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A.P.B. Hi All-Purpose Boot


A.P.B. Hi All-Purpose Boot by Darco
The Darco Hi All-Purpose Boot offers all-season closed-toe protection. The deep opening makes room for bulky post-op dressings and most fiberglass casts. Heel slippage is eliminated with the high-top design and ankle strap. A unique strapless closure covers the forefoot. The boot is available in single units and will fit either the left or right foot.

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Single Shoes
X-Small (W size 3-6.5)
Small (W size 7-9.5; M size 5-6.5)
Medium (M size 7-8.5)
Large (M size 9-11)
X-Large (M size 11.5-14)
X-Small - pair (W size 3-6.5)
Small - pair (W size 7-9.5; M size 5-6.5)
Medium - pair (M size 7-8.5)
Large - pair (M size 9-11)
X-Large - pair (M size 11.5-14)
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