) is combined with a unique bungee closure system to secure the bandaging in the shoe, all the while providing protection and shock absorption to the bandaged leg.
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Single Shoes
X-Small (W size 3-5)
Small (W size 5.5-8)
Medium (W size 8.5-10; M size 6-8)
Large (W size 10.5-13; M size 8.5-11)
X-Large (W size 13.5+; M size 11.5-14)
X-Small - pair (W size 3-5)
Small - pair (W size 5.5-8)
Medium - pair (W size 8.5-10; M size 6-8)
Large - pair (W size 10.5-13; M size 8.5-11)
X-Large - pair (W size 13.5+; M size 11.5-14)
 Owerall this thing is awesome!!! The sizing is a little tricky - but realize it's designed for someone with their foot wrapped up or in a cast. The material is very similar to a CROC so it's comfortable to walk in and you can wash it with water and immediately dry it unlike just about any of the other shoes on the market. I bought 2 and used a knife to cut the end off on one and turn it onto a sandal and it is fantastic. I do yard work wearing it. My Lymphedema therapists all asked me where I got it and they are now recommending it to their patients. The straps are adjustable (you can loosen and tighten the elastic band holders with a phillip's screw driver) to customize the fit to your foot. The only thing that was an issue is the main closure. The plastic gripper was a little flimsy so I just cut it off with a pair of scissors and just tie it like a regular shoe lace. These things rock! 
- Michael Gabbard
 Very comfortable to wear I will be buying more 
- Barbara Lent
 These shoes are great - comfortable, safe and fit well. They really solved the problem. 
- Dr Connie Bazil
 This is a very expandable shoe and I especially like that the toes are protected when wearing it. 
- Mrs. Carlita R. Ramos
 Easy on and off over husband's lymphedema bandaged feet and legs. Also easy to wipe clean. Protects toes and heels with rubber covering each. Good investment if you need it. 
- Caryl Theilgaard
 Just the right coverage with a wipe-clean surface for those times when the lymph weeping is inevitable. Hard surface makes walking easy and these fit right over the wound clinic dressings my husband now wears. 
- Caryl Theilgaard
 I love this shoe! I did have a problem with sizing though. I wear a size 10 or 11 shoe and ended up wearing a size small in the body armor shoe even with my foot wrapped. It is so comfortable too. 
- Ms Gladys M Smiley
 Fits my feet quite well 
- Eric H Kerchen
 This worked out perfectly for my husband. He has what they call a drop foot and it's very sensitive to anything that he might bump into. So the shoe really protects him all the way around especially around his toes. There's a lot of gaps and his foot doesn't fit tight into it but for him it works out good I would recommend it if others have the same situation. 
- Marianne Fales
 Easy to get into, goes over any amount of bandaging. Most of all, it protects my toes. The shape and elastic cords are loose enough to make it easy to slip on but tight enough to stay on. 
- Mrs Joyce A Brown Brown
 after struggling to get shoes on to leave the lymphedema clinic after wraps these shoes were a revelation, I love them and even got compliments from someone who thought they were hiking shoes, lol 
- Morgen G Goodroe
 This is the only shoe that has fit my swollen feet. 
- Julie Sehmer
 I purchased two of these to wear with my Arizona braces. They work better than I could have imagined, allowing my feet to enjoy a respite from shoes in the summer heat. 
- Ms Joann D Dullahan
 Very comfortable, or as comfortable as you get with wraps! Provides some protection from the outside elements with it having sides and toe cover. 
- Linda J Kintigh
 Love these shoes! The bungee cord concept is great. My old Velcro shoes kept coming undone and would fall off, grrrrr! I wear a woman's size 10W and the medium size fits just perfect. 
- Marcia Denman
 The product was fine, it just didn't work for my daughter and had to be returned for a different product. The company was very helpful and accommodating. 
- Mrs Margaret E Weeks Weeks
 Very cool looking, Way too big 
- Marjorie Raupagh
 Very nice shoe received cast shoe instead of armor shoe order smaller size its very much bigger than your regular shoe size 
- Jeanette L Weaver
 I returned the shoes because they didn't fit am waiting on a check that was sent last week and have not received yet as of today. I really wanted the shoes but they would not work for me. Thanks have a Merry Christmas! 
- Patsy Wilson
 Love These - - on my second pair- ‚Äúregular‚Äù people without drama issues have stopped me and asked where I got them and the name of the shoe 
- Rev Christopher E Crawford Phy
 Very Comfortable!! Easy to wear slip ons and they stay put!! 
- Ms Pamela S. Fortune
 This "shoe" was an answer to our prayers after trying many different versions of extra wide size 13 shoes. Due to the extreme edema to my spouse's feet, we were unable to find anything that would fit and protect his feet so he could walk as his doctor order. These shoes are sold individually if only 1 is needed. They will do at this time for my hubby's slow methodical, short walking distances but as the edema recedes and my hubby gets stronger, we will have to buy him a more supportive athletic type shoe. 
- Donna A Morean
 This is my second purchase of this item. I am very pleased this is the only shoe that I can get on myself, and it is great ! 
- John Ward
 With double thick wrapping on feet and legs due to Secondary Lymphedema, these shoes are performing well. I have several going to the wound center about to purchase because they are tired walking on the bandages only. 
- Mr Bernard J Buono
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